Romulo Cafe

One day, I organized a get together at Romulo Cafe.  It was unfortunate that most of the group were not available (but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have a great time).  Actually, it was a great lunch get-together with my shobe Theresa & her friend! It took me quite a while to find the […]


It was such a pleasant surprise when I saw the newly opened Icebergs on Banawe street, Quezon City.  Although Banawe street already has a lot of restaurants, I have always felt that it still needed a little bit more of variety.  And with Icebergs, we now have a place to go to for ice cream, […]

Sky Dragon Seafood Restaurant

We had dinner & mooncake dice game at Sky Dragon Seafood Restaurant last week.  Before I entered the restaurant, I was warned by my mom’s friends that the place isn’t that nice & the food isn’t good as well.  I kept that in mind but I still wanted to see for myself before I came […]

Mooncake Dice Game

Last friday, I joined my mom to celebrate mid-autumn festival (more commonly known as ‘Moon Festival‘) with her former colleagues.  While the custom or tradition to celebrate the Moon Festival is by floating sky lanterns, burning incense, planting mid-autumn trees & fire dragon dances, we, on the other hand, celebrated by playing a dice game referred […]

Risk Management

Why of all the topics of investing should we tackle first this thing called Risk Management?  Well, to start I’d like to quote two men.  The first from one of the top three richest man and another is one who was successful during the recent economic turmoil. Rule Number 1: “Never lose money.  Rule Number […]

Globe Brings iPhone 4 to the Philippines

Last September 24, Globe Telecom announced that it will launch the iPhone 4 in the Philippines with a range of Globe plans designed for iPhone customers.  Wow!  I’m sure a lot of Filipinos out there have already registered online at the Globe website to get their own units at the exclusive launch today at Makati […]

Personal Branding Seminar

When I hit 40, I knew that there were many things that I would like to do.  I love my corporate job, especially the people I work it but somehow there was this longing to do something else.  Some people call it “mid-life crisis” and that may be true to some degree.  You see, I […]

Kohikan at the Diamond

I used to go to Kohikan a lot when it still had a branch in Promenade, Greenhills.  It’s still a mystery to me why it closed down considering it was very successful, there was no hint at all that one day it’d close down. Luckily, my mom knew that they also have a branch that […]

Why Do People Run the Marathon?

Why do people run the marathon?  I mean really?  If the legends are true, didn’t the first marathon runner died after completing a run to ancient Athens?  And yet, more and more people aspire to and actually run this race every year.  It couldn’t be madness, otherwise there are too much running madmen (or women) […]

Ensembles Louis Claparols Holiday Collection

After the successful Debbie Co collection, Ensembles once again brought in one of the celebrated fashion designers of today, Louis Claparols. Louis is currently the elected president of the Young Designer’s Guild (YDG).  He’s known to be a well-rounded designer bringing in something new in each fashion show.  Since it’s now the -ber months, Ensembles […]