Is it Hot in here or Is it Me Book Launch

Is it hot in here or is it me by RJ Ledesma

I was a bit hesitant when I got an invite to attend RJ Ledesma’s book launch.  Why?  Because RJ’s newest book is entitled ‘Is it hot in here or is it me? RJ Ledesma’s Imaginary Guide to Flirting, Body Language & Pick-up Artists‘.  I thought that the book was meant for guys.  I’m obviously a girl.  It doesn’t make sense for me to read such a book.

But I was curious!  I know of RJ Ledesma as a Filipino child star (remember Tru-Orange commercial?).  I also know RJ as part of the team behind Mercato Centrale & UNO magazine.  It was only when I got invited to the book launch that I discovered that he’s also a writer, and a witty & funny one too!

I wanted to get hold of this book and read RJ Ledesma’s works.  I’m glad I went to the well-attended and successful book launch.  RJ Ledesma’s family, friends and fans were in full support.  VIP guests including RJ’s wife was there to perform ribbon cutting at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4.

ribbon cutting rj ledesma book

I just finished reading the book and gee, RJ Ledesma is definitely a man with many talents.  I never knew that he was such a funny, funny man!  The book gives hope for single men and no girlfriends since birth.  hahaha!  Now, I know that not only girls do read a lot of self-help books, RJ does it too!  He refers to a lot of relationship books while inserting a lot of jokes which we can relate to, makes it really so fun to read (not to mention, educational too!).

He shares what kind body language that women send out to men.  He clearly mentioned that it’s actually the girls who make the 1st move.  It’s just hard for men to pick up the signals thus letting the opportunity go.  As a girl, it’s enlightening to read that we do actually perform such actions.  Unconsciously so, sometimes 😉

RJ also shares and elaborates the 5 Stages of Flirting:

  1. Attention Getting Stage a.k.a. ‘Kulang sa Pansin’ Stage
  2. Recognition Stage a.k.a. ‘Closer You and I’ Stage
  3. Talk Stage a.k.a. ‘Words get in the way’ Stage
  4. Touch Stage a.k.a. ‘You’ve got the Touch!’ Stage
  5. Total Body Synchrony a.k.a. ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ Stage

At the last part, he talks about professional pickup.  The book is definitely a good, fun read.  Actually, a lot of guests were already laughing so hard just listening to RJ explain what the book is about.  Some had read a chapter while waiting for the event to start and I saw how successful RJ was able to make people laugh by reading his works.  I myself find it informational and a lot of people can truly relate.

RJ ledesma book launching

RJ Ledesma was very nice in person.  We patiently queued to get his autograph with the book.  He asked each guest some questions so he can address us better with his autograph.  He graciously accepted our request for photo op too!

If you notice in the picture below, he was wearing the same clothes as the cover of the book.  Hilarious! LOLz!

Rj and Roch at Book Launch

By the way, here’s an excerpt.  Just to give you an idea what you can expect in the book.  I swear, you’ll laugh your heart out while reading!  I did!

After years of countless knife injuries, researchers from the Social Issues Research Center have actually computed the appropriate distance you can maintain with a woman whom you flirt with for the first time.  When you are four feet from her (about 2 small steps away), you are on the borderline between what is known as the “Social zone or the Willie Revillame zone” (within 4-12 feet) and the “Personal zone or the Jojo Alejar zone” (between 18 inches to 4 feet).  This is the average distance that you maintain where she can still reject you without having to resort to bodily harm.  If you are more or less certain that she is not concealing any bladed weapons, you can move into the “Arm’s length zone or the Vic Sotto zone” (about 2 feet 6 inches.  I’m not kidding.  About Vic Sotto).  Do not attempt to cross the Sotto zone and move within 18 inches of her unless you are her gynecologist.  The “intimate zone” (a level that few mortals have achieved, so I have labeled this as the legendary “Dolphy zone”) is reserved only for lovers, family members, close friends and domestic animals.

You can buy your own copy of Is it hot in here or is it me book by RJ Ledesma at your favorite book stores for Php220.

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