Buying deals from group buying sites became my habit nowadays.  I got one of the best deals by purchasing the discounted promo of Borough.  I’m glad I did because I liked every single dish served to us.

We drove to Podium mall yesterday to dine at Borough.  They say that if you wanted to get a feel of New York, you will be able to find it in Borough.  I was curious to find out.  Of course, I wanted to try out what comfort food in New York tasted like.  I was a bit worried as we didn’t get any reservation but was relieved that there were still empty tables.

borough ambiance

The ambiance of Borough made me feel that a lot of people hang out at the place.  I saw several barkadas enjoying their meal.  I also saw some businessmen talking about work stuff.  There were couples too!  My mom and I went to Borough for dinner but I noticed that a lot of people go there for late-night drinks.

I appreciate the service too.  It wasn’t too hard calling their attention if I wanted more water or needed anything.  I was however a bit sad that they took our fries away without asking my permission :'(  When I asked for it, they didn’t give it back as they’ve thrown it away.  We were done with our meal but I wasn’t done yet with the fries.  I loved it and would want to finish it :'(

We got the best-sellers in Borough.  1 appetizer, 1 main meal & 1 dessert.  Let me share with you what they are:

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings (Php 300)

buffalo wings borough

Definitely the best buffalo wings I have eaten in the Metro.  The flavoring was absolutely perfect!  It was a bit spicy though so for those who isn’t fond of spicy food, you have to watch out for that.  On the other hand, my mom loved the blue cheese dip.  It was a great start for a great meal!

  • All-Beef Cheeseburger (Php 360)

all beef cheeseburger borough

I love the presentation of this dish.  The burger was put in a chopboard with a map-designed placemat on top.  You have the burger bun opened up showing the awesome burger with melted cheddar cheese & onions on top.  On the other side, there was the lettuce with some tomatoes.  I especially love that they put the fries on a brown bag (pretty good thinking out there).

The presentation just wasn’t the only thing that we admired with Borough’s all-beef cheeseburger.  The bun was so warm and I actually told my mom I can eat the bun without anything on it.  The beef was very nice too but I felt it was a bit dry in the middle.  I do know why though coz I requested it to be cooked well-done.  I should have asked for medium-well but still good.  The fries was delightful!  It was crispy and didn’t sog at all.  This dish was a winner!

  • Mom’s Milk & Cookies (Php 190)

moms milk & cookies borough

One of the most unique desserts I have taken.  Mom’s Milk & Cookies has 3 different freshly baked cookies namely: chocolate chip, spiced ginger & peanut cookies.  They were really freshly baked, still hot when served to us.  We were asked to dip the cookies in the milk which was a special blend by the Chef.  I tasted the milk without the cookies and it was yummy!  Then I found out that it was a combination of milk and vanilla ice cream!  Wow!  Out of all the cookies, I enjoyed the spiced ginger the most.  When I visit Borough next time, I will request to have all spiced ginger cookies than assorted ones hehehe 😛

My mom and I enjoyed our food tripping last night.  I told my mom we will eat out every week in a different restaurant.  We’ll try out food places we haven’t been.  Borough was our 1st stop and we weren’t disappointed.

mom and roch at borough

G/F The Podium Mall, 12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 570-8906

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7 observations on “Borough
  1. John Ray Cabrera

    tried here, convenient because they’re 24×7. my only griope though is that one can’t order dinner menu in the morning. they only serve breakfast during breakfast and that’s paltry.


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