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I do think that I had an overdose of Hossein’s Restaurant last week.  I went to the restaurant twice and just right after I visited a gym :O  How ironic, but how could I resist a restaurant which serves awesome beef kebabs?  Yes, it’s their beef kebabs that keeps me going back to Hossein’s (not to mention their saffron rice too!).

When you enter, you also feel the Persian vibe.  The interior design matched the overall theme of the restaurant perfectly.  I also love the great details they’ve put into each and every furniture and accessory.  What a great sight.  It’s as if you get transported to a whole new country or even new era too.

hossein serendra

hossein decorations

I do have a certain complaint though.  Since they’re using table cloth, it does get dirty easily.  During my 1st visit, I saw some booger (‘kulangot’ in tagalog) in the table cloth.  It was just too yucky!  I wonder how many more kinds of bacteria are in those.. I really just can’t imagine.  So I hope they could maintain it  better.  Good thing, we just transferred  and I was still craving so badly for their kebabs!

Here is what we had during my last 2 visits at Hossein’s:

  • Roti Channai (Php 120)

roti channai hossein

I loved this!!  Basically a puffed bread (I bet fried), served with channai sauce blended with Indian spices.  We don’t need anything else to mix this with.  Just the bread with the sauce will already satisfy your taste buds.

  • Lassie (Php 120)

lassie hossein

Lassie is always a drink that is usually recommended to you if you go to a Persian restaurant.  A Lassie basically is a yoghurt drink that is both a bit salty and sweet.  My mom ordered this and told me she liked it.  I’m not a fan of yoghurt that’s why I never dare try it and if you noticed, I haven’t featured any yogurt places yet in this blog.

  • Beef Kebab Kubideh (Php 315)

beef kebab hossein

Hossein’s Beef Kebab Kubideh is my main reason why I keep going back to the restaurant.  No matter if I feel it’s too expensive, just being able to eat this dish makes it really worth it.  It’s 2 sticks of juicy grilled ground beef seasoned with Hossein’s special seasoning.  You can eat it together with the white & chili sauce & tomatoes but I can eat it without the sauce.  It still tasted so perfect!  I usually forget my diet whenever I have this dish in front of me.  It’s just too good to pass up.

  • Mixed Kebab II (Php 620)

Mixed Kebabs Hossein

If this is your 1st time to dine at Hossein’s, I would suggest you order their mixed kebabs.  This at least would give you an idea which kebab to order when you do decide to go back.  I wanted my mom and my best friend to try the different kebabs that Hossein’s offer so I opted for Mixed Kebab II.  This dish consist of ground beef, tenderloin & chicken kebabs.  The winner for this dish is the ground beef but chicken is a near 2nd place.  The tenderloin was not our type, the meat was too dry and hard for us.

  • Fish Dopiaza (Php 530)

fish curry hossein

I did not like this dish.  I guess partly because I’m not a fan of curry but mostly because the fish wasn’t fresh in my opinion.  My friend liked it though.  Fish, pepper & onions are the main ingredients in this dish cooked in a thick curry sauce.

  • Saffron Rice (Php 168)

saffron rice hossein

Another favorite of mine.  I believe they use basmati rice for this dish.  Basmati is a famous rice from India, basically long-grained and fragrant 🙂  They cooked this together with saffron & butter.  Truly perfect, I can totally eat this alone.  It was that delicious!

  • Baclava (Php 80)

dessert at Hossein

When my friend saw this in the menu, she said she would order this for dessert.  She said she tried it in 2 other restaurants and it was good.  She was curious to find out if Hossein’s version was good too.  Baclava is a mid-eastern dessert made of pistachios, Filo pastry and sprinkled with rose syrup.  I took a bite and felt it was basically a cinnamon pastry.  I asked my friend what her verdict was, which of the 3 restaurants serve the best baclava and she told me, “Hossein’s”.

This is not the first time that I’ve blogged about Hossein’s restaurant.  If I remember it correctly, I blogged about it twice (Hossein’s in Makati & Shomal in Trinoma).  One in each year hahaha!  Just goes to show how how addicted I am with their beef kebabs!  I don’t think there’s a cure for it or If I ever want to be cured for my never-ending craving for awesome kebabs.

Hossein’s Restaurant
2nd Level C-201 Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, in front of fully book, Global City, Taguig, Philippines.
(02) 856-06-32

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9 observations on “Hossein’s Restaurant
  1. skysenshi

    Persian food is tEh Lurve!!!But really, I haven’t been able to explore Indian restaurants lately, besides the ones that are readily accessible. Thanks for this post. I missed Indian food so so so so much.

  2. Anonymous

    Been to Hossein and Arya both are great slight difference on the taste but I believe Hossein is more expensive than Arya 🙂

    Love love their food!

  3. John Ray Cabrera

    hi hearty, been a long time since mapalad and hinge|media days. 🙂

    i love persian food too, or anything like it. i haven’t tried Hossein’s though, but the ones that i tried were Anadanita Taj(Tagaytay), Swagat(Rhada Makati), and that indian resto in Podium.


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