Bon Chon Chicken

Bon Chon Chicken

I had been wanting to try out Bon Chon Chicken for the longest time, and I’m glad that I was finally able to go last Saturday.  It always seemed to me that they would have very excellent and delicious chicken considering the amount of positive feedback that I’ve always heard from those who have already tried Bon Chon.   From what I’ve gathered, Bon Chon truly is a must try when it comes to chicken.

Bon Chon Chicken is becoming popular considering that more and more people are going there, I do have to let you know that long lines need not be a problem as long as you know when to go.  As some word of advice to all of you, my readers, go to their Ayala Triangle Gardens branch on weekends!  The lines didn’t seem to be as long as the weekdays usually are.

The branch at Ayala Triangle Gardens was their 1st and they actually opened their 2nd branch at Greenbelt 2 last December 18.  Their next branch will be at Libis, Quezon City and they plan to open more next year.  Hey, if you have something as delicious as their chicken why wouldn’t you try to expand right?

Bon Chon Chicken started year 2002 at South Korea but became popular when it finally opened a location in New York USA.  According to Bon Chon Chicken’s marketing manager in Manila, Bon Chon Chicken in New York was voted best chicken in the USA award last year!  So, not only was it the best chicken in some certain states, but to be the best chicken in the entire USA, that’s something that most restaurants rarely ever achieve!  It can only mean one thing.  Wonderful and delicious chicken!!

bon chon chicken restaurant

Here are some of the best sellers in Bon Chon:

  • Soy Garlic Chicken Wings (Php 185)

soy chicken bon chon

Bon Chon prides itself for having less fat and less greasy chicken.  It’s the way they cook their chicken, twice-cooked to ensure that all those fats do not stay in the chicken.  The 1st run on high-heat while 2nd one on low heat.

When I tasted the soy garlic chicken wings, I was delighted as to how crispy and tasty it was.  I asked how they did it and was told that after they cooked the chicken, they put their special secret sauce into it.  It was ready made and shipped from South Korea!  Now, that’s what we call authentic!

Actually this style of cooking is very much familiar to me since many Chinese restaurants also cook their sweet and sour chicken, and other types of chicken this way.  Having that crispy coating and then covered in their secret sauces, it’s a classic style of cooking that really brings out the wonderful taste of the sauce with that added texture and crispiness that we all love when it comes to chicken.

  • Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings (Php 185)

spicy bon chon chicken

If you’re fond of spicy food or would want a better tasting Bon Chon Chicken then hot & spicy variant is for you!  My mom and I prefer this over the soy garlic one.  Be warned though that it’s really hot and spicy as the name implied.

It does look exactly the same as soy chicken garlic wings.  To differentiate it, the staff put a red toothpick to flag it.  Definitely good!  I’ll go back to Bon Chon chicken for this!

  • Bulgogi Wrap (Php 125)

bon chon burritos

Oh, how I loved this.  I was in love right at my 1st bite of Bon Chon’s bulgogi wrap!  It was yummy!  Their bulgogi wrap consists of sirloin beef and Korean coleslaw.  You know what differentiate Korean coleslaw from our normal coleslaw?  They have Kimchi!  Didn’t know that it works really well!  You must try this!

I just love the Korean beef that is served with this.  In many instances, the cooking that Koreans utilize is also quite similar with Filipinos too.  The sauce that comes with most bulgogi is a type of barbecue sauce that incorporates sweet flavors, something that is definitely very suitable for the Filipino taste.

What a great way to start my Ayala Triangle Gardens food trip!  Bon Chon Chicken has other products too like drum sticks, chicken combo and chicken chops.  They also have meals, side dishes and beverages.  I feel the prices are a bit too steep but maybe because of how they prepared their dishes that justify its high price.

bon chon chicken menu

See my happy face?  2 reasons: I finally tried out Bon Chon Chicken and most importantly, I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was.  My mom even blurted out that she liked it better than KFC!

Roch at Bon Chon Chicken

Bon Chon Chicken
Restaurants at the Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

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  1. Daniel Escurel Occeño

    Hi Roch, the “twice-cooked” might be healthier if it can stay tender like the “original” recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Another reason to go see the Makati area of modernization, just a vacation away, I would regularly do with a source of income.


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