Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village

Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village

After we settled in at Microtel Davao, we went straight to Davao Crocodile Park Complex.  Inside the Davao Crocodile Park Complex lies the Tribu K’ Mindanawan-Cultural Village. As we enter the place, I saw the tag line “Empowering the Filipino culture Enriching the Heritage“.  Then I heard some music inside and we quickly went in. […]

Breakfast Buffet at Microtel Davao

Microtel Davao Breakfast Buffet

As promised in my previous post, sharing with you the food that Microtel Davao serves every morning.  If you’re staying overnight in Microtel, the breakfast buffet is already included in the room rates.  However, if you want to just go there to have breakfast, you can do so by paying Php 200 per person. It’s […]

Our Pleasant Stay at Microtel Davao

Microtel Davao

In connection with the Davao Extreme Adventure Package by AirPhil Express we experienced a few weeks ago, we had a chance to stay at Microtel Inn & Suites Davao. I’ve always known Microtel as a place to stay when you’re in a budget.  But I was pleasantly surprised when I finally stayed there.  I now […]

My Experience with AirPhil Express

My Experience with AirPhil Express

I feel blessed that I was one of the bloggers invited to experience AirPhil Express Davao Extreme Package.  It was actually my 1st time to ride in an AirPhil Express plane.  I was curious.  The last time I had a domestic travel, I travelled via PAL Express.  I was surprised to find out that AirPhil […]

More to Love than Lose in Nexus S

Google Nexus S

Google Nexus S is a promising Android device with a nice set of features such as the noise cancellation software, a 5MP camera, Wifi capability, and more than decent battery life. Being  Google-branded means that it is leverages mostly on Google applications, and will therefore be much appreciated by Google fanboys and fangirls. Nexus is […]

Ozine Fest 2011

ozine fest 2011

I was getting more and more curious why a whole lot of people love anime including my friends over at Game Ops!  So when my friends planned to go to Ozine Fest 2011, I told them I wanna go too! I wanted to see and experience what the annual convention in the anime community is.  I also […]



After I got invited to taste the Lenten offering of Yoshinoya, I couldn’t stop but feel uneasy.  I need to step foot inside a Yoshinoya Restaurant!  I was craving for beef bowl for the longest time. It was heavenly when we entered the restaurant finally, I was excited to finally have my serving of Yoshinoya’s […]

AirPhil Express Davao Extreme Adventure Package

AirPhil Express Davao Extreme Adventure Package

I had one of the most exciting local travel experience last week.  Thanks to AirPhil Express! Several bloggers (including myself) got invited by the AirPhil Express team to have first-hand experience of their newest offering, the Davao Extreme Adventure Package! Actually there are a lot of options in this limited time offer.  We can choose […]

Banchetto Overnight Street Food Fiesta


I’ve been hearing a lot about Banchetto.  So I was ecstatic when I knew that my friends and I would all be going that friday night.  I was ready to be awake all night long just to be able to experience what Banchetto Overnight Street Food Fiesta was like. Even if we knew that Banchetto […]

Stanley Chi’s Book: Suplado Tips

Suplado Tips Stanley Chi

I’m not updated anymore with any new published books.  I realized I don’t have much time to go to bookstores and check on what’s new & notable.  I just visit bookstores to quickly buy books that are being recommended by friends and colleagues. Early this week, I got a message from one of my friends, […]