Sentosa Singaporean Chinese Restaurant

I live nearby Tomas Morato area, that’s why I always go there to dine out or hang out with friends.  While I was driving through the street, the big bright sign of Sentosa Singaporean Chinese Restaurant caught my attention.  I said to myself that next time, I would try it.

When the opportunity came, I finally tried it.  I had too much writing duties that I failed to share my experience with you.  So right after my 2nd visit which was last week, I decided to combine both experiences in this post.  The food in Sentosa was just too good for me not to write a review about it.

The interiors are nice too!  I love the chandeliers which reminded me of several restaurants.  They somehow hired the same interior designer hahaha!  Anyway, I loved the atmosphere there and the place was pretty well-maintained too.  Servers were very friendly as well.

sentosa ambiance

I also found out that Sentosa Restaurant was brought here by the same group who owns Penang Hill, Flavors of China & Tempura.  I knew then why I enjoyed Sentosa’s food because Flavors of China was actually one of my favorite hangout place near our office.  It was just sad that they had to close it down.

Back to Sentosa Singaporean Chinese Restaurant, after we placed our orders, we were given sweet nuts to munch on while we wait.  I had to control myself a bit and not finish the whole bowl as sweet stuff isn’t really good for our teeth.  But what the heck, it tasted great especially with the sesame seeds in there too!

caramel nuts sentosa

As I said earlier, I’m combining my 2 visits in Sentosa right here in this post.  The ff. dishes were our orders:

  • Bandung Rose Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearl (Php 90)

rose drink sentosa

Milk tea are so popular nowadays that tea places are quickly matching up the number of coffee shops in the Metro.  I’ve been a tea person but it was my first time to try out a rose milk tea.  Gee, it was good!  If you go to Sentosa, make sure you try this Rose Milk Tea.  It wasn’t too sweet but tasted just right.  You can definitely taste the rose flavor in the drink.

  • Chrysanthemum Iced Tea (Php 85)

chrysanthemum sentosa

Finally, a restaurant that serves bottomless Chrysanthemum drink!  A few of you may know that my ultimate favorite drink is Chrysanthemum!  I always have to go to Binondo just to be able to buy the powdered version of it so I can have my own chrysanthemum juice at home.  I hope I’m right but I think Sentosa’s version was fresh!  You can even see the flowers in the glass.  I can’t even remember how many glasses of chrysanthemum I drank during those 2 visits I was in Sentosa Restaurant.

  • Roti Canai (Php 110)

roti sentosa

Aha!  Roti!  Always a favorite dish to chump on while waiting for the main dishes.  I knew that Roti originated from India.  It’s basically a flat bread served with curry sauce.  Always eat this dish while it’s hot.  We enjoyed this and actually ordered for a 2nd round.  Yum!

  • Tom Yum Goong (Php 240)

tom yum sentosa

I’ve always thought that Tom Yum Goong is a Thailand dish but seeing this in a Singaporean restaurant menu made me think that it’s actually an Asian Dish.  Tom Yum Goong, as I usually describe it, a shrimp hot & sour soup, is always at the top of my list for soups.  I love the spiciness of the soup and also the combination of different flavors.  To top it all off, shrimps as the main ingredient made me love it more (I love shrimps!).

  • Fried Radish Cake in XO Sauce (Php 95)

radish cake sentosa

Usually, radish cake is being served in BIG rectangular shape.  I was soooo glad that Sentosa went on a different route and served it to us in bite-sized cubes!  It didn’t end there.  They went a step further by cooking it in a different way.  It worked tremendously.  I can confidently say that this was the best radish cake I’ve eaten upto this day.

  • Singaporean Hookien Noodles (Php 240)

fried noodles sentosa

I’ve never tried Hookien noodles.  I was glad we ordered this as I finally now understand what Hookien noodles is.  It was composed of 2 different type of noodles: egg & rice.  Prawn was the basic ingredients but squid, eggs, vegetables were tossed in the noodles too!  This was a different kind of dish but I definitely loved it!

  • Kopi Walnut Spareribs (Php 280)

spare ribs sentosa

I’ve grown tired of salt & pepper spareribs and wanted to try something different.  Kopi Walnut Spareribs was our choice.  Now this dish was VERY sweet but also good.  I still prefer the traditional salt & pepper spareribs but kopi walnut spareribs is a nice alternative.

  • Sauteed Broccoli with Scallop in XO Sauce (Php 240)

broccoli sentosa

We need to order at least 1 vegetable so we have chosen the broccoli with scallops.  I’d choose this over chopsuey in a heartbeat.  Lots of ingredients mixed in this dish but they were a perfect combination.

  • Singaporean Cereal Prawn (Php 395)

cereal prawns sentosa

Whenever I’m in a Singaporean restaurant, I always make sure that I order cereal prawns.  If there’s a dish made in Singapore that I really like, it’s Cereal Prawns.  I have tried a lot of versions of this dish and I must say that Sentosa’s version is one of my favorites.  It has generous serving of the cereal which we really like considering after the prawns were consumed, we are still trying to eat the remaining cereals on the plate.  It tasted a bit sweet which made me to conclude that they also added some milk powder in the mixture.  Yumyum!  This dish has 5 pieces of prawns by the way.

  • Sweet & Sour Pork (Php 240)

sweet and sour sentosa

I usually order out of this world dishes from a restaurant that I fail to appreciate the usual dishes that is being served in a restaurant.  One of those classic dishes that I missed often is Sweet & Sour Pork.  When I saw this in the menu of Sentosa, I had to order it.  It had been a great long time since I last eaten one.  Sentosa’s sweet & sour pork didn’t disappoint.  Its sauce was just thick enough and its pork was crispy.  Just the two characteristics I look for in this favorite Chinese dish of ours.

  • Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 220)

fried rice sentosa

Plain rice is boring so we had to order fried rice.  Yang Chow fried rice is a popular Chinese fried rice that has barbecued pork, peas, eggs, shrimps & rice.  Nothing special for Sentosa’s version but I’m glad that it had enough to serve at least 4 of us.  A bit oily though.

  • Singaporean Hainanese Boneless Chicken (Php 410)

hainanese sentosa

Hainanese Chicken is becoming popular in our country.  Many restaurants offering this left and right.  I, then unconsciously, created an informal poll in my mind which one has the best Hainanese Chicken.  I might blog about it.  Right now, I would say that even though Sentosa serves delicious food, their Hainanese Chicken was just too expensive for my taste.

  • Mango Pudding (Php 85)

mango sago sentosa

Our meal won’t be complete without desserts.  Good thing during my 1st visit, we were about 6-7 people so we got to order quite a few to try out.  I was actually looking for Mango sago but Sentosa’s mango pudding was already the closest thing to it.  Do not forget to pour in the milk into the pudding.  It made the dessert more flavorful and delicious!

  • Pisang Goreng (Php 95)

banana dessert sentosa

Singaporean version of fried banana but this was a bit sophisticated.  There was even ice cream on the side hehehe 😛  If you love sweet banana, you’ll love this dish.

  • Ice Kachang (Php 95)

halo halo sentosa

A popular dessert in Singapore.  It was like halo halo for us Filipinos but this time, it’s their version.  I noticed that  Sentosa’s Ice Kachang has grated ice with colored syrup then some more ingredients were added into the dessert.  Things like red beans, jelly, black gulaman and sweet corn.  Of course, there was vanilla ice cream on top.

Whew!  That was a lot of food!  Hope you are able to read upto this point 😛  To conclude , I shall say I now found one of the restaurants that I will frequently visit.  Their radish cake was really something!  I also loved the ambiance.

Since the restaurant is just near my place, it makes it convenient for me to go too!

Sentosa Singaporean Chinese Restaurant
Thompson Square, 165 Tomas Morato St., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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4 observations on “Sentosa Singaporean Chinese Restaurant
  1. Judie

    Wow, the radish cake got my attention. I love radish cakes myself though I’m still in search of its dip/sauce as good as the one I tried on the side streets of Taipei. Anyway, will go to Sentosa when I get the chance. Great review!

  2. Miss_nonimaeseton

    i’ve been there and i assure you.. super  delicious food they got there..! i hope it has a branch in makati and The Fort.. ihih..


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