New Hair, New Life

Some of you may know that I’m currently going through tough times.  As we all say, girls like to do a hair makeover whenever they want change in their lives.  Following that popular tradition, I decided to have my hair permed.

If you have been following HeaRty’s Haven for quite some time then you would know that my choice of salon will always be Tony & Jackey Salon.  This wasn’t my first time to avail of digiperm at Tony & Jackey Salon.  My hair was a bit shorter now since I got my haircut a lil over a year ago.  I’m sure this time, the effect would be different.

roch before perm at tony & jackey

As I entered the salon, I noticed that they changed their brand from Tony & Jackey Salon to Tony & Jackey Bangs.  I wonder why but I guess, they really just need this change.  You can now see some black colors in the area.  I must admit I like their old logo better.

I was delighted to find out that they have an ongoing promo till March 31, 2011 wherein we can get digiperm for only Php1,500!  That was what I got.  I didn’t care much that they used Korean medicine or it didnt have treatment & haircut.  I just want my hair permed and I didn’t wanna spend too much.  To my surprise, they made me sign a waiver saying that using Korean medicine will make my hair dry & fizzy plus curls will not stay for a very long time.  It didn’t scare me though, I continued with it.

As usual, the process was basically the same.  Wash hair first then they asked if I wanted to have a haircut to suit the perm (additional Php500).  I agreed.  Much better to have it layered so curls would look better.

cutting hair at tony and jackey

Applying Korean medicine to my hair was next.  After, my hair was put in a dryer for several minutes.  Next part was the most exciting one, putting my hair to the perming machine.  Yes, it was definitely a scary scene.  Do you remember the Filipino movie Zuma?  I kinda looked like one with all those springs all over my head hahaha!


The whole process took about 4 hours.  It was definitely long but it was worth it.  I love my new look!  It signifies a lot too.  It gave me encouragement to start over.  Felt like I have a renewed life.  To top things off, I did it during Chinese New Year! :D

Roch digitally permed hair

Tony & Jackey Salon
C.T.T.M. Square, Tomas Morato cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City
(02) 407-6928


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29 observations on “New Hair, New Life
  1. mamay

    would really love to be digitally permed..from which branch does the promo applies? hoping for your reply..=)

  2. Eefrheel

    hi! is ur hair dry after? or does it look shiny at all? coz i wnet to SM cebu branch and they told that i got dry hair and the oe that suitsme is the 5k package. and it is so expensive!

  3. Roch

    it will depend on the kind of hair that you have. I suggest that you put some product in your hair after shower.

    Tony & Jackey will really try to convince you to get the more expensive one. You just have to stick with the one that you have.

    Basically, for their 1,500 promo (take note: it’s only till March 31):
    (1) 1,500 – digiperm/rebond only using Korean medicine
    (2) 3,000 – digiperm/rebond with treatment & haircut using Korean medicine
    (3) 5,000 – digiperm/rebond with treatment & haircut using L’Oreal products

    Take your pick. I went for the Php1,500

  4. Tinaleadora

    hello. my friend wants to try the digital perm of T & J but she has long and colored hair, is it okay to just stick with the 1500? Thanks. :)))

  5. Melgrace Abandula

    hi. you look nice. can i just ask how long your hair was before you had it digi-permed? im thinking of getting my hair permed too. thanks!

  6. Mjtigas

    Hi Ate. Just wanna ask kung medium curls yung sayo? And kung ano mas maganda, medium or big curls? Thanks! 🙂

  7. Catziewatzie

    hi..like your curls..is it still nice now, after almost 6 mos? am thinking of trying the procedure also at a nearby sm branch of tony & jackey..called to inquire( i want to get aqua setting digiperm) but of course, as expected, they want me to try the l’oreal setting (as it is more expensive) because i told them i had my hair colored last year. anyways, thanks in advance for the additional input!

  8. mcdor

    HI. are the curls still intact till now? Thinking of availing the promo since i saw they extended it till october.=)))

  9. jonessa

    there’s one near rob-manila..it’s in Bellagio Square..at the street in front of Midtown entrance =)


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