Planner People

Planner People

As 2011 is fast approaching, more and more companies are releasing their own versions of personal planners.  Most have too much stuff going on with the planners: too many ads, too many coupons, too many photos, etc.

I recently discovered a new planner which is quite the opposite compared to what we see with other personal planners today.  I had to have a copy myself before I wrote this blog post.  And now that I have it, I understood why the people behind this initiative created Planner People.

The goal is pretty simple.  They wanted to create a basic planner that we can just put in our bag, write important schedule and notes on.  I believe it’s exactly what the 2011 planners they created are.

Here are the reasons why:

  • It’s lightweight at 5″ x 7″, very small indeed.  Not much to worry about with regards to space in our bags.
  • It has yearly and monthly views which are things needed in a planner.  Sometimes, we just want to see, in one glance, all the dates in that year.  Or for a summary of important dates in a month, we don’t need to see page per page for the information, the monthly view can give us such information at 1st glance.

planner people 1

  • Weekly views and notes section.  For more details on certain events in a day, the weekly views provide sufficient space for us to put information on.  The notes section, on the other hand, provides us space for any thoughts we want to take note of.  Plain and simple.  Truly consistent with the goal.

planner people 2

  • It has a ribbon marker so you can always go back to the page that you last written on.

That’s it.  No extras!  Old school planner in a modern world.  If you’re the type who wants a no frills, straight to the point planner then Planner People’s 2011 planner is for you!  It’s very affordable at only Php 200.

I’m not surprised that my ex-colleague Mela is one of the people behind Planner People.  She’s smart and very creative!  She and her 2 friends-Kris & Reg created the 2011 planners as they didn’t like any of the planners out there in the market.

Mela and Roch

You might share the same sentiments with Planner People.  If you do, then better go to their website and order.  The planners do come in 9 different designs that are very unique, choose the ones that fit your personality and you’re good to go for an organized 2011! 🙂

planner people designs

Planner People

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