Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

Group Buying Sites

A lot of people have been asking me what group buying sites are.  I decided to just put up a list here in HeaRty’s Haven.  This can serve as a reference for all of us.  I myself have to clean up my bookmarks and create a folder just for this alone.  The group buying sites are increasing (really increasing in number).  It’s very hard to catch up.

My experience with group buying sites started when I saw one of my Facebook friends post a link about a discount in a restaurant.  Since I’m a self-professed foodie (hehe!), I immediately clicked on it.  I found out that I don’t need to buy those yearly discount cards (e.g., enjoyPH) and limit myself with discount coupons listed there.  I can just go through this group buying site and choose whatever I’m interested in and buy them.

But, hey, there are more group buying sites!  Wow!  Those sites just kept popping up.  I got overwhelmed a bit after buying too many vouchers.  I had to control myself or else, I would be spending too much money for stuff I don’t really need.

So, what are Group Buying Sites?

Group Buying Sites are websites that offer products & services at a significantly low price.  It can go from 30% discount to as much as 100% discount!  Yeah it happens!  There’s a catch though.  The deal will only be activated if there are minimum number of people buying the promo.

Group Buying Sites work with retailers promising them more customers/clients in exchange for discounts.

So, how does a Group Buying Site work?

  1. Log in to the group buying site (registration is free!).
  2. Browse through available promos/deals.
  3. Choose the one you like and confirm purchase by clicking on the “BUY” link.
  4. Pay through any of the options listed by the group buying site.  Most of them offer PayPal, bank deposits and credit card payments.
  5. Confirmation will be sent via email or the site itself.
  6. You can print voucher through the email they sent you or under your account page in the site.
  7. Bring the voucher with you when claiming with establishment.
  8. Enjoy your discount!

Now, the information a lot of people have been waiting for: the list of Group Buying Sites in the Philippines.  If I missed any group buying sites, do let me know by commenting here :)

Group Buying Sites with deals available in the Philippines (click image to go to their site):

A-Deals DealGrocer Groupon Philippines

I’m adding another list here.  This time it’s all about online shopping but most provide discounts.  I also moved most of the sites from the group buying list because they really do not function as a group buying site.

cash cash pinoy
DealAmigos Deals Di Ba
deal dozen Ensogo is now LivingSocial
metrodeal Okay Okay
Pinoy Great Deals SMAC Deals
tcat Taste Central

Updated: December 12, 2014

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  1. Milo

    Hi Rochelle,
    I am really happy knowing about your blog/website. I was just reading your blog about renewing drivers license coz I’m planning to renew mine when I get home. And then I read this, didn’t know about this great deals, only I know is the sulit.com.ph. :D Thank you! I can know plan better with my incoming vacation as to where I spent my holiday with such great deals in some of the sites like MetroDeal. Thank you! Keep it up!

    God bless you.


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