Banchetto Overnight Street Food Fiesta


I’ve been hearing a lot about Banchetto.  So I was ecstatic when I knew that my friends and I would all be going that friday night.  I was ready to be awake all night long just to be able to experience what Banchetto Overnight Street Food Fiesta was like.

Even if we knew that Banchetto starts at 12 midnight, we still went as early as 10PM.  As expected, there weren’t any stalls yet.  Around 11PM, vendors were starting to setup one by one.  We walked around still just to get a feel of it.

banchetto unprepared

I was so excited that I started taking pictures even if 90% of the stalls weren’t ready yet.  I was watching out for the barbeque/grilled dishes.  Look at the smile on my face below.

roch excited banchetto

Just as I thought that we would be relaxed during the visit, I got the shock of my life when it turned midnight.  There were TOO MANY people!!!!  I can’t hardly move while walking around the stalls.  I felt that I was just being dragged along the crowd just to be able to proceed further.  They were that many.

Anywhere I look (left, right, front & back), there were people!  It was truly a street party of food AND people!

banchetto big crowd

The front stairs of office buildings nearby Banchetto were jampacked too.  That was just 5-10% of the crowd of Banchetto.

banchetto crowd

Banchetto offers a wide selection of food items.  It was overwhelming actually.  I was watching over my weight so I was only able to sample a few but if I didn’t, I would have eaten so much.

See this mouthwatering barbeque?  They were Angus Beef skewers.  Who wouldn’t want one?  They were pretty affordable too!

banchetto barbeque

My favorite would be the different barbeque dishes.  They have like so many of them but I decided to stick with Isaw & hotdogs.  Street food galore!!  You can be assured that the food are clean.  Prices are a bit higher than normal but still affordable and cheaper than in the malls.  The food are cooked fresh so you have to wait for a few minutes before it gets done.  I believe it’s all worth it.  Newly cooked food are the yummiest to eat 🙂

banchetto grill selection

Banchetto also has stalls that sells rice dishes.  Very cheap at Php50-60!  If you are trying to have late dinner or heavy midnight snack, then this is for you!

banchetto rice meals

This was one unique item, the mini tacos!  I said to myself that I’d go back to buy one set but due to the vast amount of food, I forgot!  I actually only remembered when I was reviewing the pics I took at Banchetto.  Oh well, there’s always next time.

mini tacos banchetto

There were pizza, pasta, lasagna too!  I wouldn’t wanna eat those as it can make your stomach full right away.  As it was my 1st visit in Banchetto, I wanted to eat light so I can eat MORE! 😀

banchetto pizza

You can buy cakes for take-out.  Just in case, you have family members who can’t get awake that late.  It would be such a nice surprise when they see you brought pasalubong for them.

banchetto cakes

I was really shocked when I saw lechon & sushi in one of the stalls hahaha!  The things businessmen can think of selling.  Since it’s in Banchetto, then it should be successful.  I have heard of stalls closing down because of poor sales.  Based on my observation during my visit, seems like they got the right formula already.

banchetto food

I’ll definitely be back as there were so much to try out!  I will make sure I try some more sinful dishes hehehe 😛

banchetto selections

I know a lot of people have been going to Banchetto to eat Monster Burger.  Honestly, I wasn’t able to notice it while we were roaming around.  My friends told me that it’ll take at least an hour to get your own order.  I guess I have to make sure that when I go to Banchetto next time, I would order the monster burger first before anything else.  I took a picture of a man cooking burgers, not sure if this was the popular monster burger they were talking about though.

banchetto master burger

Another popular stall was the Hot Siz stall wherein 2 beautiful Korean ladies were selling barbeque dishes.  They were smiling all throughout and were striking poses when they saw cameras flashing at them.  They were soooo cute!  No wonder they never ran out of customers.

Korean Hot Siz Banchetto

While everyone was going gaga on Korean stalls and monster burgers, my eyes were fixed on isaw.  Yes, isaw!  I was eating isaw all throughout and I just kept ordering and ordering till I can’t eat anymore.  They were pretty cheap at Php20-30 per piece.  There were large ones and small ones.  I prefer the bigger one but gee, just by blogging about it, I wanna drive to Banchetto and eat some more.  Unfortunately, it’s not friday today.


Banchetto is only open during friday midnight till saturday 11AM.  I’m so glad I finally visited the place.  Banchetto will definitely be one of my favorite places to go to during weekends.  I cannot wait to go back.  I cannot wait!

stalkerbugs at banchetto

P.S.  Banchetto is currently closed but I’m positive it’ll be back soon.  If you’re like me and you wanna support Banchetto, then go over this link and show your love.

Banchetto Overnight Street Food Fiesta
Along Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila, Philippines
Friday Midnight till 11:00AM Saturday

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7 observations on “Banchetto Overnight Street Food Fiesta
  1. Banchetto

    Thanks for the nice article! We hope you can visit our other sites too – we also have Banchetto LIBIS at the open parking area of Shopwise in Libis every Tuesday night from 6pm – 4am and Banchetto FORUM located at the delivery bay area of Robinson’s Pioneer every Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm – 6am.

  2. Edelweiss_19

    I’ve been dying to get here for so long…heard a lot of good thins about this place…food trip galore! Grabe. Haha. Hope we could visit soon. 🙂

  3. yodz

    We tried this last Friday and it was really an  awesome experience. We’re scheduling another foodie gig with my officemates – Nice street food bazaar concept. 

  4. Mary Sayeh Hassani

    they have the angus kebabs in Mercato also and they opened a resto in Kapitolyo, Pasig called SkewU.

    I miss the Banchetto in Emerald.

  5. Mon Albo

    De javu! Because of this article, I feel like shifted back during the times when Banchetto is located in Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City, more specifically in Emerald Avenue. The food in Banchetto is so sinfully delight! A bit of feeling guilty when you are diabetic person ‘coz most of the foods are fatty and sweet. However the satisfaction you fell eating ’em is a real bliss! ahaha … Most of the call center agents spent their time there after their shift. The whole line is so populated and crowded not only by people but also by food.


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