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One day, I organized a get together at Romulo Cafe.  It was unfortunate that most of the group were not available (but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have a great time).  Actually, it was a great lunch get-together with my shobe Theresa & her friend!

It took me quite a while to find the restaurant since I’ve never been there nor have I ever even heard of it.  I know it will come as a shock to my readers, but there really is a lot of restaurants out there, and there will always be a first for trying out each restaurant.   And everyone knows that I will always try out most restaurants that I come across, that I hear about, or restaurants that are recommended to me.

When we arrived, I had to park a bit far from Romulo Cafe as parking slots were taken already.  It was well-worth it, and I understood after our meal why there were a lot of people dining considering their affordable prices & the unusual location.

Here is what we ordered:

  • Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso (Php 295)

sinigang romulo cafe

Oh, how I loved this dish!!!  I was hoping I can take some more servings of this.  The salmon was very fresh & tasty, perfect for sinigang.  The ingredients were just right as I really love drinking the soup.  A must-order.  The tart taste of the soup definitely gave that great balance which is a characteristic of all great sinigangs.  But the added flavors of the tomato and the other veggies, as well as the great flavor of the salmon, it was all I could ask for in any sinigang.

  • Tito Greg’s Kare Kare (Php 385)

romulo cafe kare kare

A popular Filipino dish that is usually served with bagoong.  What could be more classically delicious than this traditional kare kare that is being served by Romulo Cafe.  I just couldn’t believe the great balance of the peanuts that went into this dish.  The softness of the pork, the creaminess of the sauce, the seasoning of the sauce too.  Sometimes kare kare tends to overemphasize the peanuts in the dish, and you end up with something that tastes more like peanut butter rather than the traditional and delicious kare kare.

  • Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan (Php 625)

crispy pata romulo cafe

There was just too many ingredients in this dish, and it was even garnished with eggplant.  But oh boy, this really tasted good, with the bones removed and sliced perfectly.  We cannot help but enjoy the different combination of flavors in the dish.  It tasted a bit like sweet & sour, spicy, fried all done in 1 dish.  I love just how it maintained its crispiness while soaking up all the flavors of that wonderful sauce.  The meat was soft and tender, the spices were just perfect, and the taste was really something you must experience for yourself!  But still, with all those ingredients,  the taste was still a bit unusual, but still so good!  Talk about a confused but happy customer hahaha!

  • Cool as Cucumber (Php 95)

cucumber romulo cafe

I’ve always loved to drink cucumber juice.  I much prefer having cucumber as a drink as opposed to eating it or even putting it on our face hahaha :p  I’m just glad that Romulo’s version works very well, combining it with fresh lime & mint leaves.  It was very refreshing, just sweet enough, and plus the added flavors of mint and lime really gave this drink a special touch.  Just delicious!  I was really hoping that they could have had this as a bottomless order.

  • Banshee (Php 75)

banshee romulo cafe

Mixture of fresh banana, white cream de cacao & fresh milk.  I didn’t order this as I’m not a big fan of bananas hahaha!  Anyhow, looks so fresh & healthy.  But for those who are fans of shakes with banana in it, this is something that may also be worth a try.

Obviously I enjoyed the food but it just wasn’t that alone that made our stay enjoyable.  I also liked the design & ambiance of the place.  Simplistic theme with major colors of black & white combined with clean surroundings, cute furnitures, etc.  You can either dine outside or inside (we were seated outside).  I went inside to go to the washroom and also checked how it was designed inside.  I was impressed even more.

romulo cafe interior

I said to myself that I would definitely go back to the restaurant.  One of the better Filipino restaurants in the Philippines.  If you haven’t tried, I suggest you do 😉

Romulo Cafe
#32 Scout Tuason cor. Sct. Dr. Lazcano, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 332-7275

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2 observations on “Romulo Cafe
  1. GlennOng

    If I’m coming from E. Rod, where is this located? Heard so much about this, but haven’t tried. Kinda pricey eh? But I guess worth it!

  2. Roch

    go to Tomas Morato tapos turn at the street of Scout Lazcano (or Scout Tuason) hahaha forgot which one… pero it’s at the corner of the 2 streets.

    You will not regret it 🙂 Don’t forget the sinigang sa miso ok? super sarap!


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