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I’ve been bugging my mom and her friends for us to have dinner at Suzhou Dimsum.  I remember when we went to Sky Dragon to celebrate mooncake festival, I was even saying that we should have after dinner at Suzhou Dimsum (it was just in the same street).  They didn’t give in to my request but promised me that we would have dinner soon at Suzhou Dimsum.  We finally did last weekend, wheeee!!!!!!!

I was really was so excited and I think my mom was too!  I guess my excitement was contagious? hahaha!  Anyhow, we ordered a lot, as in a lot!  Well, it was a party of 8 and everyone was hungry that time.  With the menu price of Suzhou dimsum, we didn’t have to worry about having a huge bill.  Ended up, my mom’s friend who owns the place treated us.  He wasn’t there but he told his manager to let him take care of the bill… awww.. My thanks to you if you read this 🙂

Here are the yummy dishes that we ordered, there were some that needed 2nd rounds, it was that good (i.e., onion pancake & xiao long pao):

  • Xiao Long Pao (Php 80)

xiao long pao suzhou dimsum

One of the best mini siopao being served in the Philippines.  Pretty cheap too!  Why did I say so?  It’s because it’s close to the real thing (the ones being sold in Beijing, China).  Of course, nothing beats the original but Suzhou Dimsum’s version is pretty good already.  I suggest you use your spoon when getting it coz you might break the covering and all the sauce will spill out.

  • Shallot Oiled Pan Cake (Php 80)

pancake suzhou dimsum

This is a must order!!!  You should not miss this super delicious chinese-style pan cake.  I’m not sure what made it so delicious, maybe the onion leeks?  I’m not really sure, I just know that I cannot get enough of it.  We finished one order but we ordered another round of it.

  • Spicy Chicken Feet (Php 120)

chicken feet suzhou dimsum

I got scared when this dish arrived in our table.  I was so used to seeing chicken feet that is colored orange and there I saw color white!   Yaiks!  I did try to taste, it actually tasted okay but my fear just didn’t subside hahaha!  My mom loved this though.

  • Homey toufu (Php 40)

tofu suzhou dimsum

Tofu with pork with Suzhou Dimsum’s special sauce poured on top.  With such a treat, I believe Php40 is just wayyy to cheap for the homey toufu.  The dish felt like tofu dumpling hahaha, uhmm, instead of having a wanton wrapper, the pork was wrapped with tofu.  Am I making sense? 😛

  • Fried Fish (Php 80)

fish suzhou dimsum

Pampano is the fish they used.  Not really a fan of this dish.  It’s basically fried fish with sauce drizzled on top.  The fish is not really one of my favorites to eat, but the sauce was okay.

  • Fried Spareribs w/ Salty Spicy (Php 220)

spareribs suzhou dimsum

A tasty dish that was presented in a rather simple manner, which made it perfect actually. I loved it!  What I especially like in this dish was that the meat they used wasn’t fatty.  I love the perfect amounts of seasoning that went into this dish.  Other restaurants usually put the fatty parts of the meat in this dish.  Just glad Suzhou Dimsum didn’t follow suit.

  • Bamboo Spicy Shredded Pork (Php 180)

bamboo shoots suzhou

Not a fan of bamboo shoots but this one did taste good.  One warning though, it’s a bit spicy.  If you love spicy food, you might want to consider ordering this one.  The spices actually make this dish very complex and tasty if you like this type of dish.  Overall, it was a successful and appetizing dish, just too bad that I don’t like bamboo shoots altogether.

  • Mustard Vegetable Fried Rice (Php 120)

vegetable rice suzhou

I don’t understand why this dish wasn’t a favorite among the group.  Come to think of it, I think I was the only one who enjoyed this fried rice.  My mom complained that it was too oily.  I felt it tasted good and having those veggies cooked together with rice was a great idea.. I believe it was a delish creation.  Oh well, we can’t please everybody.  As for me, this dish was a winner!

  • Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup (Php 130)

taiwan noodles suzhou

I remember that noodle soup had always been a favorite snack whenever in Taiwan.  Having this soup brings me back to Taiwan (not literally but it tasted like it was from there).  I asked my mom’s friend if this was just instant noodles then meat & veggies was just added.  They told me that no, it was really made by the chef.  I then concluded that Taiwan instant noodle makers are geniuses, sometimes I can’t distinguish anymore the difference between an authentic and processed one.

  • Golden Corn Biscuit (Php 140)

corn biscuit suzhou

The most unique menu item in Suzhou Dimsum.  When I saw the picture posted on the wall, I just cannot help but wonder what it looks and tastes like.  I love corn and this is something I wouldn’t wanna miss trying out.  When it came, I was in awe.  I wonder how they were able to bind all the corn kernels into triangular shaped slices.  Maybe it was starch? glucose? glue? hahaha!  Whatever it was, I liked the dish.  Best if eaten quickly when served because it tends to be very sticky after a short while.

  • Fried Banana Cake (Php 90)

banana cake suzhou dimsum

Another unique dish.  I remember my fiance really loving banana, to the point that he has eaten so much banana bread when we were at Plantation Bay.  I’m pretty sure he would love Suzhou’s banana cake too.  It’s basically like a banana tempura.  When I took a bite, I can just feel the aroma of banana.  We concluded they probably added banana essence into the dish.  Best to eat as dessert.

  • Soya Milk (Php 35)/Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea (Php 40)

suzhou dimsum drinks

Just listing down my recommended drinks to order when you’re at Suzhou dimsum 🙂

Wow!  We were able to eat so much that day.  I’m also very happy that they finally gave in to my long, long request of having dinner at Suzhou Dimsum.  It takes a bit of effort on my part as Manila is far away from home plus I hate the traffic and lack of parking in the small town of Manila.  Just one of my happy pleasures in life.  Hope to go back soon.

Suzhou Dimsum
807 Sabino B, Padilla Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 309-7302

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12 observations on “Suzhou Dimsum
  1. Veegeeboy

    There’s Suzhou in Greenhills 🙂 I love their cold tofu with pork floss. 🙂

    I don’t know if Suzhou in Retiro is still open. 🙂

  2. Roch

    my mom cooks me chinese food without MSG… there are a lot of chinese restaurants that doesn’t serve food with MSG but still tasted so good…

    recipe is the key not MSG

  3. Anonymous

    I would try the restaurant, but maybe not the chicken’s feet. We eat OX tails in Kare-Kare and pig’s blood in dinuguan stew and hard boiled duck egg embryos (balut) as Filipinos; but the Spicy Chicken Feet (Php 120) looks nasty to me. The display or the look does not really look to appetizing. You can really see it is the feet of chickens. “Balut” is recommended to be eaten in the dark. I can still eat the duck embryo in daylight, but the chicken feet I would not want to try with light on or with light off. It looks like fingers of an alien space invader and we ate them. It might be a good look for our own Star Trek futuristic movie “In the year 2525”, a hit song back in 1969. We developed to have our own space industry selling chicken to the world. “STARNOY” could be the title. Or space invaders invaded the modern Philippines and we have to fight the space aliens with those fingers would be another good movie idea. I would try the Golden Corn Biscuit (Php 140) and I love eating Fried Banana Cakes (Php 90).

  4. Anonymous

    I would rather not try it. But I am serious about using it as hands for a movie,
    the look. With my comments on articles about him and his show, I am trying to
    get Willie Revillame of “Willing Willie” to start an Indoor Movie Studio like
    Pinewood Studios in England. I think we can explode our movie industry to better
    improve our economy creating tons of jobs with the studio indoor lot and have
    better competitive blockbuster movies for the future venture capital to create
    other projects for more jobs, but we need to copy how the British makes movies
    and TV shows of indoor filming instead of Hollywood. It is because of our very
    hot and dry and rainy seasons what more typhoon seasons that indoor filming
    would benefit for profits in the long run.

    Have you been to the Metroplex in the new malls? It is a possible article for
    you to critique movies or the mall not just restaurants. I am trying to get the
    families that does movies to do movies ALSO in English not just Tagalog. I was
    told our movie industry is only done by a few families. In the malls there might
    be five movies in English to one movie in Tagalog. That tells me market economy
    in the Philippines has a 5 to 1 ratio of success. I am all for making Tagalog
    movies but give movie jobs to our English speaking entertainers. Do both. Willie
    could be the boss man of an Indoor MGM Studio in the Philippines.

    Daniel Escurel Occeno – danielocceno@ymail.com


  5. Anonymous

    Are you saying willing has chicken legs? In the United States saying someone has chicken legs means he has skinny or “boney” twig legs. We are what we eat. Americans that only eat the chicken or the turkey are believed to grow up with chicken legs as those that add the pig and beef cattle to their diet would grow stockier legs. Of course adding bread with meals not just chicken would change the appearance. So go ahead and eat the chicken feet, I prefer to abstain. I am sure there are plenty of choices in the restaurant to satisfy my appetite. I brought up Willie because I thought you have a better chance of talking to Willie, and I would seriously want the Indoor Film Studio like Pinewood Studios in England. I believe it will help our economy and our children prefer a Hollywood (L.A.) and Broadway play (NYC) type of jobs than factories of industrialization. Another one you can critique on your blog is the Broadway plays being done in Metro Manila. Broadway plays are how Hollywood was started, in developing talent; and the success generated cash to create the biggest banks in the world when the wealthiest farmers’ children were tired of farming. “Live” Broadway Plays could generate venture capital quickly to create more jobs and children growing up in theater are tomorrow’s movie stars on film. It is all about ending our poverty. I will read the article on Willie.

  6. Anonymous

    I read the article by Marcelle on Willie. I agree if he stays on television he will be the trendsetter for years and years. The WW Dancers is why I watch it but Willie is our best showman in the country. I like the idea he built his Wil Tower Mall and selling watches and his scent of success the Wil Cologne. I am trying to get him to do THE WIL COLLECTION – the fashion of success. He can sell business and tourist fashion manufactured in the Philippines of raw materials like the peña (“Barong Tagalog” and ladies’ layered prom dresses and wedding dresses and women’s business outfits), the abaca (khaki pants and work clothes and winter jackets), and “kapok” silk cotton (t-shirts and dress shirts and business clothes for men and women). Our farmers can grow the peña leaves, abaca, and “kapok”. In the article it was brought up that he has a net worth of 2B, is that in Philippines pesos or American dollars?


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