Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

The # 1 brand of frozen yogurt in Southern California finally lands in Ayala Triangle Gardens.  This was the last stop of my food trip last weekend.  It was definitely icing on the cake .  I fully enjoyed the restaurant hop.  And ending on this note was really a great treat.

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt was branded as the ice cream lover’s yogurt.  As someone who doesn’t like yogurt, I definitely was changing my mind especially since there are several yogurt flavors available (5o to be exact).  They feature 6 different flavors in a day.  That time, the ones available were old fashioned vanilla, peanut butter cup, simply tart, belgian choco, pom & blueberry and cake batter.  Now, those are some unique and truly delicious flavors!

Aside from offering lots of yogurt flavors, they also have a decent amount of toppings to choose from.  Almonds, corn flakes, butterfingers, choco crunch, granola, marshmallows are among them.  In fact, I can’t stress enough how important I think the toppings are because it makes it even easier for us to customize just how we would like our frozen yogurt.

golden spoon toppings

They also have cold toppings available: chocolate chip cookie dough, mochi rice cake, mixed berries and blackberries.  Wow!  You totally have the freedom to choose what you eat.

I think also that having the wide variety of toppings makes it easy for Golden Spoon to cater to a wider customer base. As you can see, sometimes frozen yogurt may be a drawback for people who really just want an all out sinful desert.  This way, I think you can range for super healthy and delicious frozen yogurt to some of the most sinfully delicious deserts out there complete with multiple toppings like cookie dough, butterfinger, marshmallows, etc.

Also on display are different sizes of the cups plus their choices of cones, the waffle cone and the regular one.

golden spoon cup sizes and toppings

So, the way we order is this:

  1. choose your yogurt flavor.
  2. choose where you want your yogurt to be in: cone or cup?  regular cone cost Php 125 while waffe cone cost Php 175.  The cups on the other hand have 4 sizes: kiddie (Php 85), small (Php 155), large (Php 220) and quart (Php 499).
  3. If you want toppings, each variant cost Php 20.
  4. enjoy your serving of Golden Spoon Yogurt

I think most of us are getting more health conscious nowadays, which is why I am really glad that Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt has put out the nutritional information for their customers.   Sometimes, if we’re really counting calories, desert is just out of the questions because of the unknowns when it comes to calories.  This way, Golden Spoon has made it easier for all of us to decide.  And actually, I think it’s also a good way to draw in customers since the proof is right there in black and white.  See just how little the calorie count is for their frozen yogurt!

golden spoon nutritional information

What did we have?

  • my mom had the old fashioned vanilla in a regular cone.  We were too full but still game for yogurt!

mom at golden spoon

  • this one is old-fashioned vanilla yogurt with mixed berries.  I think it really is so delicious, that sometimes you just want it as simple as possible to really get a taste of just how good their frozen yogurt is!  And I’ve been really trying to get more healthy, with fruits and frozen yogurt, it’s just a healthier way of treating yourself to desert!

golden spoon mixed berries

  • this one is pom and blueberry with chocolate sprinkles.  The combination definitely is my favorite.  Try this when you go to Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt.

golden spoon flavored yogurt

I definitely find it cute that the servers were ready to strike a pose when cameras started flashing at them!  Such a delight that they were willing to be endorsers of the product without any talent fee! LOLz!

golden spoon servers

Have you tried Golden Spoon?  Why not head on over to Ayala Triangle Gardens and order one of their products?  This is the most variety that I have seen in the longest while.  Imagine having the opportunity to choose from 50 different flavors of frozen yogurt and tons of toppings.  You can literally make hundreds of different frozen yogurt combination, which is why I believe with Golden Spoon there truly is something for everyone to enjoy!

I enjoyed my first time visit so much that I just had to document it and have my picture taken!  See me posing at the Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt wall.

Roch at Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
Restaurants at the Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

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2 observations on “Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
  1. Daniel Escurel Occeño

    Hi Roch, no, I have not tried GOLDEN SPOON and I have never even been to the Ayala Triangle Gardens. I will assume it is in Makati City. I have been driven around the business district of Makati and my parents and I went to a supper grocery store in Makati several years ago to look for our Christmas ham to take back to Gubat. We made a special trip from the Manila Hotel to Makati to get the ham because Rustan carried it and stores in Sorsogon City and Legaspi City and the ones we went to in Metro Manila did not have it, but we ended up looking for it in a mall type grocery store in Makati since Rustan was remodeling their building that year. Today, for Christmas, we settle for Pure Foods ham from Robertson’s in Sorsogon City.
    I love eating yogurt so I would try Golden Spoon, what more to have a reason to shop at Makati.
    I have been to Dallas, Kansas City, Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis (Pittsburg when I was 8 years old in 1968) in the U.S.A. and the modern architectural designs of the buildings of Makati City impresses me more than any location I have been in, in the States. I wanted to learn Corporate America because “big businesses” had the possibilities of ending our poverty. More jobs with more profits to create more jobs were just one theory of ending high unemployment.
    Our society already believes in education and training to achieve the skill levels. The majority of our OFW people are professionally trained.
    The Ayala strategy of developing communities with “Big Business” support not needing automobiles and motorcycles to live, work, recreate, and bring up children is a topic I had wanted to write about, but I have not been able to conduct the proper interviews. It is what the native-born children want since many are not growing up learning to drive and fear the congested traffic that our “balikbayans” come back automatically floods the streets with giant SUVs.
    Sorry for digressing, I like eating yogurt even the ones sold in grocery stores in plastic cups.

  2. Anonymous

    aha may golden spoon na din sa ayala triangle. geez. ang hirap pag laging out of town. huling huli sa balita! hahaha


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