It was a workday and we planned to eat out for lunch.  We tried out almost all the restaurants nearby so I was glad Mexicali was the choice.  It was not an easy find though as I needed help with directions since the restaurant is situated in a non-familiar street.  Good thing, my colleague met me somewhere so we could walk together to the entrance.

I rarely eat at a Mexican restaurant and come to think of it, it was my first time.  I’m glad I did because Mexicali has delicious food!  I just won’t eat again at their Bel Air branch as the environment isn’t safe.  When we were there, there were a bunch of drunk guys beside the restaurant and they were pretty wasted.  Good thing, they have branches in the malls.  I’ll dine there next time 🙂

mexicali tissue holder

Mexicali is basically self-service.  We ordered at the counter, paid for our orders and waited for our orders to arrive in our tables.  The food arrived pretty fast and I was really pleased with my order, all of us did!

Here are the food that we ordered:

  • Chili El Reno Burger (Php 173)

mexicali burger

Mexicali’s burgers are made with 100% beef.  There were 3 kinds: classic burger, chili burger and onion burger.  My colleague has chosen the chili burger.  Her order definitely looked so delish.  She mentioned there was cheese in it too.  Served with tortilla chips and salsa.

  • Ground Beef Quesadillas (Php 129)

quesadilla mexicali

Mexico’s version of grilled cheese sandwich.  Their ground beef quesadillas is filled with shredded cheese and ground beef grilled on a flat iron griddle until the cheese melts.  Tortillas were toasted well before it was served.

  • Taco & Chili Cup Combo (Php 199)

combo 1 mexicali

I was pretty hungry and I wanted a complete meal so I ordered their combo meal 1.  It has tacos, chili con carne and mexican rice.  I requested for tortilla chips instead of rice, they obliged with my request which I appreciated.  Their combo meals came with iced tea too.

I loved the chili con carne!  I was dipping the tortilla chips with it and it tasted heavenly!  Not so spicy as I expected but it’s pretty cool.  I actually forgot about the salsa dipping.  Their tacos are pretty great too!

  • Regular Grilled Chicken Burrito (Php 145)

mexicali burrito

The burrito when opened doesn’t really looked presentable as the sauce messed it up hahaha!  But that doesn’t mean the taste was bad too (it turned out to be yummy!).  Their burritos is just soft flour tortillas filled with meat, beans, mexican rice, salsa, cheese and sour cream.

It’s actually Mexicali’s bestseller and main product.  It comes with 2 sizes and I find it really cute that they have a visual guide in the counter as to how big those are.  Can you eat the California size?  It looked sooo big!

mexicali burrito size

The meal was pretty good.  While I was blogging this, my mom was even commenting that the dishes looked delicious.  I told her we can try this out next time.  I already have the mexicali nachos in my mind while I was saying it hehehe 😛

Have you tried Mexicali?  Which dish was your favorite?

G/F JVR Bldg., 5782 Felipe St., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 895-1919

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2 observations on “Mexicali
  1. Andreija

    My husband and I totally love Mexicali! We even had a table named Mexicali during our wedding reception. The food is really delicious. The burrito however is not opened all the way through the foil precisely because it would spill. I don’t know if they have it in every branch, but the one in Megamall has instructions in the table on how to eat a burrito. Five stars for Mexicali!


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