Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice

Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice

While I was driving along Tomas Morato last week, I saw a very bright spot somewhere.  I was too curious to find out that I turned to the street where it was situated.  Then I found out, there’s a new milk tea place yet again.  This time though, the ambiance and the bright lights amazed me.

Christina & I ended up having drinks there after our dinner.  Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice is one of the many bubble tea places in the Metro.  I can’t believe that new brands just kept popping out hahaha!

What I love with Cobo is the ambiance.  The place is really big and the colors blend very well too!  It’s so soothing to the eyes that you wouldn’t mind hanging out there for a long time.

cobo bubble tea ambiance

  • Cobo Milk Tea (Php 90)

cobo milk tea

I asked for a recommendation and the cashier had only one drink to say, Cobo Milk Tea.  I ordered the cold one with pearls while Christina opted for the hot one.  Even though they don’t have hot Cobo milk tea in their menu, they obliged with my friend’s request.  Very cool.

cobo iced milk tea

I must say that Cobo’s milk tea is pretty much the same as what other bubble tea stations offer.  They let us choose the level of sweetness, either low, medium or high.  As I’m trying to monitor my weight, I’ve opted for low.  I still liked the drink even without its usual sweetness.  For a 16 oz, I believe the price is reasonable.

  • Snow Ice (Php 85)

cobo snow ice

Cobo Snow Ice really caught my eye.  Though I was a bit full, I opted to order one just to try it.  It’s basically flavored shaved ice.  There were a lot of flavors to choose from: original, chocolate, coffee, green tea, honeydew, mango, peanut, sesame & strawberry.  Honeydew was our choice for the night.  It was okay.  Eating it was a bit refreshing too!  Having those cute ‘lil pop pearls made it interesting and enjoyable to eat.

cobo snow ice toppings

I called it pop pearls but Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice actually called it Popping Boba.  Every order of Cobo Snow Ice gives us one free popping boba of choice.  We can also order additional for only Php 15.  I was in awe just looking at them.  They have mango, strawberry, orange, passionfruit, plum & yogurt flavors.  Their strawberry was the best, thus my choice.  The popping boba are pearls but inside it is fruit juice.  So better choose the one of your liking 🙂

  • Cobo Taiwanese Chicken (Php 60)

cobo bubble tea chicken

It’s quite unique that Cobo gave a twist to the usual Taiwanese chicken.  Their Cobo Taiwanese Chicken has 3 variants: pepper salt, mexican and green tea.  They recommended mexican but I still ordered pepper salt.  I’m quite disappointed with their chicken though.  It’s not as tender as I expected it to be.

I’m happy we tried out Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice.  Now, we have more hangout places to choose from after a heavy meal.  I honestly am so tired of coffee shops.  I’m a tea person and I would choose tea over coffee anytime.

roch and chris at cobo bubble tea

Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice
#96 Scout Gandia Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 736-5621

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5 observations on “Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice
  1. Mimi Ganuelas

    I must agree that the chicken is not very tender but the mexican flavor is amazing! next time you visit you should try the mexican flavor 🙂 And the lychee red tea bursting bubble thing…. I forgot the whole name but it had red tea and lychee and bursting bubbles or the popping boba (i think they changed the name already), that’s my favorite drink. I was disappointed with the Cobo Milk Tea… it was blander than other milk teas, but their wintermelon milk tea, red tea lychee are my favorite 🙂


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