La Mesa Ecopark

La Mesa Ecopark

Last sunday, my friends and I went to La Mesa Ecopark for a picnic together.  It was my first time to go to Ecopark but I’ve been hearing a lot about the place for quite some time.  All I knew was Ecopark is owned by the ABS-CBN Foundation and a lot of couples take their pre-nup pictures there.

We arrived a bit after lunch.  We needed to fall in line to pay and enter the picnic grounds.  Entrance fee is at Php 40 for Quezon City residents as long as you show your I.D., Php 50 for non-Quezon City residents, free for senior citizens who lives in Quezon City, students & other senior citizens have discounts too!  It’s pretty affordable.  Aside from being able to enjoy the facilities of the place, we are able to help rehabilitate & preserve La Mesa Watershed as proceeds go to that project 🙂

There were a lot of people that time.  All the cottages & tables were already taken so we decided to just find a spot in the grass for our picnic.  It was amazing to see a lot of people very ready.  They have tents, grill & even aprons with them hahaha!

ecopark tent

We, on the other hand, had 2 blankets laid on the ground.  Bea prepared spaghetti and egg sandwich for us while Jepoy brought his lola’s specialty, fried meatballs.  We also had drinks courtesy of siofao 😛  We enjoyed our food for an hour and had some chit-chat before we started roaming around the park.

ecopark picnic

We only had a few hours left to enjoy the place as when it gets dark, you won’t be able to see anything anymore.  La Mesa Ecopark is a big forest after all!

During our visit to La Mesa Ecopark, we saw several flowers.
It’s definitely a good place for photographers to practice their macro skills 🙂

ecopark orchid

ecopark flowers

We can choose to experience horse back riding for Php50.  Kids will love it for sure!

ecopark horse

I was truly ecstatic when I saw the Nikon Club banner hanging on one section of the La Mesa ecopark.  I immediately inquired and signed up!  Good thing they had an event that day.

ecopark nikon club

A lot more great views as we strolled along the park.

ecopark stairs

We then entered a trail and followed it.  All we’ve seen are trees, trees and trees.  We even stopped in the middle and sat for awhile as we got tired walking hahaha!

ecopark forest

We saw several couples having their prenup pictures taken.  Oh, love, love, love is always in the air at La Mesa Ecopark.

ecopark prenup

Guess what?  There were cosplayers too!  We asked if we could take some photos of them and they graciously agreed.  They were sooooo cute!

ecopark cosplayers

While we were sitting at the bench & admiring the environment, we saw a bee flying and it eventually landed on one of our bags.  I was trying so hard to get a good shot but this was the best that I got of it.  I guess I needed to buy a macro lens for shots like that 😛

ecopark insects

The sky looked soooo astounding at around 6-7pm.  I wish I had a tripod so I could take the picture clearer.  See the shake in the picture?  It wasn’t clear obviously.  I was trying so hard not to move while taking the picture.  Anyhow, you got my point.  The sky is definitely a nice thing to look at while the sun is setting down.

ecopark sky

There are a lot more things to do at Ecopark like the saltwater swimming pool, boating, fishing, museum & butterfly hatchery but due to time constraint, we were only able to visit the picnic grounds and the forest trail.  It was still well-worth it.  We had tons of fun!

Who wouldn’t enjoy such an outing when you were with a group of awesome friends?

ecopark stalkerbugs

La Mesa Ecopark
La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 430-4351

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11 observations on “La Mesa Ecopark
  1. Edelweiss_19

    i’ve been dying to got there for the longest time.hopefully we could visit this year na. 🙂

  2. Unseenbeautyofnature.com

    i have been there last week too. 🙂 and captured some unseen beauty behind the park.:)

  3. Yatutz25

    ate ask ko lang . how much kaya ang entrance ngayon jan, pati yung mga tubig, puno etc, wala bang restrictions na bawal kumuha or bawal pumasok (extra fee , for example) 


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