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I was trying to kill time yesterday as my car was number-coded.  5 hours of waiting time is too long that I decided to just watch a movie alone.  Honestly, all 5 movies that were showing in Shangrila Cineplex weren’t my type.  I had to choose the best among the 5 movies.  I’ve chosen Hall Pass.  I was glad I watched it.  Hall Pass was hilarious and I had a nice laugh.  I wasn’t even worrying that other people might think I’m crazy as I was alone then.

I entered the movie house not knowing what to expect with Hall Pass.  I just knew that it was a comedy based on the movie poster I’ve seen.  I never even thought that there’s such a thing as Hall Pass.

Hall Pass = A week off marriage, in which they can do anything & everything during the period.  No strings attached.

Is this even happening in real life?  I have no idea.  Maybe you can give me some perspective on this?

I loved how the movie was played out.  There were some cheap “Rated R” scenes but I believe it was really meant for laughs.  With the Farrelly brothers directing & producing the movie, it wasn’t a surprise (remember ‘Something About Mary’?).

Hall Pass showed the adventures of Rick (Owen Wilson) & Fred (Jason Sudeikis) during their 1-week off marriage.  It showed their day by day activities, 7 days in total.  They tried going to bars, drinking, being high, eating awful lots of food, golfing, flirting and a lot more.  It was really fun to watch.  I somehow think that guys do really think that way.  But will giving a Hall Pass to your partner work?  It depends.

Watch the movie to see if it did work out for Rick’s & Fred’s marriages.

Oh, before I forget, I found these pickup lines used in the movie hilarious!

  • Hi, my *toot* just passed away.  I was wondering if I can bury it inside you.
  • Poof!  I’m here.  So what are your other 2 wishes?
  • The necklace is very becoming on you, but then again if I were on you I’m sure I’ll be coming too!
  • So are you living from Ireland for a chance because when I look at you, my *toot* Dublin in size.

My Rating for Hall Pass: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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