Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

Group Buying Sites

A lot of people have been asking me what group buying sites are.  I decided to just put up a list here in HeaRty’s Haven.  This can serve as a reference for all of us.  I myself have to clean up my bookmarks and create a folder just for this alone.  The group buying sites are increasing (really increasing in number).  It’s very hard to catch up.

My experience with group buying sites started when I saw one of my Facebook friends post a link about a discount in a restaurant.  Since I’m a self-professed foodie (hehe!), I immediately clicked on it.  I found out that I don’t need to buy those yearly discount cards (e.g., enjoyPH) and limit myself with discount coupons listed there.  I can just go through this group buying site and choose whatever I’m interested in and buy them.

But, hey, there are more group buying sites!  Wow!  Those sites just kept popping up.  I got overwhelmed a bit after buying too many vouchers.  I had to control myself or else, I would be spending too much money for stuff I don’t really need.

So, what are Group Buying Sites?

Group Buying Sites are websites that offer products & services at a significantly low price.  It can go from 30% discount to as much as 100% discount!  Yeah it happens!  There’s a catch though.  The deal will only be activated if there are minimum number of people buying the promo.

Group Buying Sites work with retailers promising them more customers/clients in exchange for discounts.

So, how does a Group Buying Site work?

  1. Log in to the group buying site (registration is free!).
  2. Browse through available promos/deals.
  3. Choose the one you like and confirm purchase by clicking on the “BUY” link.
  4. Pay through any of the options listed by the group buying site.  Most of them offer PayPal, bank deposits and credit card payments.
  5. Confirmation will be sent via email or the site itself.
  6. You can print voucher through the email they sent you or under your account page in the site.
  7. Bring the voucher with you when claiming with establishment.
  8. Enjoy your discount!

Now, the information a lot of people have been waiting for: the list of Group Buying & Shopping Sites in the Philippines.  If I missed any group buying sites, do let me know by commenting here 🙂

A-Deals Auto Deal
cash cash pinoy DealAmigos
DealGrocer Deals Di Ba
street deal Ensogo is now LivingSocial
Lazada metrodeal
Okay Okay Pinoy Great Deals
Sakto Deal SMAC Deals
supreme deals tcat

Updated: September 23, 2015

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108 observations on “Group Buying Sites in the Philippines
  1. Millet

    I really dont understand how it works…lets say for example they have a promo for thai cooking the value is 1999 then the cuopon price is 998 so u save 1001. but technically u didnt save anything…kse u bought the 998, then when u attend the class u only need to pay half of 1999 which is 999.50….so 998 plus 999.50 so total spending is 1997.50 so total saving would be 1.50…am i making sense?d ko kse ma gets kung asan yung na-save mo?hehehehhe….tnx!!!!

  2. Roch

    hahaaha! you know what? I’m seriously thinking about that deal… I might get it.

    Re: your question… you really do save 50% on that deal… when you purchase the deal from the group buying site, you don’t need to pay the cooking school anymore (kase you already paid na to the site).

    I think only eBay Kapunan has a different setup.

  3. Millet

    ah ok…so pag nag punta ka dun u just need to present the voucher and thats it?kung baga dun ka lng sa group site magbabayad and no need to pay again?ehhehe…sori mejo nalilito kse tlga ko….yah me too i wanna try it…heheh

  4. Edelweiss_19

    wow, ang dami nga! i like ensogo, too. i’ve bought some vouchers from them. the last one we used was the spiral buffet dinner with one glass of wine. memorable dinner and super sulit! i have never tried deal grocer yet but i remember this was the groupon site la cocina de tita moning (the resto where i work part-time) had a tie up with last year, christmas season. 🙂

  5. CleverBuy

    Hello Roch, Thank you for including us in your list though we are new in the business. Hopefully, you will try also of our deals. 🙂 It’s an honor to be a part of this page. Thank you!

    CleverBuy Team

  6. Mickey

    ingat din tayong mga consumers sa pagpurchase ng vouchers.siguraduhin naten na marami ng bumili ng promos ng bawat deal sites.

  7. Jollymaemarquez

    Wow thanks! soo dami na nga… legit naman lahat noh?

    thinking of keeping your site as my bookmark and remove the other bookmarks i had for the deals..

  8. Jollymaemarquez

    Wow thanks! soo dami na nga… legit naman lahat noh?

    thinking of keeping your site as my bookmark and remove the other bookmarks i had for the deals..

  9. Peter John Hain

    Hi, This blog is very informative specially this topic, it relates so much to what i do. Group buying is a fast growing trend sa Pinas… Keep it up! -Dealies Philippines 🙂

  10. PilipinasBestBuys

    Hi Roch. Thank you for adding us. We can send you a high-res logo if you want. We’ll definitely post as warm gratitude in our Facebook page. Thank you so much. Cheers from the PBB team.

  11. Jason McKenzie

    Hello Everyone..

    To celebrate the opening launch of “Catch the Deal”. We are giving away an Apple Ipad 2 and a trip for two to Boracay with accommodation included. All you have to do is “Like our Facebook Page” and “Register” on the website (www.catchthedeal.com.ph). Its that easy and its free…. Registration will be opening soon.

    Good Luck to Everyone.

    Thank you from the Catch the Deal team…

  12. Anonymous

    We have started aggregating deals from group buying websites in Philippines a couple days ago at http://dealshelve.com/philippines/
    This page http://dealshelve.com/philippines/sites/ gives a good stats of the sites with their FB likes and Alexa rank updated on hourly basis.

  13. Roch

    I agree… From my experience, there’s one in the list that does that.. so I won’t ever buy from them again 🙂

  14. Roch

    my only advice is to stay away from them… there are tons of group buying sites out there… more than 30 already as of the moment.. 🙂

  15. Jona Erasquin

    Below is my Email to Metrodeal.com about my experience with their FAN PAGE in Facebook: ———————————————————————————————————— Good day. This is to report my BAD EXPERIENCE with your Metrodeal Fan Page at Facebook. I was interested with your current promo, as seen below:  (its the 38% Off Palawan Dream Trip with Hotel, Island Hopping and Airfare at http://www.facebook.com/media/… So I posted a comment, if there’s a 1 month payment instead of 2days as I cannot pay the voucher within 2days. However, as I get back at the album, I tried searching if I was provided with an answer as I really wanted to buy the voucher. I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t provided with an answer, I was surprised that my comment has been removed! So I made a comment again, asking “BAKIT BINURA YUNG COMMENT KO?” After a while as I get back to the comment thread, my second comment has been deleted, again.I started to get pissed. That fact that I wasn’t provided with an answer then my comment has been removed, that’s not a good way of saying that he/she cannot answer my inquiry. Its ok sana if he/she didn’t do anything na lang, I wouldn’t mind. Its definitely a bad service especially for your potential customers. This happened not just to me, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that there questions are not answered, deleted and unaddressed. I made a comment again which is eventually deleted(I understand that he/she had to delete it, I just want him/her to get my message) this is what I said: “ok, its been twice you deleted my comments. did i mention anything bad/offensive?nag inquire lang ako about the promo ha? the fact that you weren’t able to answer my question and you deleted my comment, IS THAT HOW YOU TREAT CUSTOMERS??I’ve used metrodeal twice and I intend to buy this promo, but with what you did, I WILL DEFINITELY TELL MY FRIENDS NOT TO TRANSACT WITH METRODEAL AGAIN. One unhappy customer here, better start counting!”Those where deleted again,without getting any explanation why he/she did it. So I posted a comment again, saying: “and yes, you did it again. for the 3rd time you deleted my post which started from an inquiry.You’re right Ethel Yu, the admin of this page is rude.”“SO UNPROFESSIONAL. deleting a customer’s comment is not a good way of saying that you cannot answer his/her question. geez.”I was not the only one complaining here, there’s this Ethel Yu having the same experience as I was having. As expected, those comments were deleted as well as with Ethel. Afterwards I received a friend request from a Ruby Metrodeal and feedback from your page’s admin: “P.s. dear Jona, for travel specific inquiries, you may contact Ensemble E-Travel Philippines, who is running this promo, directly at their landline 546-9083 during their business hours (Mondays-Fridays 9am-6pm except holidays) ”“P.s. didn’t you receive our friend request from Ruby MetroDeal? ”  Does a customer has to prove that he/she is really pissed that it had to come up to this point that he/she have to say a lot of complaining before his/her concern be addressed?The admin doesn’t even know that I was asking about the payment, not a Travel inquiry! He/she said that they were deleting comments which were not related with the topic, can you say that mine’s not related? Yes my following comments are subjected for removal, I can understand, but with my first comment, do you think its rightful to be removed? Its like a customer’s phone call he/she just hang up. That’s very rude,an unacceptable customer service. So I made a comment again (my last comment,which is eventually deleted:)”HELLO METRODEAL. Im not sure if I have to thank you for getting back on me after DELETING MY COMMENTS which is DEFINITELY RELATED with this promo. i dont need to be friends with your Ruby Metrodeal, Ive already been PISSED with what you’ve done to me. and Oh yes, I expect that you will still delete this comment. Whoever you are handling this account for metrodeal, you should start attending seminars and trainings on HOW TO PROVIDE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will not be using Metrodeal again, I’ve already told my friends not to use it too, and I’ll be telling a lot of people about my experience with you.”I like metrodeal, I actually had a dispute last time with regard with the unavailability of my voucher for printing which is immediately addressed and solved by your representative named LARA.   I was happy with her service that’s why I decided to look for another promo. I didn’t expect your representative at Facebook will be this rude. WHOEVER may read this mail, please do IMMEDIATE and RIGHTFUL action to whoever is the admin of your Facebook Fan page. He/she should be given a reprimand and be replaced with someone who can provide exemplary customer service. If not, expect to receive more complain mails to come. FROM A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.Jona Erasquin——————————————————————————-Metrodeal offers a lot of good promos, I mean it, I check their promos daily. But with this, I’m not certain if I’ll be using their service again. SEE FOR YOURSELF!

  16. isachar

    hi, in my opinion your first comment is inappropriate thats why they deleted it. you should have e-mailed them so that the thing is just between you and their management. they just cant answer you publicly that you may or may not pay the deal in one month time. and may I add you should understand that paying within 2 days is part of their terms and conditions, which both you and their management have to oblige, unless you are using a credit card which will give you one month to pay the purchase. 

  17. badass_jerry


    I’ve experienced bad about cashcashpinoy, they are riping customers on their gadget deals like the skullcandy-uprock they had. They said that it was genuine and its worth 1600 50% off so 3200php is the original one, well guess what i’ve seen its exact value at skullcandy’s website @ $29.99 so that would be around 1,200 php when coverted. The Merchant gave us a skullcandy BUT NOT THE GENUINE ONE, its far different based on the actual pictures on Cashcashpinoy, asking my friend, he said it was an OEM version or more like a Class A. I wont be buying anymore in cashcashpinoy even though they have lots of good deals. Unhappy customer here, really pissed of, and really ripped alot. Stay away from Cashcashpinoy 

  18. Frenchy

    just wondering why you can’t share with us your bad experience with Ensogo since many people seem interested to know. i personally got deals with Ensogo a couple of times already and didn’t have problem with them so far. you cannot just advice people to stay away from dealing with a particular biz/company without supporting it with reasons/facts.

  19. Roch

    it’s a long story … I wasted about 3 different vouchers… (1) closed restaurant (2) fully booked during the whole duration of the promo (3) an extremely bad experience after I complained to Ensogo.  This is already related to the personalities behind Ensogo themselves.  I kept the text messages with me.  That’s about it.  I don’t want to make it a bigger issue by sharing every bit of information.

  20. A Conde

    I’ve been reading a lot of bad publicity about Ensogo. Maybe we should really stay away from the site. Today I just read this: http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/dealgrocer-cashcashpinoy-ensogo-metrodeal/

  21. GroupDeals

    Hi Everyone,

    Check out http://www.groupdeals.ph We are giving a way an iPad 2 and best of all you get P100 discount credit when you sign up.

    We let you earn as well, we are the only company that offers a Multi-Level Referral/Affiliate program. And members get to earn commission from buys generated from their Referral Network up to 3 referral levels.

    GroupDeals Team

  22. Coolglobaltrekker

    Tips for those purchasing vouchers locally in hotels and don’t go through a travel agency for booking. If you have a date in mind (say 2-4 months away), call or email the contact indicated in the info page of the deal BEFORE you buy the voucher. This way, you would know availability of the room. Once you find that your room is free on the date you want, buy the voucher and get back to the merchant right away with your voucher information to confirm the booking. It will save you both time and money. Another great practice is to purchase vouchers that have at least 8-12 months validity from the time you purchased so you have more flexibility. Dont buy travel vouchers for “what if” moments. Set a date, know where to go, then buy. Book early. Oh yes. Do your research too. 😉 

  23. sophia

    I accidentally came across this page, http://www.dealstent.com and I ended up availing their IPL Hair removal at D’Spa and skin center for only P350 (P2500 original value), Dermaroller for only P1800 (P5000 original value) and Whole Leg Peeling for only P400 (P2500 original value) !!! I’m really happy with the result and satisfied with the Derma treatment at D’Spa so I would Like to share it with all of you!
    Add nio din sila sa Twitter @dealstentph and Facebook at Dealstent Philippines!!

  24. Sunny Perky

    Wow, thanks sa list very helpful. Nag-try ako mag-search ng mga travel coupons or sa mga hotels merong bagong site I’m not sure if you’ve heard about Paynoy. http://www.paynoy.com
    Instant booking daw to e confirmed booking meaning pwede ka na agad mamili ng date once na nagtuloy yung deal. Try ko siguro this week.

  25. jaims_ak4

    Hi, I’m from cagayan de or city… could u guys pls help me find websites so that I could avail of very good deals in my city… I just heard of vouchers at tonights jessica sojo episode… eheheÖ thanx a lot

  26. Janeil

    Love the deals at bigdeals! service is good and BigDeals staffs are very accommodating to our needs. i highly recommend!

  27. Rdelcastillombm74

    Why is DealAmigos not included?  It’s a newly launched online group buying website.  Their Deal on La Carmela de Boracay is the lowest so far.  Just would like to inquire

  28. Larraine

    Hi Roch, thank you so much for including DealsTent in your list. 🙂 Hope you can try us also 🙂 Right now, we have free P100 credits deal that you can sue to buy any of our deals. Thanks. btw, I like reading your blog eversince 🙂 

  29. Finela

    i never thought there are lots of group uying sites here… i just knew few, ensogo and deal grocer.

  30. Milo

    Hi Rochelle,
    I am really happy knowing about your blog/website. I was just reading your blog about renewing drivers license coz I’m planning to renew mine when I get home. And then I read this, didn’t know about this great deals, only I know is the sulit.com.ph. 😀 Thank you! I can know plan better with my incoming vacation as to where I spent my holiday with such great deals in some of the sites like MetroDeal. Thank you! Keep it up!

    God bless you.

  31. Joyce Bacani

    Good day! I’d like to invite you to visit our new website, Vigattindeals.com, the hottest deals and promotion website in the Philippines. We offer huge discounts on of food, products, travel and services from our various partners throughout the country. Please try our offer; you will surely like them. Great deals within your reach at more than 50% off. Enjoy the best offers you never encountered before!

    Thank you and God bless!

  32. Sarah

    Hey Rochelle, I love these group buying sites & I love the concept in general. Been buying since few weeks and loving the savings already. Even used some as gifts since, I didn’t have time to go to an actual brick & mortar store. Hahaha!


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