Sango! The Burger Master

Sango! the Burger Master

In my mind, Sango has the best rice burger in the Metro.

I had known that their only branch is at Pasong Tamo.  That’s why it has been a long time since I last visited the restaurant.  Recently, I was too delighted when I found out that they also have a branch inside Powerplant mall.  Location is more convenient to go to finally!

I brought my mom to Sango! last tuesday for lunch.  I was pretty sure that my mom would love it.  It took us some time to choose what to order.  I really admire how friendly the cashier & servers are.  The cashier smiled while she waited patiently for our orders.  She even suggested some items that we might like.

I also love the ambiance of Sango!  It was designed way differently from their 1st branch.  You can see that they are more commercialized.  The green and yellow colors really blended well giving it a welcoming vibe.

sango ambiance

There were available Japanese reading material all around the place too!

japanese books

Even though food are cooked fresh upon order, we didn’t wait for too long.  Our orders came one by one and I was excited to eat Sango food again.  It has been a long time after all!

  • Large Master Fries (Php 125)

sango master fries

My mom insisted ordering this.  I didn’t eat much as I’m not a fan of fries with too much stuff in it.  I’m a fan of plain ol’ deep-fried potatoes.  Sango’s master fries comes in 2 sizes: regular & large with only Php 20 difference.  Their fries has cheese, meat sauce & onions on the side.  It was pretty okay.  Not the type of dish that I would go back for though.

  • Large Yougurt Shake (Php 85)

yogurt shake sango

Plain ol’ yougurt shake that was sweet.

  • Large Iced Milk Tea (Php 50)

sango milk tea

I super love milk tea.  So when I saw this in Sango! menu, I immediately ordered it.  It tasted okay, not too sweet and not too milky.  There were too much ice though.  I felt like drinking water towards the end.

  • Unagi Rice Burger (Php 255)  & Yakiniku Rice Burger (Php 145)

sango burger presentation

Our main orders and definitely the star of our meals!  The burgers were sooooooooo good.  I really wished we can have them as eat-all-you-can.  Pictures doesn’t do justice to the burgers.  I already would like to apologize in advance.

Each burger was served with a white paper cover and put in a basket.  We can either eat it as a burger or with spoon & fork.  My mom and I both ate our orders as burgers.

sango unagi burger

My mom ordered Unagi Rice burger which is Sango’s Lenten offering.  It was a bit expensive though.  The unagi was big enough and I thought that it was reasonably priced.  Considering the big serving of unagi and the super yummy taste.  Come to think of it, it was like ordering unagi with plain rice on the side.  My mom loved it.  It actually took a short time for her to finish everything!  Good thing, she made me try before she finally finished it!

sango yakiniku burger

My order was Sango’s signature burger, Yakiniku rice burger.  I can’t even describe how delicious this was.  Sango! was really generous with the beef.  Every bite just gives me this super good feeling that we’re eating good food.  I miss it already.  Can someone give me a Yakiniku Rice burger please?

My mom and I enjoyed our dining experience at Sango! the Burger Master in Powerplant mall.  The food & ambiance, both are worth raving for.  We will surely be back.  I’ll order Yakiniku Rice Burger again.  I can’t get it out of my mind!  Wahhhhh!

sango roch and rita

Sango! The Burger Master
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Philippines
(02) 556-3182

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