Hereafter Movie Review

This year started rough for me. I admit that I’m experiencing difficult times. I’ve been sulking a lot and continue to do so.  I’m pushing myself to live each day.  Last weekend, I went out with my mom to watch Hereafter.  She has been wanting to watch this movie since last year.

Hereafter stars Matt Damon who is famous for his Bourne series.  The film tells 3 stories about 3 different people affected by death & after life.

  • Marie Lelay – a French TV journalist who upon assignment in Thailand was victimized by tsunami.  She almost died but luckily, was rescued.  However, the experience doesn’t end there.  She began having visions of the afterlife.
  • Marcus – an English boy who lost his twin brother via a car accident.  Marcus tried so hard looking for ways to communicate with his deceased brother.  He was able to meet George and through him, he was able to talk to his dead twin brother.
  • George Lonnegan – a former professional psychic who has a gift of communicating with the dead.  He leaves that profession as he cannot deal with the emotional impact of his readings.

It’s nice how the 3 were able to cross paths in the movie.  Having similar experiences connects them.  Do you believe in afterlife?  Do you believe that people who have near-death experience can see things that we normal people don’t?

It’s a slow-moving movie.  I saw my mom sleeping most of the time during the course of the movie.  How ironic as it was actually her who was bugging me to watch Hereafter.  I, on the other hand, was awake all throughout.  I guess having this sadness somehow made me relate to the film.  I may not have a near-death experience but I do feel that something has died in me.  I cried several times and one that really touched my heart the most was when Marcus got to talk to his twin brother through George.  It was heart breaking.

Directed & produced by Clint Eastwood, music was even done by him too! wow!  Anyway, it’s a good movie to watch.  Some might find it boring but I liked it.

My Rating for Hereafter: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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2 observations on “Hereafter Movie Review
  1. Anonymous

    We watched this last night and I liked it too! It’s not the most exciting film but I was focused the whole time. I love the actress who played Marie Lelay! 🙂


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