High School Batch Reunion

Sakya Batch 94 Reunion

Never have I imagined that me and my high school batchmates will ever meet again.  It was just over a month ago when one of my HS classmates, Stanley, created a Facebook group for us.  We were from the Chinese school, Philippine Academy of Sakya, in Masangkay street and we all graduated on the year of 1994.

After 17 long years, through the newly created Facebook group, we were able to catch up with each other.  Through that same venue, we organized our high school reunion!  There are about 70+ people in our batch.  About 20 of us attended the reunion in Quezon City.  Michelle was kind enough to go through all the hassle to organize this much-needed gathering.

Honestly, I thought that we might be seeing some separation as there are several groups inside our batch.  That couldn’t be prevented as you really have selected close friends.  I remember that the 1st reunion attempt wasn’t enjoyable as there were no unity, you can see the separation of classmates via their cliques.  It felt like you were all in the same place but you weren’t really there for the batch reunion.

But the reunion last saturday was totally a different experience!  I don’t know how to describe it but it was FUN!!!!  No separation, no cliques, just pure catching up, genuine concern for fellow classmates, super reminiscing!  It was the best reunion ever and I cannot wait for this to happen again soon!

We started out having our dinner at King Chef.

king chef food

Boy, my classmates couldn’t stop gossiping and I was trying so hard to eavesdrop as I sat on the opposite side of the table.  I quickly finished my meal though the food was excellent!  I immediately sat where most of my classmates were so I can join in the discussion.

Our reunion started 7PM and we left the restaurant a ‘lil after midnight.  It was pure fun!  Thank you to my batchmates for a wonderful reunion and thank you for the memories.  I soooooo look forward for our next reunion and hopefully, more classmates can go! 🙂

sakya 94 group picture

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7 observations on “High School Batch Reunion
  1. Gems

    Great Blog! Thanks for writing this one up! Ano ba ang chismis? update mo kami d2 sa ibang bansa para masaya!

  2. Elizabethgaw

    Job Well Done!Thanks for coming on our mini reunion siobe,,,,so sad can’t stay long even though i was there but my spirit and mind was there for you to include in your gossips hehe….well anong chinika nio? ‘coz I just drop by there then jump into another event on my elementary 21yrs of friendship.Hope u can update some kahit hindi lahat so that at least I can feel my presence haha!Thanks!

  3. James

    whether you like it or not roch, it’s a sign of getting old. when you start to reach out to those people who don’t normally belong in your circle of friends, when you start to care about people who made you upset before, these are signs of maturity. i don’t know about you but i like that stage in my life.

  4. Stan_kingman

    wow may special mention. This will all be recorded for future reunions to talk about. Cherish the memories. Was fun and great.

  5. Jennifer tanhuy

    thank you to all of you sakya batch mates for letting me join your mini batch reunion. this was memorable 🙂 take care always roch and keep blogging coz you got talent … beauty and brains 🙂


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