TV5 News Team Launches 360-Degree Multimedia Platforms

I was invited by TV5’s Social Media Head, Carlo Ople, to attend yesterday’s launch of News5’s latest offerings.  We started off at a restaurant wherein we asked 2 top TV5 executives, Ray C. Espinosa (President and CEO) & Roberto V. Barreiro (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer) about the much-awaited change that will happen with TV5’s news reporting.

TV5 News Presscon

Basically, there are 3 major things that would change the way we see journalism.  TV5 news arm, News5, is really going all out.  Innovating & changing the way they deliver news.  I did ask some questions to both but I’ve gotten to know better at the Launch Party during dinner time.

  • 92.3 NewsFM Radyo Singko

92.3 NewsFM Radyo TV5.jpg

Wow!  Never could I imagine that a news station will ever come on FM Radio.  News5 is doing just that by pioneering 92.3 NewsFM Radyo Singko.  They are hoping to reach a wider audience by bringing in news reports and talk shows on FM.  Making it more interactive as well by getting inputs from listeners.  Especially the ones who appreciate the change.

taxi drivers as part of 92.3 NewsFM Radyo.jpg

I also like that they enlisted the help of taxi drivers to be part of their team.  Helping provide up-to-date news to us while they’re on the road.  If you see 92.3 NewsFM stickers on the taxi you’re riding on, you’d know they’re part of 92.3 NewsFM Radyo Singko team.

  • Interaksyon Website

Interaksyon website TV5 News

Another addition is an all new website called Interaksyon where we’ll get updated with the latest happening in the country.  Whether we’re in the country or abroad, we can be sure that we get the news and reports that we need.

interactive website TV5 news interaksyon

One important aspect is that Interaksyon has tied up with 2 organizations that would be very essential for us.  Organizations such as MMDA for synchronized traffic updates and Metra for weathercast.  I myself is excited to see the all new Interaksyon.  If delivered as promised, it’ll surely be a part of my everyday life.

  • AksyonTV UHF Channel 41

Aksyon TV Channel 41 TV5

A 1st in the Philippines, finally a 24/7 news and sports channel for FREE!  AksyonTV is News5’s non-stop news and sports channel without the need of a cable subscription.  It can be seen starting February 21, 2011 on Channel 41 (Channel 29 in Davao & Cebu).

AksyonTV basically delivers the latest national & international news continuously.  This also include sports news.  Most of the shows will be in Filipino & Taglish.

Roch with Martin Andanar TV5

Martin Andanar will be the main face for news & sports.  He will be joined by a team of news anchors, reporters & correspondents who has first-hand access to news that will benefit viewers like you and me.  News anchors such as Cheryl Cosim, Paolo Bediones and the Tulfo brothers.  I had the privilege to meet them last night.  I was star-strucked 😛

AksyonTV will also have talk shows.  Guess what?  Popular personalities like Dick Gordon, Carlos Celdran, Dong Puno & Teddyboy Locsin will headline it.  Wow!  I’m especially excited with Gordon’s show called “Duelo”.  I’ll tune in on February 21 for sure.  I’m glad we have more channels now for non-stop news 🙂

Aside from the awesome way News5 presented their innovations & new channels, there was one thing that really stuck in my mind.  (See below video for a glimpse of the launch).

News5 is taking that extra step.  Doing their best to provide more than what is expected of them.  They trained reporters to be able to provide first aid.  See, they are always on the field.  And situation calls for it when help is needed.  News5 team is more than ready to help aside from being able to give us most-updated news 24/7.

first aid TV5 News Team

Truly admirable & exciting.  Something to look forward to, definitely.

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2 observations on “TV5 News Team Launches 360-Degree Multimedia Platforms
  1. Luigene Yanoria

    Great stuff! We promise to deliver and hope our new multi-media platforms will, indeed, be part of your everyday life. Till then, Rochelle!



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