Suzhou Dimsum

Suzhou Dimsum

I’ve been bugging my mom and her friends for us to have dinner at Suzhou Dimsum.  I remember when we went to Sky Dragon to celebrate mooncake festival, I was even saying that we should have after dinner at Suzhou Dimsum (it was just in the same street).  They didn’t give in to my request […]

Hossein’s Restaurant

Hossein Persian Kebab Serendra

I do think that I had an overdose of Hossein’s Restaurant last week.  I went to the restaurant twice and just right after I visited a gym :O  How ironic, but how could I resist a restaurant which serves awesome beef kebabs?  Yes, it’s their beef kebabs that keeps me going back to Hossein’s (not […]

Malcolm’s Place

Malcom's Place

We usually welcome our new hires through a free lunch subsidized by the company.  Last week, we treated our new colleague to a restaurant near our office named Malcolm’s Place.  I’ve eaten quite a few times at the restaurant and I’ve always had this impression that it serves good food but waiting for our order […]

My Solitaire Experience

solitaire 1

The game of solitaire is no doubt one of those games that gets shot down just because of all the games available out there especially to gamers.  Even when it comes to card games it is often underrated just because we dont have long lines at the casinos for people wanting to play this game. […]

Wireless Modem Huawei E585 Review

Huawei E585

I’m finally ready to review my newest gadget!  It’s called Huawei E585 and it’s a wireless modem or more popularly called Mi-Fi (mobile wifi).  I decided to buy it because I wanted to be connected 24/7.  This was the best way I could think of.  I cannot use a USB dongle as it can only […]

KPOP Night 3 and KPOP Garage Sale at Eastwood

kpop events

Are you fond of Korean music?  Well, I’m definitely one!   It’s not just Korean music that I have grown to love but also Korean movies & TV series.  As I write this post, I’m actually watching an episode of a Korean TV series.  How much of a coincidence can this be? hehehe! I found […]

Freeway Art Honors Ramon Valera

Freeway Ramon Valera Collection

Being a blogger, it’s so nice to be invited to intimate fashion events like the one from Freeway last tuesday, October 12, 2010.  I brought my mom with me to Freeway’s launch of the 4th National Artist Collectors’ Series honoring Ramon Oswald Valera, National Artist for Fashion.  There were about 20-30 people invited, mostly from […]

My Complete Dampa Food Experience

G Squared Palutuan

We were supposed to eat at Dampa the other week but since the John Mayer concert was happening that day and traffic would be very bad, we ended up at Zao Vietnamese Bistro.  Last friday, however, we finally pushed through.  I never thought this would be one of my most unforgettable meals in my lifetime. […]

Zao Vietnamese Bistro

Last week, we were supposed to eat at Dampa but I realized that it was John Mayer’s concert that day.  I suggested that we just meet at Serendra as there are several restaurants there.  As we were walking around, I exclaimed, “Let’s eat at Zao!”.  The 1st time I tried Zao Vietnamese Bistro was at […]

Cafe Breton

After dinner at Masan Garden last week, we drove to Robinson’s Place to have desserts at Cafe Breton.  When it comes to crepes, I know Cafe Breton serves the best.  Ambiance is so cool too, you can stay for hours and not get bored.  With its cool design and welcoming atmosphere, not to mention the […]