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My mom and I was roaming around Trinoma Mall finding the best restaurant to eat at on Christmas Day.  The Rosario movie tickets we purchased wouldn’t start for another 2 whole hours and we had ample time to eat some yummy food.

After checking out almost all the restaurants in the mall, we decided to have our meal at Yakimix.  I tried it before with my best friend, Christina.  I knew my mom would love it too.  We were early so we had seats.  I think it was around 5:30pm when we entered.

We were greeted warmly by the staff.  The first of the staff greeted us and exclaimed, “irasshaimase”.  Then you’d hear the rest of the staff exclaiming the same thing!  Wahhh!  It was just funny coz we kept hearing the same greeting over and over as guests entered the restaurant.

I love the ambiance of Yakimix.  They have great lighting, comfortable chairs, huge place and awesome chandeliers.  It always amazes me whenever I enter restaurants and how they decide to decorate the place.  When it comes to dining out and choosing restaurants, there’s just so much to choose from that offering a great meal is not just the only component, but you must be able to offer an environment that is inviting to your customers as well.  Yakimix has a great conceptualized restaurant atmosphere.  From the refreshing and bright lighting, all the way to the glass dividers which were unique unto themselves, and the color scheme was simple but all worked well together.

I’m sure they’re used to having diners come in and stay for a while since they really do have a great variety of dishes.  We just had to stay as long as we could until we couldn’t stomach anymore food hehehe :p

yakimix ambiance

Yakimix basically offers buffet.  Buffet that includes ready to eat food and food that we can cook at the table.  The price is pretty reasonable considering the variety of foods that are available and also did I mention that it was a buffet!

These are the prices for your information:

  • Eat All You Can – Php 580
  • Eat All You Can during monday to friday lunchtime except holidays – Php 499
  • Eat All You Can for Children below 4 feet – Php 380
  • Left Over Price per person – Php 699

They also have drink all you can at Php 65.  You can choose between lemonade, iced tea, water & softdrinks.  You can also change your mind during the course of your meal and change your drink to another variant.  I stuck with my blue lemonade throughout our meal though.  My mom, on the other hand, just loves Coke light.

Here is what you can expect to see at Yakimix:

  • Maki and Sushi — soooooo many of them!

yakimix sushi

  • Cooked food replenished like almost every 5 minutes.  We were like people who haven’t eaten for 10 years hahaha!  The favorites among them are tempura shrimps and fried lechon pork.

ready to eat yakimix

  • Wide array of raw items for us to cook and season to our liking.  My favorite were the pork and intestines.  My mom got a lot of shrimp for us though.  She knows I just cannot get enough of freshly cooked shrimp!  And I just love that many of the uncooked foods were already marinaded and seasoned which definitely makes it even easier to get freshly cooked food that tastes so good.

yakimix ingredients

  • The Desserts section at Yakimix is most probably everyone’s favorite.  Aside from the cakes and other yummy desserts in the picture below.  They also have fruits and ice cream!  There were about 4 flavors of ice cream when we were there plus some toppings that we were able to choose from too!  They also have popsicles available.

yakimix desserts

My mom was busy cooking for us and  I can’t help but capture this moment.  I’m truly lucky to have a loving mom like her.  She spent Christmas with me!  Look at how focused she was cooking on the grill hahaha!  Sooooo cute!

mom at yakimix

It’s truly smokeless, we didn’t have to worry about the heat.  Oil was in the grill already so we didn’t need butter as well.

to cook at yakimix

The picture below is what I looked like as I was enjoying my food.  Anyone who knows me surely knows how much I love shrimps, and I could go on for hours just slowly enjoying biting into each piece.  However, we obviously couldn’t stay in the restaurant forever, and oh how I wish we also had a bottomless stomach sometimes.  Honestly, if you look at my place close enough, you would see that my plate was full of shrimp.  I can’t say this enough, but what a great way to have Christmas dinner especially for someone who loves seafood.

roch at yakimix

Yakimix Sushi, Smokeless Grill Restaurant
4th Level, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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28 observations on “Yakimix
  1. Daniel Escurel Occeño

    Hi Roch, I like the all-you-can-eat idea and cook it yourself at the table will be a novelty in the restaurant industry like adding your own suff to a hamburger. The fix-your-own hamburger did not work in places in the United States because people go to restaurants to be served or self-serve with already cooked food on a buffet style setting. It might be “fad” marketing, but I like the idea for like Mall food courts or tourist destinations with heavy foot traffic, but the on-the-go consumer might reject the idea after a couple of times late at the office that already complains how slow the drive-through of some fast food restaurants. Speed in the lunch time industry is also important, not just ambiance. I wish I could buy half the world to try ideas like that, however.

  2. Pattynessy

    we understand your predicaments but buffet in the philippines is not comfort food, but it is some sort of a luxury for us to indulge with our family and friends through eating for a long period of time

  3. elmer

    i’m not so sure if there really is Yakimix restaurant in TriNoma.. Kindly check it out, or you end up giving wrong infos..

  4. Ja-na

    yes there is. At the floor where the theaters are. It’s near a Sports Store (not sure of the Name).

  5. Mnl Phil

    Yakimix has been around for a while, in Morato and Mall of Asia, and most recently in Trinoma. I’m pretty sure their business model is relatively sound. Otherwise they wouldn’t be expanding.

  6. Shahooondog

    Yakimix throws away ALL the uneaten food at the end of the day. It has several branches. Imagine the amount of the food wasted EVERYDAY. Why can’t Yakimix give the uneaten food to the starving people in the city instead? If enough people complain, maybe we can get the restaurant owners to do something good.

  7. Robixs DLC

    name of the restaurant should be YUCKYMIX!!! As in literallly, mixes of
    yucky foods! Imagine all of the hot food items are loaded with MSG
    (monosodium glutamate) which is not good for the body. A food that is
    loaded or mixed up with MSG only shows that the restaurant could not
    make a delicious or good food without the aid of the notorious MSG!!!
    Even their lechon kawali is loaded with MSG!!! I
    just can’t imagine. Most of the people would be amazed and appreciative
    if a restaurant could cook a food that uses natural spices to let out
    the aroma and the best possible taste of the food. If you would notice
    their steamed siomai, you would also notice its greasiness because it is
    loaded with too much oil. Basically all their hot foods are loaded not
    only with MSG but with a lot of oil too. Too much fat and greasy!!! One
    thing more, they don’t wash their plates and even their eating utensils
    with the dishwash machine. It is only being washed manually by the
    dishwashers themselves. Imagine all the possible dirt and smudges that
    could leave your plate and since it is just being washed by tap water,
    would you think all the bacteria is already killed? Just asking. Because
    once a plate and the eating utensils are being passed in a dishwash
    machine, there’s a certain temperature which is being maintain to kill
    all these germs and microorganisms. So think again if you’ll gonna eat
    again with this restaurant. With all of their branches spread around the
    metro and soon to be built branches including the existing Hongkong
    Emperor and King One in Macapagal Boulevard, 101 Buffet in Mall of Asia
    and soon to be built City Buffet in Fairview Quezon City, you could just
    imagine that they practically do the same practices in all of these

  8. Robixs DLC

    the waiters and the other staffs serving the company. You could not
    blame them if some of this staffs are rude. You know why? They are being
    paid below the minimum rate which is around 320 pesos. Imagine they’re
    working for 9 hrs a day and sometimes exceeding and of course no
    overtime pay for that and yet it is broken time. And yet on top of this
    salaries they are still being charged 120 pesos
    (mandatory!) for their 2 meals a day with the viands being served as
    sardines (Imagine for 60 pesos!!!??? in one meal?), sinigang na tinik ng
    salmon with only a few meat of the salmon in its bones, beef trimmings
    (pinagtabasan ng meat g baka!), buto-buto ng baboy na nilaga or
    sinigang, chicken trimmings (which is almost buto and walang laman or
    meat na yung chicken!) or minsang 1 pc.fried tilapia or 1 pc. fried
    chicken. They have no benefits at all and under agencies. These are
    horrible acts of slavery!!! They should be checked out by DOLE and the
    concerned government agencies. You should help in posting it in your blog and desseminate this relevant information to the concerned agencies. Thank you, God Bless and more power.

  9. Lyaimeh21

    that’s right. there really is a yakimix in trinoma. FYI there are a lot of people eating in Yakimix Trinoma. I love Yakimix 🙂


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