B*witchy Girls & Friends Give Back at My Father’s House

Whenever I go to an outreach that involves helping people especially kids, it makes my heart melt.  The last time I went to such activity was at Sitio Maislap.  We were there to help several families but it was the kids who really caught my attention.

Last saturday, I joined several colleagues to visit the kids at My Father’s House.

My Father’s House is a non-profit child-caring organization created by Benny Hinn Ministries.  They are there to serve abandoned, neglected & orphaned children providing them an environment where they learn to love and be loved.  They also teach the kids Godly values.

Here are their objectives based on the pamphlet I got:

  1. Introduce each child to Jesus Christ with the hope that they come to know Him as Lord & Savior of their lives through the promotion of discipline & obedience under God’s love and principle.
  2. Provide programs and services to develop self-sufficiency & independency.
  3. Place children in loving, stable Christian homes for their protection and security.
  4. Implement holistic programs that will empower children & youth.

I really feel sad that parents would abandon their kids.  I mean if they cannot support a child then they shouldn’t make one!  Makes me really angry just thinking about that.  I know how it feels to be abandoned so meeting the kids really is something and I empathize with them.

My colleagues organized this very well.  We had activities all planned out for that day.

First up was registration.  The kids get their name tags so everyone of us would recognize them by name & face.  Their age was also written there.

name plates mfh

The program then started.  The kids were so enthusiastic!  They love to sing and dance!  They’re soooooooooo cute!

kids dancing mfh

We then divided the kids by their age group.

They are truly talented.  See the cute artwork they’ve done?

kids art work mfh

They had skits too.  They created the costumes themselves!

kids skit mfh

Coloring session for the ‘lil ones.  Some of them even put feathers on the wings part, sooo awesome!

kids coloring mfh

The ates and kuyas acted out a story for the kids.

story telling mfh

I’m thankful that Julie tagged me along.  Kudos to the B*witchy Girls for organizing such activity and inviting us colleagues to be a part of a wonderful cause.  Keep doing what you’re doing girls 🙂

b*witchy girls with mfh

The kids were so loving and affectionate to all of us.  I’m not really the type who knows how to act around kids but they welcomed us with open arms.  I can feel that they definitely grew in a good environment.  This was definitely one of the memorable moments in my life.

Roch with the MFH kids

There are lots of ways to help the kids at My Father’s House.  You can be a life coach, a volunteer and a partner.  You can also make a donation or visit the kids like we did last weekend.  Just inquire at My Father’s house (their contact details are wirtten below).

My Father’s House
#135 Ramona Tirona Street corner T. Sison., BF East Phase VI, Las Pinas, 1751 Philippines
(02) 772-4844

P.S.  There’s a concert coming up for the benefit of the kids at My Father’s House.  It’s called Unity in Rhythm and it features Christian Bautista and Karylle.  It will be held at Insular Life Corporate Centre Auditorium, Filinvest City on March 29, 7:00 PM.  For tickets & inquiries, contact Kate at (0915) 804-8042.

Roch Signature

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4 observations on “B*witchy Girls & Friends Give Back at My Father’s House
  1. Sumandak Kinabalu

    I agree with you, if they don’t want kids, why bother to make them!
    Anyway, I am glad the kids get better protection from the peoples who are care. God bless them all…

    The issue about dumping baby is hot here. If they don’t want the baby why not just give them to peoples that care for the little one. Pregnant out of wedlock is another thing, and become a murderer of your own baby is another things. Means you double your sin here…I am not a saint and I don’t want to judge peoples but I am so heartbroken when I read newspaper in the morning and saw the highlight…another baby found dead inside the drain.

  2. rave

    hi would you happen to know if thatis still their current number? i tried calling it a couple of times but no one answers.


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