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I just got my camera and I was oh so excited to use it.  But before we can go to our Binondo street photowalk, we have to satisfy our appetite first.  There was only one place in our minds and that was Estero Fast Food.

Located beside the ongpin bridge, Estero is definitely a place everyone would love to eat at.  With such yummy yet cheap food, who would not want to?  I remember having eaten at Estero a few times but this was the 1st time I actually took pictures.  So let me share with you our experience 🙂

Ambiance is not really A-grade but I do think that all their food is clean.  People from all walks of life do actually eat there as it’s affordable.  For the ones who are not used to dining at eateries then Estero has another option.  They have a 2nd floor air-conditioned room.  That was where we ate, we were 10 so we really needed the space.

estero ambiance

We did order a lot!  But guess what?  We finished all dishes!  Talk about being hungry 😛

  • Fried Chicken (Php 200)

Estero Fried Chicken

Very sinful but truly delicious.  I like chicken skin a lot and wouldn’t mind eating chicken with mostly skin in it.  I actually appreciate it better.  This particular dish from Estero cooked this dish quite well by cutting the chicken into smaller parts and putting more spices & flour.  Healthy buff won’t appreciate the dish but I always go for tasty food!  This was a winner to me.

  • Beef with Broccoli (Php 180)

estero beef with broccoli

sorry for the blurry pic.  I was really in a hurry because all 10 of us were starving.  I took the picture not realizing that it was not good hehehe.  Anyway, I like the generous serving of the dish.  And I also like that the beef and broccoli were swimming in the sauce.  I always like it that way.

  • Frog Legs (Php 220)

estero frog legs

It has been a long time since I’ve eaten frog legs.  My friends ordered this first and I’m glad they did.  It tasted like fried chicken but it was like eating a snack.  There was one restaurant branding their chicken as “sarap to the bone (delicious to the last bone)”.  For me, Estero’s frog legs suited it more: Sarap to the bone.  Yum yum!

  • Garlic Rice (Php 140)

Estero Garlic Rice

Would you believe we actually ordered 4 of large servings of rice?  My gosh!  I only took like 2-3 spoonfuls as I’m trying to watch my diet.

  • Chopsuey (Php 180)

estero chopsuey

The world’s favorite Chinese vegetable!  I also liked this dish.  They just need to remove the liver hahaha!  I do not know why but I really hate the taste of liver.  Nevertheless, still yummy!  Just like the beef broccoli, this dish also had so much sauce which I really appreciate!

  • Steamed Lapu Lapu (Php 200)

estero steamed lapu lapu

The cheapest steamed lapu lapu I have eaten ever.  They cooked it like a pro, no joke.  It was just the same as the high-end Chinese restaurants but with a big difference in price.  When you visit Estero, do not forget to order their steamed lapu lapu.  The fish wasn’t that big but it was definitely meaty and the sauce was just delightful!

I really wish I go to Binondo often but I don’t.  I hate that there’s always traffic.  I also dislike not having parking spaces there.  I do enjoy joining any Binondo food tour that my friends organize though.  Manila is truly the best place to go for good food.  Estero definitely, is part of the top 5 best dining places. 🙂

Estero Fast Food
847-G Ongpin Gandara St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines
(02) 734-3279

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4 observations on “Estero Fast Food
  1. John So

    Yum Yum! I always go there on Sundays with my family. There’s a rumor that they have another branch near Santa Cruz Church. Check this out! Golden City Hotel Manila . They have the same food!!  Anyway, I’ll go there next Sunday. Hahaha


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