Sanyo Xacti PD1 Gadget Review

I was lugging around Sanyo Xacti PD1 yesterday and I must say it’s quite useful.  With a size similar to a mobile phone, it’s definitely portable.  We can easily capture every detail of our most memorable events in full HD video and high-resolution photographs.

Sanyo Xacti PD1 is perfect for people who are on-the-go, ready to capture every single moment as the multi-featured ‘lil gadget is so easy to use.  Beginners will definitely love this!

Let me share several of the many reasons why Xacti PD1 is worth looking into:

  1. A dual camera that has a 10-megapixel digital still camera and full HD 1080 30p camcorder.  Amazing right?  With a dimension of only 63.1x22x110.8mm, we can have both high quality videos and photos.
  2. Sanyo Xacti PD1 is so easy to use!  Performing a function is as easy as pressing a button.  We don’t even need to read the manuals anymore.  Just press either the camera or video button to start capturing pictures or recording video.
  3. The Xacti PD1 features 3x optical zoom.  If we’re far away from the subject, we can use optical zoom to capture it better.  The good thing about optical zoom is that it preserves the quality of the image as you zoom in.  Also, when we record a very cute moment in video, we can zoom in between shots.  Just use our imagination and creativity and we can definitely produce a professional-looking video.
  4. Viewing photos and videos is as easy as A-B-C.  We just connect Xacti PD1 to any USB-compatible computer or any HDMI-compatible TV and we can show off our work.
  5. I would like to emphasize the integrated USB in Sanyo Xacti PD1.  No more cables to worry about.  We can attach the USB to a computer to either charge the camcorder or sync videos and photos.  A definite must-love feature of the gadget!
  6. Not having to download any PC software to transfer videos and photos from PD1 is great!  Once connected via USB, we can upload content to any location that we choose.  Another awesome feature is if we have an Eye-Fi SD card, we will be able to upload videos to YouTube easily on-the-go.

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Sanyo Xacti PD1 is available in red and black.  It is compatible with all available SDXC cards namely SD, SDXC, SDHC & Eye-Fi cards.  It has 2 microphones on each side to record on stereo.  It uses space-serving video format, MPEG4 and uses JPEG format for photos.  It has built-in flash.  It has digital image stabilizer for videos.  I can go on and on.

Admittedly, I ended up using the video more than the photo function.  I was out using Xacti PD1 the whole day.  I didn’t have to worry much about the battery as it provides energy up to 170 photos, 65 minutes videos or 240 minutes playback.  Plus, if you ended up forgetting your SD card, Sanyo Xacti PD1 has internal memory of 80MB.  We can’t go wrong with this dual camcorder.

We’ll be able to capture full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second and we get great sound performance with 2 microphones embedded in the gadget.  We can easily upload the finished product thus making it a great camcorder of choice.

Designed vertically, it wouldn’t matter whether we’re left-handed or right-handed.  With such ease of use, we can use it with just one hand.  I remember my friends wanting to check it out when they saw me using Sanyo Xacti PD1.

I believe it is a good dual camera for beginners.  As for photography enthusiasts like me, this will be a great backup.  But the full-HD function is totally awesome, I wouldn’t mind using Sanyo Xacti PD1 as my main video camcorder.

The article can also be found in Manila Bulletin’s February 28 issue. Also posted in MB’s website.

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