Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

We are running out of choices for places to eat out near our office.  So I’m glad that DBP turned G/F of their building into a small commercial area where some food establishments are open to serve customers like us.  One of them is Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria.

This wasn’t my 1st time to dine at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria.  However, I wasn’t able to take pictures during my 1st visit.  Luckily, when our colleagues decided to eat out at the restaurant last friday, I brought my camera.

I really love the ambiance of Joey Pepperoni.  Actually, I felt we’re not paying for the ambiance as the prices of the food are so affordable!  Imagine Php99 meals in this wonderfully designed restaurant??  You have to go early on fridays though as it get filled up easily.

joey pepperoni ambiance

I ordered one of their rice dishes during my 1st visit and I liked what I ordered.  This time around, we ordered what we are supposed to order in Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, their pasta and pizza (that’s what they are known for, right?).

Here are the food we ordered:

  • Mozzarella Sticks (Php 190)

mozzarella sticks joey pepperoni

I love Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria’s mozzarella sticks!  Whether we dip them with pomodoro or not, they were still yummy.  Every bite has that perfect amount of cheese w/ the right texture for consumption.

  • Chicken Parmigiana (Php 228)

chicken pasta joey pepperoni

Pasta with pomodoro sauce with chicken thigh fillet.  I especially love how tender the chicken was and to top it off, they put melted mozzarella cheese.  A great pasta offering from Joey Pepperoni, totally enjoyed this dish.

  • Pesto (Php 145)

green pasta pepperoni pizza

A very simple pasta dish best suited for veggie foodies.  A traditional pesto sauce with beans & potatoes.  I liked the chicken parmigiana better than this.  It wasn’t as tasty as I expected it to be.

  • Iced Tea (Php 50)

iced tea joey pepperoni

Bottomless Iced tea.  The brand though is Sunkist.  I also appreciate that the servers were ready to refill our drinks without us calling them for it.

  • Sunkist Orange Juice Drink (Php 40)

sunkist orange joey pepperoni

heart shaped joey pepperoni

It’s the season of love and Joey Pepperoni has an ongoing promo that whenever we order their Sunkist orange juice drink, we’ll get a free heart-shaped pizza.  It was just Php40 and we didn’t hesitate to avail of the promo.  The pizza was very cute, perfectly shaped into heart.  We wonder how they did it but it was definitely a nice sight to see.

  • Joey Pepperoni (Php 325)

joey pepperoni pizza

I expected Joey Pepperoni Pizza to be the best menu dish that Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria has.  Why?  Since the restaurant is named after it.  Boy, I was very disappointed when I tasted it.  It had some weird taste to it.  I don’t understand it, maybe the cheese?  There was a bitter taste that didn’t sit well with me.  I asked my colleagues but they didn’t feel it.  Maybe, it was just me.

  • Quattro Formaggi (Php 335)

four cheese joey pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni’s version of four-cheese pizza.  This pizza has mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan & white cheese.  I did taste the same bitterness with this pizza.  I didn’t like this too.  I was only able to eat like half a slice of this.

Sad to say, I didn’t like Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria’s pizza offerings.  I, however, liked their rice dishes & pastas.  I also appreciate the very affordable prices of their dishes plus the awesome ambiance of the place.  Will I be back?  Maybe.

colleagues at joey pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria
Ground Floor DBP BLDG. Makati Ave. cor Gil Puyat Makati City, Philippines
(02) 519-5638

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7 observations on “Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria
  1. skysenshi

    I super love this place, kasi there’s one near me sa Pioneer and eating here guarantees value for your money. I also saw the chef himself once.

  2. Mesmerizingstarlight

    I’m also not impressed with their Pepperoni Pizza. I love with pizza, my family makes pizza too though in very amateur way, nonetheless I am too specific with the taste. I like their new dough but there is still missing with the pizza. I thought it is blunt despite of the cheese it has..but I love their other foods


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