King Chef

King Chef

I heard of King Chef for a long time already but I haven’t had the chance to visit there.  I was informed before through a comment on one of my previous blog posts that King Chef is good for big crowds.  Since I usually just dine out with my mom, I didn’t dare visit King Chef.

Last friday, a friend (who is actually one of the owners of King Chef), invited me for a late night dinner.  When we entered the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised that there are also tables good for small groups.  I was amazed at how big King Chef is.  Imagine they have 3 establishments in the same area?  They kept expanding and expanding in order to accomodate all the guests who wanted to dine at King Chef.  Talk about being successful.

I noticed the couches too in King Chef w/c reminded me of Cantonese Soup Kitchen.  Guess what?  Same owners hahaha!  No wonder even King Chef’s menu have the same items as Cantonese Soup Kitchen.

king chef seats

Now, the other Chinese restaurants have some serious competition.  King Chef is becoming more popular with their dimsum at an awesome affordable price.  The servers actually thought we were there for the dimsum, we did inform them though that we’d have dinner instead.  I’ll definitely go back to King Chef for their dimsum next time 😉

king chef dimsum

We ordered the ff.:

  • Seafood with Spinach Soup (Php 220)

spinach soup king chef

King Chef has 3 sizes for most dishes.  We ordered their small size w/c is good for 3-4 people.  We were able to finish the seafood w/ spinach soup all by ourselves.  I really love the soup offerings of the franchise (King Chef & Cantonese Soup Kitchen).  It’s their specialty.  The soup have the exact amount of ingredients and spices that would make us feel soothed and satisfied when we sample them.

  • Scallop Fried Rice (Php 350)

scallop fried rice king chef

Scallop fried rice was suggested by the manager of King Chef.  As I love scallops a lot, I decided to order it.  When our order came, I was looking for the scallops for quite a few seconds.  Then I realized that the dark strands in the rice were actually scallops.  They were shredded and cooked with the rest of the ingredients.  I loved how tasty the fried rice is.  I super appreciate fried rice that we can get away without any main dish.  This is definitely one of those but I find it too expensive though.

  • BBQ Pork Asado (Php 270)

asado king chef

I’m seriously disappointed with this dish.  It was dry and the meat was a bit tough.  I barely touched the dish.

  • Fried Frog Legs w/ Salt & Pepper (Php 320)

frog legs king chef

the picture might not give the dish justice but believe me, it was so delicious!  I enjoyed each bite of the frog legs.  Dipping them in vinegar was heavenly.  One of the better frog legs I’ve eaten so far.  Yummmmmy!

  • Mango Pudding (Php 70)

mango jelly king chef

I wasn’t able to sample this dish when I attended the blogger’s event at Cantonese Soup kitchen back then.  Last friday, I made sure that I wouldn’t miss the chance to finally try it.  It was basically a combination of mango & almond pudding with mango bits on top then served with evaporated milk.  It was a pretty decent dessert.

  • Mango Sago (Php 60)

mango sago king chef

Nothing special but still okay.

  • Cold Fruit Punch (Php 195)

fruit punch king chef

King Chef’s Fruit Punch was too sweet for my taste.  I was actually requesting for additional ice every single time hahaha!  I might just stick with their other drink offerings next time 😛

I believe King Chef is trying to bring in the bigger Chinese restaurant-type into Banawe, Q.C.  The concept is really good as we need to have places like this in our area.  I won’t be surprised if I get invited to a birthday party or wedding reception in King Chef.  It won’t be for long.  Their latest expansion will be opening very soon.

King Chef
989 Banawe St., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 410-4919

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One observation on “King Chef
  1. Alex_tan0074

    I would agree king chef really serves good food. Comparable to restaurants in HK or taiwan. No wonder lots of foreigners would brave the traffic to dine there. Their menu choices are also different from other chinese restaurants. Prices are a little above the average but well worth it. Sila din owners ng cantonese kitchen soup sa banawe.


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