Ozine Fest 2011

Ozine Fest 2011

I was getting more and more curious why a whole lot of people love anime including my friends over at Game Ops!  So when my friends planned to go to Ozine Fest 2011, I told them I wanna go too!

I wanted to see and experience what the annual convention in the anime community is.  I also thought it would be such a great chance to practice my photography skills too!

So what is Ozine Fest?  Ozine Fest is an anime convention held annually at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall.  It’s organized by Otakuzine Anime Magazine, an anime magazine published in the Philippines.

The event features a whole lot of activities such as cosplay competition, tournament, art contests and exhibition booths.

I was actually overwhelmed when I attended the event this year.  I never thought that the place would be that jam-packed!  On that day that we were there, people in costumes were all over the mall (like literally!).  It was like all those anime shows we’ve seen on videos came to life!  It was a fun and cute sight to see.

Inside the hall, you get to see a whole lot of cosplayers.  There were anime toy displays, books, videos, costumes and a whole lot more.

ozine fest 2

Art contest was held too with several fans participating.  I wish I can join too!  Maybe next time 🙂

Ozine fest 3

There were shows and contests too like battle of the bands, cosplay competition, dance competition and even karaoke!  See the audience in the picture below?  It was just a fraction of the crowd!  I actually felt like everyone came together in SM Megamall for the Ozine Fest!  It was well-attended and you can see that everyone was having a good time!

ozine fest 4

I loved the anime toy display and I enjoyed taking pictures of them.  I’m sure they cost a lot!  A great collection to have if you’re an anime fan! 🙂

ozine fest 5

While there were too much activities in Ozine Fest 2011, my eyes were set on the cosplayers.  I loved their costumes and their passion to play the part of the character they were trying to portray.  Bravo!  I somehow think that why don’t I try cosplaying even just for once?  Hey, I might do it next month at the ToyCon 2011!  Well, let’s see 😛

Here are the interesting folks I took pictures of, complete pictures can be found in my Photography blog but my favorites are the ones below:

Ozine Fest 1

scared now? 😛

ozine fest 6

I was wondering how she went through the day coz it was definitely hard to breathe with all those covered in her face.

ozine fest 7

Even bumbleebee graced the event!

ozine fest 8

She looked like a doll, soooo cute!

ozine fest 9

This was pure makeup and she did it herself!  Very talented lady!  I loved it!

ozine fest 10

I don’t know the character she was trying to imitate but I really loved her look!  She was super pretty in her costume! 🙂

During Ozine Fest 2011, costumes were being sold too!  I tried a black hat with red designs just to see how I’d look like!  Hey, I looked decent in it!  It might work if I try some costumes next time haha!  Let’s see… Let’s see.

Roch at Ozine Fest
Pic by sioti Jepoy 🙂

How about you?  Were you able to attend Ozine Fest this year?  I’m so happy that I did!   I can imagine myself attending more of this in the future.

Ozine Fest 2011
April 8-10, 2011
SM Megatrade Halls 2 & 3

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