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Ba Noi's

My addiction with group buying sites have lots of pros and cons.  Discovering cool restaurants is definitely 1 of the advantages.  I discovered Ba Noi’s through a promo by Plejee.  They offered a whole set of dishes for almost 50% off.  I bought it without knowing what to expect, I took that risk.

We had a hard time finding for parking.  However, we were lucky enough that during our 2nd attempt, there was one vehicle right in front of Ba Noi’s which was leaving.  We walked to Ba Noi’s & was delighted to see even just the front of the restaurant showing some traits of Vietnam.

The ambiance was nice and you could feel that you’re dining at a Vietnamese restaurant.  I hope though that more people will discover Ba Noi’s as it would be such a waste if you haven’t dined in there.  I can say that Ba Noi’s is one of the hidden restaurants in the Metro.  If they open other branches (e.g., in the malls), I’m sure they’ll be successful.

ba noi's ambiance

It’s also interesting that Ba Noi’s was one of the nominated restaurants in the best specialty cuisine in the Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant’s awards.  I saw the certificate in the entrance.  They must be proud 🙂

Ba Noi’s was ready for us as I called for reservation and informed them I had the Plejee coupon.  After a few minutes, they served our food.  I was only able to check out the menu for their other offerings after our meal.

Here are the food that we consumed & finished:

  • Fresh Sugarcane Juice (Php 90)

sugarcane juice ba noi's

I saw that they have their own sugarcane machine.  I did see that they have prepared beforehand and put into bottles.  They pour to the glass from the bottle whenever they receive orders.  I think this is efficient.

I also appreciate that I don’t need to go to Manila just to get my own dose of Sugarcane Juice.  Ba Noi’s was as good as theirs.  Yipee!

  • Shrimp & Pomelo Salad (Php 175)

pomelo salad ba noi's

Ba Noi’s Shrimp & Pomelo Salad is one unique dish.  I was actually wondering why there were kropecks with it.  Apparently, you put the kropeck into the lettuce then put shrimps & pomelo on top of the kropeck.  Lastly, you pour the sauce over and you get one awesome bite of delicious salad.

  • Fried Spring Rolls (Php 160)

fried spring rolls ba noi's

This may be the best fried spring rolls I have ever tasted so far!  I wonder what they put inside but it was oh so yummy!  My mom said it was probably a combination of meat and veggies which I also believe so.  To eat Ba Noi’s version, you have to wrap the spring rolls into the lettuce, dip in the sauce then take a bite.  I remember my mom eating so many of it haha!  She surely enjoyed the fried spring rolls.

  • Beef Noodle Soup (Php 225)

beef noodles ba noi's

I can’t believe that I liked each and every dish served to us by Ba Noi’s.  Their beef noodle soup was also a winner.  I’m not really fond of noodles but I was able to finish the beef noodle soup.  It has tons of flavor.  Since we got the dish from a promo, the servings weren’t too big w/c was just right for me.  I didn’t put the lime, bean sprouts & sauce.  I ate it as is.  My mom, however, did put the lime, bean sprouts, chili and the black sauce (my mom called it soy sauce paste) to her noodles.  She liked it and was raving about it while we were eating.  There was also chili paste if you like spicy food.

  • Bo Luc Lac (Php 310) & Steamed Rice (Php 30)

beef rice ba noi's

Bo Luc Lac is stir-fried honey spiced beef with fried basil.  I loved how tender the beef was.  Usually when we eat fried beef, they are usually hard to chew.  With Ba Noi’s Bo Luc Lac, it wasn’t the case.  The beef was so enjoyable to eat especially if you dip it with the sauce.  Basically for the sauce, you just squeeze the lime into the salt-pepper mixture.  Delicious!

My mom & I were so happy with the food.  They were so delicious that we both agreed to go back and try their other dishes.  The parking is the only thing that is setting me back.

When I checked the menu, I found out what the meaning of Ba Noi’s is.

  1. grandmother on the father’s side
  2. a culinary experience that brings together authentic & traditional processes, ingredients and recipes from Vietnamese cuisine

I’ve never been to Vietnam so I’m not in the position to judge its authenticity.  All I can say is that the food was definitely delicious.  I will recommend this to friends who are looking for Vietnamese restaurants here in Metro Manila.

Ba Noi’s – The Fresh Flavors of Vietnam
G/F Greenbelt Mansions, Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 893-7359

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2 observations on “Ba Noi’s The Fresh Flavors of Vietnam
  1. Edelweiss_19

    interesting restaurant! i’m not a big fan of vietnamese cuisine but you’re good experience with ba noi’s offerings has piqued my curiosity. 🙂


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