Around a month ago, we were walking around Mall of Asia looking for a place to dine.  I believe we practically strolled around every single area of the mall, walked for half an hour, and then we saw Jatujak.  Who could miss a place called Jatujak?!  So, after we finished looking around, I said let’s try Jatujak!

It’s a Thai restaurant situated on the 2nd floor of MOA.  Always jampacked but glad that there was 1 table free when we got in (must be destiny! hehehe).  I was totally craving for it, I would have been so disappointed if we weren’t able to try it out that day.  Thai Iced Tea & Tom Yum Soup immediately came to mind.

Here are the dishes that we ordered from our new restaurant discovery:

  • Sampler Appetizer (Php 198)

jatujak appetizer sampler

Whenever we eat a restaurant, I would always want to try out as many dishes as possible.  So when the time came that we had to choose our appetizer, the sampler appetizer was my obvious and only choice.  This dish included 3 different appetizers: fresh springrolls, fried springrolls and shrimp cakes.  The springrolls contained glass noodles, minced pork & mushrooms inside, I still prefer the fresh one.  All 3 appetizers have different dips too!   I really love samplers, best for first-time diners.

  • Tom Yum All Shrimps (Php 195)

jatujak thai soup

We had a choice as to which Tom Yum Soup we wanted, either all shrimps or mixed seafood.  A no-brainer for me coz shrimp is just one of my favorite foods and I believe it’s the best ingredient for Tom Yum!

  • Bagoong Rice (Php 155)

jatujak bagoong rice

If you wanna eat Thai rice then your only choice would be bagoong rice!  I just love this rice, the ingredients are all there: bagoong, egg, onions, green mango & of course, rice!  You have the option to choose which ones to mix with your rice so you could have the fried rice that you like.  I love that the rice itself is cooked with bagoong so it was really tasty.  Yummy!

  • Crispy Pork w/ Cilantro Relish (Php 230)

pork jatujak

A truly unique dish, I got shocked when I saw that the pork was actually put in a bed of vinegar spice.  It’s not spread all over but you can just dip your pork at the bottom of the bowl so you can have more spice.  This dish is just wow!

  • Thai Iced Tea (Php 78)

thai iced tea jatujak

When we say Thai Iced Tea, we usually know that it’s actually milk tea.  I don’t know what comprises the recipe as it does have a distinct taste which I truly, truly, truly love!  I’m guessing cinnamon & vanilla but hey, If I want it, I’ll just go to a Thai restaurant like Jatujak hehehe.

  • Mint & Lemongrass (Php 70)

jatujak lemongrass

I was about to order Thai Iced Tea but then I saw lemongrass tea in the menu.  It’s rare to see lemongrass juice in the menu and better yet, they offer bottomless!!!  I just couldn’t pass it up.  As far as I know, lemongrass is a type of herb that has lemon flavor & aroma, I super love to drink its juice!

I also like the design of Jatujak, even with the limited space, they were able to make it look so welcoming.  At the back of the couch, there’s this customized cabinet.  The cabinet shows some pictures of Jatujak’s specialties, the cabinets, on the other hand, were filled up by Thailand products & decorations.  It made Jatujak’s ambiance authentic as a Thai Restaurant.

jatujak ambiance

I wish they could open more branches since MOA is far from my place.  Nevertheless, when I get the chance to go to MOA again, Jatujak will be one of my top choices for dining.

2/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 556-0850

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6 observations on “Jatujak
  1. Alex_tan0074

    Theres also a jatujak at sm north edsa even nearer. If u wanna eat and u dont have company just give me a holler and il be there, u can take all the pix u want and the bill too, i wont mind doin the harder part that is eating lolz

  2. Jei_go_chan

    Jatujak is the name of a weekend market in Bangkok that is very famous (it is more commonly spelled as Chatuchak). looks like a very interesting place for Thai food. should give it a try when i’m in Manila

  3. Roch

    Thanks for the info! Now I remember, yep I’ve been to that weekend market. I have to add Thailand to my travel list for the next 2 years

  4. Mae

    Good food, definitely yes. Customer service however is not impressive, or should I say, one of the worst dining experiences we had. Well, perhaps in MOA branch only. Our dining experience in SM the Block was fine anyway. Just didn’t notice any suggestion box otherwise we could have recommended their employees be sent in a customer-service training.


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