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After dinner at Masan Garden last week, we drove to Robinson’s Place to have desserts at Cafe Breton.  When it comes to crepes, I know Cafe Breton serves the best.  Ambiance is so cool too, you can stay for hours and not get bored.  With its cool design and welcoming atmosphere, not to mention the awesome customer service too!

cafe breton ambiance

I was actually caught for taking pictures of the menu.  The server told me it’s not allowed.  When she told me about it, I already finished taking pictures.  I just took the ones where our orders are printed, so I could give you a whole picture of our experience in Cafe Breton 🙂

Here’s a list of our orders:

  • Butter & Sugar (Php 84)

butter and sugar cafe breton

I have various interests but ultimately, I still love simple stuff.  Just like with crepes, I prefer the plain one rather than the flavored ones.  This butter & sugar plain crepe sprinkled with powdered sugar is as perfect as it is.  No complications but perfectly yummy!  Nothing gets better when it comes to crepes than if the crepe is perfectly done, soft, and thin enough too that it doesn’t become a pancake hahaha :p

  • Peche Mignon (Php 272)

peach crepe cafe breton

Composed of peach halves, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and ice cream.  Vanilla was supposed to be the flavor of the ice cream for this dish but we requested that we change it to blueberry ice cream.  It tasted wayyy better!  It was actually my 1st time to try out blueberry ice cream, I didn’t think that it would be so good.  So one tip for you people, request for a change in ice cream flavor to blueberry, you won’t regret it 😉

  • Cappuccino (Php 85)

capuccino cafe breton

In this variant, you can actually choose either as is, decaf, double cappuccino or a decaf double cappuccino.  The one in the picture was just the normal one.  Is it good?  I don’t know, didn’t order this but it seems to be nice.  I didn’t hear any complaints from my mom’s friends.

  • Cafe au lait (Php 85)

cafe latte cafe breton

This also has the same options as cappuccino above but what is the difference between a cafe latte & a capuccino?  Well, simple.  What many people don’t realize, is that both actually have the same ingredients:  Milk and espresso.  It’s just that with a latte they use steamed milk, and with a cappuccino they use milk that is frothy.  It really is according to what you like when it comes to coffee.  Sometimes, a lot of people agree that a latte often has a milder taste to it, but that’s because technically more milk is mixed in rather than the cappuccino which has less milk due to the fact that the froth incorporates more air into it.  I know I know, I said it was simple :p  All you have to figure out really is if you want a bit more of a stronger coffee with the more froth, then go with cappuccino, otherwise stick with a latte that usually has a bit more milk added into it :p

  • Cafe Mocha (Php 95)

cafe liegeois cafe breton

This is definitely not for those on a diet!  This is almost as rich as you can get when it comes to coffee.  Sweet, a lot of chocolate, milk (or cream), iced, and even whipped cream on top.  For those with a sweet tooth, then I definitely suggest this drink.

  • Mango Fruit Slush (Php 94.50)

mango slush cafe breton

In Cafe Breton, you can either order a fruit slush or a fruit smoothie.  The only difference is that smoothie has milk in it.  Since I’m on a diet, it’s best that I choose the pure one (without the milk).  No regrets there.

While my mom & her friends were chit-chatting, I couldn’t help but admire the paintings on the wall.  Very artistic, I wonder if they hired someone to do the paintings for all their branches.  It really does fit with the theme of Cafe Breton.  Super lovely!

cafe breton painting

Even the cups & tea pitcher have great designs. I took a picture, don’t they look cool?

cafe breton pitchers

Cafe Breton usually comes to mind whenever I’m in a mall and craving for some dessert.  It will continue to be that way since my experience is always pleasant each time 🙂

Café Breton French Crepes & Fine Coffee
Midtown Wing, Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 567-0704

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8 observations on “Cafe Breton
  1. Shiela Acenas

    Do you know that the owner of Cafe Breton was from Bretagne (Brittany), France? They called the people of Bretagne a “Breton”. Crepes originate from Brittany, a region in a Northwest of France. And it is their specialty. 🙂


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