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Cav Wine Shop-Café was a bit intimidating so I was pretty glad when I saw a promo at Deal Grocer.  They offered 40% off on their 3-course European meal.  A rare opportunity that I wouldn’t miss.  I’m glad that finally I’ll be able to try out Cav Wine Shop-Café which was a new find.  I initially thought of it as a wine shop and was delighted that they actually offer food as well.

As we entered the place, it was quite empty 🙁  After a few minutes, a couple entered and I saw that they also purchased the Deal Grocer promo.  I realized that we visited Cav Wine Shop-Café during a holiday.  The place might be full during regular working hours.  Since they called their 3-course meal, business lunch, then I would assume that they are jam-packed during business days.  It would be such a waste if they aren’t because the food was good.  High quality if I may say.

cav wine shop cafe ambiance

The daily business lunch is priced at Php 780.  It’s basically a 3-course meal.  It changes daily though depending on the Chef’s recommendation.  On the day of our visit, it was sea bass!  More information on what we have eaten below.  Read on 🙂

We were first served bread while we await for our main meal.  I seriously LOVED the bread!!  It was baked perfectly, no joke.  I was ashamed to ask if we can have more hahaha!  So I got away with what was given to us.  Notice the poppy seeds with the bread.

bread cav wine shop cafe

Here comes our 3-course meal.  I cannot wait to try out everything.  I was taking my time as I wanted to enjoy the food.  I wished we coupled it with wine but I’m not such a fan of wines and liquor.  Not really my cup of tea.  I asked my mom and Christina too as they love wine.  They passed as it’s lunch time and they think dinner time would be the best time to enjoy wine.

  • Vegetable Confit Salad

salad cav wine shop cafe

Salad as 1st course of our lunch.  Very fresh and healthy way to start a meal.  The ingredients blends perfectly in our taste buds.  Doesn’t feel bitter as we expected fresh vegetabless and leaves to be.  It feels so fresh with all those vegetables, watermelon seeds, roasted corn and even flower petals.  Yum yum!  Such great presentation too!

  • Seabass, Saffron & Pea Risotto

sea bass cav wine shop cafe

I love risotto and I’m on diet so I really appreciate fish when I dine out.  Well, I was super glad that sea bass was the main course!  The fish was cooked just right, seasoned pretty well too.  Coupled with risotto, it was purrrfect!

  • Strawberry Mille Feuille

dessert cav wine shop cafe

Heavenly!  That’s the word I can describe our last course.  Strawberry sherbet with strawberry cake (?).  There were chocolate bits with the strawberry sherbet which tasted soooo good!  The biscuit was crispy too with fresh strawberries and custard (I think).  It was like 2 different kinds of desserts in one.

The food was great!  I love how unique and brilliantly thought of the recipes were.  They even offer different menu each day.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised each time you dine at Cav Wine Shop-Café.  With just Php 780 for the 3-course meal, we’re getting our money’s worth.  If you’re craving for a high-quality European meal, you might want to consider Cav Wine Shop-Café.

Not to mention, I had the meal with 2 beautiful important women in my life 🙂  Whatta way to spend a special lunch.

mom me chris at cav wine shop cafe

I was even goofing around hahaha!  I was making faces for the camera as Christina was trying out her new lens.

Roch at Cav Wine Shop Cafe

Cav Wine Shop-Café’s specialty is wine.  They have extensive collection of wines in the shop from premium wines to normal ones.  What’s cool is they allows us to sample their wines through their Cav’s enomatic wine machine.  We don’t need to purchase one whole bottle of the wine we wanted to try out.

Cav Wine Shop-Café’s Wine experience goes this way:

  • get a tasting card from the reception.  a Php 300 security deposit will be requested and refunded upon return of the card.
  • select a glass from the counter.
  • insert wine card into the machine.
  • select your wine.
  • choose the size: tasting (25 ml), half-glass (75 ml) or full-glass (125 ml).
  • press the button to serve wine in glass.
  • purchases will be added to your final bill at your table.

wines cav wine shop cafe

Cav Wine Shop-Café
Ground Flr ‘The Spa Bldg’ Lot 5, Quadrant 8 City Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(02) 856-1798

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