The Old Spaghetti House

After walking around Robinsons Galleria for almost the whole day, we decided to rest our feet and eat at The Old Spaghetti House.  The original plan was just to have merienda but we ended up eating so much that it became our dinner 😛

The restaurant has great ala carte selections but I would very much prefer discounted bundled dishes.  At the back of The Old Spaghetti House’s menu, there were 5 selections of trios namely: Asian, Healthy Option, Best Seller, Italian & Dessert.  This can be shared by 1-3 people depending on their appetite.

We chose the Best Seller (Php585) which includes an Appetizer Sampler, Spaghetti Pesto w/ Grilled Chicken & 4-cheese pizza.  However, my friend cannot eat chicken so we requested if we could have Spaghetti Carbonara in exchange of the original spaghetti in the package.  The server was nice enough to accommodate our request.

So here they are:

  • Appetizer Sampler

appetizer platter old spaghetti

Individually, this dish is priced at Php210.  The platter is a combination of onion rings, calamares & chicken fingers.  The dish is your basic fried appetizer, utilizing a light batter and coating.  It wasn’t as crispy, and the individual items weren’t presented as nice either.  The dipping sauce actually matched all three items nicely.  The whole appetizer dish did taste good, and with this combination, I think it came out as a perfect starter to the pizza and pasta.   It’s definitely a good start to a very carb-loaded meal!

  • Spaghetti Carbonara

carbonara old spaghetti

Carbonara is a traditional style of cooking pasta.  Most people think it’s just white sauce, but actually the original recipe actually calls for a mixture of beaten eggs, grated cheese, pancetta (or bacon), and a little cream if desired.  If you order this ala carte, the price is Php145.  With this Best Seller trio though, the serving is 1/2 more.  So instead of getting just a single serving, it becomes 1.5 servings.  The way they cooked this carbonara actually seems to me that they honored the traditional way of cooking carbonara, because I often see pasta carbonara cooked in heavy white sauce, which is almost like an alfredo rather than a carbonara.

With this dish, even though I’m not that fond of Italian dishes, I still think that they did a terrific job in the preparation and presentation.  The dish wasn’t overly seasoned which was good, since there’s tendency for this dish to be a salty because of the bacon and the cheese.  Overall I think, if you like Italian food, this simple dish will be a favorite of  yours.

  • 4-Cheese Pizza

four cheese pizza old spaghetti house

Pizza with 4 different types of cheese.  If you love cheese, then this is for you.  Their pizza is basically thin-crust, it was tasty too!  This is something that seems like old world Italy, I love it!  It’s simple, basic, and so delicious.  You really can’t go wrong with a pizza that has 4 types of cheese.  I really think, when it comes to pizza, the cheese makes or breaks the dish.  With this dish, it had an excellent crust, a very traditional presentation, and delicious bites all the way.

It’s not usually your typical pizza wherein they cut it triangular.  This version is served in strips, like thin-rectangular ones.  Good for 2 but if you’re really hungry, you can finish this all by yourself 🙂

Aside from the best seller trio, we also ordered drinks & dessert.  We had mango shake (Php70) & sugar free chocolate mousse (Php70) .  I especially love their mango shake as it was not too watery.  You could really taste the mangoes in this shake, they didn’t try to cut cost or shortchange us, the shake was really rich, delicious, and full of mango flavor.

mango shake

dessert old spaghetti house

Below is a picture of us while we waited for the bill.  The Old Spaghetti House is actually a pretty decent restaurant, nothing really spectacular but a good choice when you crave for something Italian.

us in old spaghetti house

The Old Spaghetti House
3rd Level Expansion Mall, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 631-8674

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7 observations on “The Old Spaghetti House
  1. Precious

    I love reading your restaurant reviews, makes me look forward to what restaurant to visit next… 🙂 loved the pictures 🙂

  2. Precious

    🙂 Thanks to you. Every time you post gorgeous food pictures makes me drool and head to that restaurant asap (ruining my budget hehe). I’m specially excited every time you have a picture of food with lots a lots of cheeeessseee… (like the 4 cheese pizza). your blog is addicting I’m telling you, keep on posting and uploading those mouth watering food pictures girl (thumb up) 🙂


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