Parvati Dessert Shop

Parvati Dessert Shop

Do you love desserts?  Do you have favorites in each of your favorite food place?  Have you ever wished to have those best-selling desserts from different stores in just one place?

Don’t fret because I just found out recently that there is indeed a place!  And it’s called ‘Parvati‘.  Yes, Parvati Home-Made Dessert Shop is a one-stop shop for the best-selling products of home bakers!  It’s truly a wish come true for dessert-lovers like us!!

I’m just so lucky enough that one of the owners of this awesome shop is my colleague!  He invited me to sample the different desserts being offered in Parvati together with other bloggers.  It was probably the first time in my life that I almost just had to say n0 to dessert.  It just continued to keep coming over at our table, I think almost each and every dessert that they had, they were able to let us taste.  Good thing, I brought my mom with me or else I would not have been able to sample everything.  We shared each piece of desserts served to us.

mom and roch at parvati

Let me share with you some of the desserts that we tried out that day.  Take note that I didn’t put everything here, or this post would turn into a book!!  However, I’m sure some of your favorite desserts are here.

  • Monster Cookies by Monster Cookies PinoyCravings

monster cookies parvati

“These cookies are made from the finest ingredients!  If you want a semi soft and chewy cookie, then these cookies are for you!”

If you love those homemade, fresh out the oven, type of cookies, I really suggest these cookies.  You can really feel and taste the difference that these premium chocolate chip cookies have over the ordinary cookies.  I definitely think this must be one of their best sellers since it’s really just a classic.

Tub of 6 – Php 138, Box of 8 – Php 215

  • Custaroon Poppers by Gigi’s Custaroons

custaroon poppers parvati

“Bite-sized custaroon balls coated with a premium chocolate powder concoction”

Actually, from their description you would think that they only do chocolate powder, but they actually do different times of concoctions.  I bet the coffee lovers out there would love to try their coffee powder one.  This dessert is definitely one of those sinful, can’t stop, type of desserts.  It’s convenient, and I really believe a perfect alternative to the coffee and donuts!

Tub of 22 original – Php 200, Tub of Green Tea – Php 330, Tub of Coffee – Php 330

  • Original & Cheese Custaroons by Gigi’s Custaroons

custaroons parvati

“Smooth, creamy, melt-in-your mouth custard topped with a chewy buttery crust”

I couldn’t believe just how delicious these custaroons were.  It’s rich and sweet, yet just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.  I can’t stress enough just how perfectly baked these little custaroons were.  It was so very moist, soft, and indeed buttery!  This is yet another one of those desserts where a few just won’t cut it.. you may have to grab a whole handful! hahaha :p

Regular Box of 4 – Php 170, Regular Box of 12 – Php 350
Bite size box of 15 – Php 200, Bite size box of 30 – 300

  • Russian Cookie House Classic by The Russian Cookie House

russian cookies parvati

“Russian, Black Russian, Pistachio, Black & white almond, Jan Hagel.  Also available.. Sugar-free.”

Their description just doesn’t do this medley of wonderful confections any justice.  Oh my was I amazed at how you can get this all boxed up.  This is most certainly a holiday gift, or for any occasion, especially for those who just love mixed chocolates of any kind.  The pistacchio variety is also tasty!

Window Boxes regular – Php 280, half-size – Php 180, Trial-size – Php 90
Window boxes sugar free regular – Php 380, half-size – Php 240, Trial size – Php 120
Minis in Canister big – Php 280, small – Php 180
Sugar free Minis in Canister big – Php 380, small – Php 240

  • Pistachio Sans Rival by Tajabel

Pistachio Sansrival Parvati

“Three layered Meringue with Pistachio Cream Filling, top with roasted Pistachio”

This has got to be one of the most delicious variations of San Rival there is out there.  If you are  not familiar, sans rival actually means “without rival”.  layers of sweet crust/pastry upon layer of creamy meringue.  The added pistachios really do make this such a wonderful treat.  For those who love anything pistachio flavored, you will not want to miss these most delicious dessert!  The toasted pistachio really give this dessert that subtle and added dimension when it comes to flavor.  What a great recipe whoever thought of this specific dessert!!

Whole cake – Php 900, Slice – Php 115

  • Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake by Kusina Torre Desserts & Pastries

triple decker chocolate cheesecake parvati

“Cheesecake between two layers of chocolate cake”

This has got to be one of the most sinfully created dessert that has been made.  It’s like having a cheesecake sandwich!!  For those who truly love both chocolate cake and cheesecake, now you can have both!  And it’s not just any ordinary chocolate cake, or any ordinary cheesecake.  It’s really a premium slice of both cakes in each bar.  From the picture itself, you can already tell just how dense and rich it is.  And yet, each cut into it with a fork is almost like slicing butter, it still is very creamy and soft.

Per square – Php 130, 5 inches – Php 600, 7 inches – Php 1,100, 9 inches – Php 2,000, 9×13 inches – Php 2,500

  • Gourmet Polvoron by Postres del Cielo

postres del cielo parvati

“Kiwi, Cranberry, Lavander, Rose, Cafe, Pineapple, and Classic”

When I first saw this, I was at first hesitant if this even belonged with the rest of the wonderful desserts, but tasting it, realizing just how above standard these certain variety of polvoron were, it made sense all of a sudden.  I’ve eaten polvoron before, many times, as I assume many of us have.  But this polvoron, I kid you not, is just so much more buttery, more dense, and packed with so much more goodness than the normal kind of polvoron.

And to think that they didn’t stop at their wonderful original flavor, but they added other interesting flavors, it just makes this certain dessert really stand out.  Rose flavored!  I mean, honestly, WOW!!  It’s almost like comparing a Honda to a Ferrari, it’s just way above the normal standard.  Great concept and delivery on this specific dessert item!

Box of 4s – Php 90, Box of 12s – Php 250.00

  • Coffee Indulgence by M Cheesecakes & Pastries

coffee indulgence parvati

“Cappuccino Cheesecake”

I think you must be noticing a trend here when it comes to the desserts at Parvati.  It truly is a place where only the best of the best can be found.  They really did a great job with which desserts are popular, just by the taste and the varieties of their desserts.

This specific cheesecake truly belongs here.  The great flavors of cappuccino, the rich and bold flavors of roasted coffee beans infused into this cheesecake is almost something I cannot describe.  Wow!! soo soo yummy especially for those who love cheesecake.  Each slice into each cheesecake is such a great harmony of flavors.  Smooth and silky cheesecake, the sweetness of the filling, and the contrast of the bitter and bold flavor of cappuccino.  This is a must try for coffee lovers too!

Slice – Php 120, Whole – Php 600

  • Frozen Brazo de Mercedes by Desserts by Fiona

frozen brazo de mercedes parvati

No need to go in depth about this, most Filipinos have tasted Brazo de Mercedes before, but this is where the comparison ends.  Again, as with the other desserts at Parvati, their Brazo de Mercedes seems to just blow the rest of the normal ones out of the water!   Wonderfully fluffed up egg whites with browned outer or top layer.  The delicious cream filling and the rich bottom cake layer really is such a treat.  One good thing that I like about this dessert is that it really is not that too rich, and is definitely one of the lighter desserts that is being offered at Parvatti.  I would recommend this for a light snack any day.

Mini – Php 180, Half size – Php 330, 8×8 – Php 600

  • Cream Caramel Bread Pudding & Panna Cottas from Christine’s Kitchen

panna cotta parvati

Here’s a great trio of desserts coming from Christine’s Kitchen.  The first one is their “Leche Flan”, which is much more balanced in flavor, not too sweet, yet very very tasty still.  Here’s Parvati’s description of their Leche Flan: “From an old family recipe, “leche flan” goodness in every bite, and yes, there is bread in it!” I think it was very wise of them to emphasize that there is real bread in their flan, because if you are into baking, and you’ve made leche flan before, then you know that it usually does not contain any bread in it, and is mostly egg and cream.  Which is why I think their leche flan has such a nice balanced sweetness to it.

Now both the Mango Panna Cotta and the Blueberry Panna Cotta really turned out to also be a nice treat for many of us.  What separates these panna cottas from the rest is just how rich the flavors in each one was.  The panna cottas were perfectly cooked, firm and not soggy, and the flavors came through.  Sometimes, panna cottas can become watery, and the sweetness and flavors seem to be watered down.  This is definitely not the case with these panna cottas!!

Cream Caramel Bread Pudding, Regular – Php 140, Mini – Php 75
Blueberry Panna Cotta, 1’s – Php 80, 4’s – Php 320
Mango Panna Cotta,, 1’s – Php 70, 4’s – Php 240

  • Brownie Cashew Bars & Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies by Vine’s Bakeshop

brownies parvati

The oatmeal bars you see above (the ones with the chocolate center), really were moist.  But this specific dessert is definitely for those who love oatmeal cookies but need it to be rich as well.

The brownie cashew bars are a great balance of both texture, tastes, and sweetness.  Don’t get me wrong, this bar is definitely sweet, but I like the combination of flavors in this bar the most.  Cashews is a great choice of nuts for this bar.

Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies (box of 22) – Php 125
Brownie Cashew Bars (box of 5) – Php 120

  • Mochi Ice Cream by Dezato

mochi ice cream parvati

“Mochi ice cream is creamy ice cream wrapped in a fluffy sticky rice doug and are best eaten with your fingers.  There is an explosion of textures and flavors in each bite of these unique treats.  It comes in six mouthwatering varieties: chocolate, strawberry, green tea, mango, vanilla, and coffee.  These fun treats are a sure fire hit anytime and anywhere.”

Box of 6 – Php 275

I just love a lot of things at Parvati.  Even the way they store the desserts was very impressive!  Here is the frozen desserts put in a freezer and as you can see, it was neatly labeled by product (with pictures & price details).  When you open the freezer, the desserts are actually in the shelves where they were labeled in.

frozen parvati

These are desserts to be stored in normal room temperature.  When I first saw these, I thought they were only pictures.  But actually, they were drawers!!!  I was in total awe when it was opened.  I felt like a child for a short while there as I kept opening some drawers and peeking at all the delicious dessert inside.

normal parvati display

Too many good things that I have to say about Parvati and this is not because 1 of the owners is my friend.  I love how warm and friendly the staff are.  We can easily call on them for our orders, they were eager to answer any questions we asked of them about Parvati and they kept checking up on us too if we wanted more water, etc.  They also wore cute uniforms too, totally matched their cute personalities.

The owners weren’t just entertaining us bloggers.  Whenever there were customers looking around, they would readily approach the customer and start explaining the concept of the store and the products they’re selling.  No wonder why in such a small amount of time (they opened last May 2010), they are successful.  I’m sure we’ll see more branches in the future.

parvati people

Good news!  Parvati can sell desserts in bulk, perfect for Christmas time right?  You just need to inform them 3-5 days in advance and you’ll be able to get your orders fresh and right in time!  I believe this is the best time to share such a treasure find!  Now, you can cross off one research item in your list because there’s Parvati.  Best-selling desserts from different home makers in just one place.  No need to run around different places or call different numbers for separate deliveries!  Isn’t it uber cool?

Parvati Home-Made Dessert Shop
Mindanao Lobby, Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 901-1428

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  1. skysenshi

    A sister of a friend was just telling me about Parvati last night. My mouth already watered from her story. Apparently, one of the bestsellers in there is baked by her friend. (Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake.)

  2. Roch

    M Cheesecakes right? Parvati has products from 52 home bakers, too many to mention here but all best sellers… It’s really a haven for desserts.

  3. Julius Lopez

    Yay!!! The Triple-Decker Chococlate Cheesecake is home-baked by my girlfriend! It’s also available at Del’s Kitchen Restaurant in BF Paranaque. Hope Hearty’s Haven can also visit their some time!!! 🙂

  4. Melinda Torre

    Hi Rochelle! Thank you for your review. Would you mind if I reposted this on my Facebook page?

    Mel Torre
    Kusina Torre (Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake)

  5. Roch

    Hi Mel,

    You can share the link on your Facebook page. You can also share an excerpt (1-2 paragraphs only) and put the link to this page for full article.

  6. Trisha

    I just tried Parvati’s very new addition to their awesome desserts – the “Frozen Mango Sansrival” which is instant favorite. It’s indeed a real killer. I will definitely keep coming back for more. All the best!

  7. Q5

    We were there a while ago together with my family, we tried the Frozen Brazo De Mercedez and it was delicious and superb. The coffee is nice too 🙂

  8. Duqs

    Great Post!
    I have an inquiry which id rather not state in public. I was wondering if i could have your email address?

    Thanks 🙂

  9. fdaquilanea

    I would to buy some for your stuff. May I know your location or your contact numbers. 

  10. marianne

    roch- this is my favorite post in your blog! After reading, tumulo laway ko! I’m craving promise! let us visit parvati! never pako nakapunta dito.haha


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