Stop Mr. Claw By Using Bactidol

It’s the holiday season and it’s a time to enjoy ourselves, spend time with friends and family!   So, I’m sure none of us want to get sick, right?

Well, I almost did!  Two days ago, I met the meanest throat terrorist named Mr. Claw!  If you’ve ever had a sore throat as most of us has had at many points in our lives, then you know what I am talking about.  And Mr. Claw is sore throat brought to life!!! He literally is what sore throat is like when we try to go through our normal day to day activities. He’s annoying, dangerous, dirty and definitely super mean!  He brings bacteria into our body and if we don’t stop him then we’ll definitely have difficulty enjoying our holidays.

See how he ruined my shopping day the other night *grrrrrrr*

  • During dinner, I was trying to enjoy my inasal chicken but I wasn’t able to.  Why?  Because of Mr. Claw!  Especially when I was trying to swallow.  It was painful, eeeeek!  I almost cried!  Seeing the food that I wanted to eat but couldn’t enjoy :'(

mr claw bactidol 1

  • I’ve been planning to buy the Delsey luggage at Travel Club for quite some time now.  Since I’ll be going to the US in a few months time, I still have to prepare.  Thus, I checked if I brought my credit card and went to Travel Club to get the luggage that I had wanted.  But, geez!  There was Mr. Claw again!  I was able to buy the luggage but I was coughing my way through it.  hmmmp!

mr claw bactidol 2

  • My night was somewhat ruined but I had to still buy some groceries before I went home.  So I went to Rustan’s supermarket and bought some tissues, yakult, veggies and some more stuff.  Mr. Claw just didn’t wanna stop bugging me.  I had a hard time as my throat was stopping me from enjoying my shopping.  Strike 3 Mr. Claw!  I really had to do something to stop that annoying beast!

mr claw bactidol 3

I then remembered that I used to have mouth sores and my doctor would always prescribe Bactidol.  He told me that it would be the best mouthwash for me to use.  It would help heal my mouth sores faster.  It had been a year since I last experienced it so I guess it was effective.

So I thought, this might be a good tool to fight Mr. Claw.  Bactidol with generic name Hexetidine is an oral antiseptic.  Each 100ml of Bactidol contains 100mg of Hexetidine and 9% alcohol.  Bactidol can be used for the ff. conditions:

  • Sore Throat – Bactidol, gargled twice a day will safely soothe and give temporary relief of minor soar throat.
  • General Oral Hygiene – Bactidol, used twice a day, has marked beneficial effects on color and tone of the mouth tissues & helps maintain healthy gums.
  • Tooth Decay – Bactidol, used twice daily, provides continuing protective action on tooth surfaces and kills bacteria that forms decay acids.
  • Bad Breath – Bactidol, used as a mouth rinse upon arising and retiring, will reduce bad breath all day and all night.

So would Bactidol finally kick Mr. Claw away from me?  I had to do something, I just couldn’t take it any longer, after having to put up with him ruining my night, I decided to use Bactidol.   It worked!  And boy was I ever so relieved to finally get rid of the annoyance.  Goodbye Mr. Claw!  I’m sure I won’t ever see you again!  Yehey!!  Thanks Bactidol!

If you don’t want to take a chance and have your holiday season ruined, having to not enjoy your favorite activities because of sore throat or other related problems, then I suggest you head down to the nearest pharmacy and get yourself some Bactidol.  And then we can all say goodbye to Mr. Claw!

bactidol with mr claw

I definitely don’t want Mr. Claw for Christmas.  I’m sure you don’t want to have a sore Christmas too.  Why not write a Facebook note outlining 10 things you don’t want for Christmas?  You might just win a Php 1,000 Sodexho GC and a gift pack from Bactidol!  Find out how through the “Stop Mr. Claw” Facebook page.

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13 observations on “Stop Mr. Claw By Using Bactidol
  1. Daniel Escurel Occeno

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  2. skysenshi

    My throat always gets sore (and it’s bad because my line of work requires my voice). I do use Bactidol for it, since Bactidol seems to be the strongest among all other mouth washes.

  3. Alex_tan0074

    Di kaya magselos ang lovedoods mo nyan at nag date kayo ni mr claw? Pero kung ako sayo wag mong sagutin si mr claw, masyado violente sa babae. Saka ang pangit nya parang trying hard na mag looking Mr Swabe. Ugly much!!!


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