Our Pleasant Stay at Microtel Davao

Microtel Davao

In connection with the Davao Extreme Adventure Package by AirPhil Express we experienced a few weeks ago, we had a chance to stay at Microtel Inn & Suites Davao.

I’ve always known Microtel as a place to stay when you’re in a budget.  But I was pleasantly surprised when I finally stayed there.  I now have a different outlook as to where to stay whenever I travel.  Admittedly, I’m used to staying in 4-star or 5-star hotels whenever I travel.  I guess I just want to feel comfortable.  What I realized is that I tend to spend money in a place with extra amenities which I really don’t need.

If I need to relax and stay in a hotel most of the day then I would go to a high-end hotel.  However, if I’m gonna travel most of the day then hotels such as Microtel will be my choice.

As soon as we landed in Davao, we went to Microtel Inn & Suites to check-in and rest a little.  I was really impressed with the design of the room!  It was simple, cozy, clean and the bed was sooo nice to sleep in.

The 4 of us (Lalaine, Sharlyne, Faith & me) stayed at the double room.  The room is just Php 3,500 for 2 pax which includes breakfast.  We just need to add Php 500 for extra person.

bloggers at Microtel Room

I love the features and amenities in the room.  Actually it has all the things that we needed.  First, they have the electronic keycard entry system.  I mean for a room as cheap as that, they even have this feature.  It was really impressive!

microtel main switch

The room also has a radio clock, a phone (of course!) and notepad with pen.  I also appreciate that the room was well-lit.  There were separate switches for each light which gave us a lot of flexibility.

microtel night table

I noticed the painting in the wall too!  It was pretty & simple!  🙂

microtel room painting

Toilet and shower with hot and cold water.

microtel washroom

Cable TV and dresser.

microtel tv and dresser

Pretty nice desk just in case we need to work or whatever.  Wifi cards were also available in the lobby if needed.  I brought my MiFi and I have my own unlimited data account so I didn’t avail of Microtel’s Wifi but it was nice to know that they do have it.

microtel table

The bed was my favorite in Microtel.  Gee, it was sooooo comfortable to sleep in.  I was told that Microtel uses chiropractor-approved mattresses for their beds.  With my age, I can’t afford to sleep less than 2 hours.  That was why I wasn’t able to join my roommates’ late-night talks.  Even if all my roommates were wide awake, I didn’t even notice as I was too comfortable sleeping in the bed hahaha!!

microtel bedroom

There were some goodies waiting for us in the room too courtesy of Microtel Davao.  Yum yum!!

microtel davao freebie

Other features and amenities include:

  • refrigerator
  • individually controlled air conditioning unit
  • fully automated fire safety system
  • window seating for relaxation
  • baby crib available upon request
  • children under 12 years old (maximum of 2) sharing room with adults and utilizing the existing bed/s are free of charge

Of course, this also includes buffet breakfast.  I’ll be writing a separate post about their daily breakfast buffet which is available every 6:30-10am.

microtel breakfast

We stayed at the double room but Microtel also has Suite rooms.  If you need additional amenities like coffee/tea maker, microwave oven, kitchen counter with sink, sofa sleeper and bath tub then it’s better to stay in a Suite room which only costs Php 4,250 for 2.  You can take your pick but I’m more than contented with Microtel’s double room 😀

During the 1st night, we were able to try out the conference room in Microtel Davao.  It was actually decent and it served the purpose.  I also love the combination of colors (yellow and blue).

microtel davao conference room

There’s no swimming pool in Microtel Davao though, which was okay as we didn’t have much time as we had a full schedule (water rafting & zipline)!

I’m really glad I discovered Microtel Inns & Suites.  Now I know that this will definitely be one of my choices whenever I look for places to stay.  It’s a good thing that Microtel hotels & resorts are located in main tourist destination in the Philippines:

  • Baguio
  • Cavite
  • Batangas (I plan to go there real soon)
  • Davao [where we stayed! :)]
  • Boracay
  • Puerto Prinsesa
  • Cabanatuan
  • Tarlac
  • Mactan-Cebu
  • Mall of Asia-Manila

I’m also not surprised when I learned that Microtel recently won the ‘Best Guestroom Design’ award in the limited service category during the HotelWorld Expo & Conference in Las Vegas.  Just look at the pictures I posted in this blog entry.  It’s impressive right?

If you still want more information about Microtel, you can check out this audio-visual presentation that Microtel prepared 🙂

Microtel Inn & Suites Davao
Damosa Gateway Complex, Mamay Road, Lanang, Davao City, Philippines 8000
(02) 233-2333

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  1. skysenshi

    Uy, in fairness, the place looks nice! Is there a Microtel in Manila? I was thinking of holing myself up on days when I need to work on my dissertation.


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