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I’m not updated anymore with any new published books.  I realized I don’t have much time to go to bookstores and check on what’s new & notable.  I just visit bookstores to quickly buy books that are being recommended by friends and colleagues.

Early this week, I got a message from one of my friends, Stanley Chi.  He told me that he got a new book called Suplado Tips.  He was asking for my mailing address as he wanted to give me a copy of his first ever humor book.  I was excited and it took me just two days to wait for the Suplado Tips book to arrive.

I immediately browsed through the pages of the book.  I was laughing as I read Suplado Tips!  I actually asked my male colleagues to read it too!  They enjoyed reading as well.  Why wouldn’t you want to get some cool, witty suplado tips to use right?  Or maybe, if you really can’t find the courage to apply what Stanley Chi shared in Suplado Tips then you can act it out in your imagination.

Who is Stanley Chi?

Stanley Chi

I know Stanley Chi is already well-known.  He’s the cartoonist behind the comic strip Chopsticks that is being published in Manila Bulletin every sunday since 8 years ago.  He then went on to become a stand-up comedian (I actually first met him during one of his shows before).  He also entered television through a comedy show, Front Act with Mike Unson.

Stanley Chi has been busy and continued on a new venture by publishing his first ever comic book, Suplado Tips.  Do you know that this venture started with a simple impromptu post in Facebook?  He posted a suplado tip like “Kung may nagtampo sa iyo dahil na-sampolan mo ng supladong hirit, hiritan mo ng, ‘Hindi ko na problema yan!‘ (If someone resents you for your snide retort, just say, ‘That’s no longer my problem!’)”.  He then posted several more in his Facebook Page and they spread like wildfire.

The overwhelming popularity of Stanley Chi’s suplado tips in Facebook prompted PSICOM Publishing Inc.’s Tom Aquitana to ask Stanley to compile all his tips into a book.

Stanley Chi even got Ramon Bautista to write the foreword in the book!  Even just the foreword, I was already laughing!  Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips is definitely a fun read!

Stanley Chi Ramon Bautista

The book is trying to send a message that Suplado is the new SEXY.  Do you agree?  Well, if you do then I’m sure you’re already planning to go to either National Bookstore or Fully Booked to get your own copy of Suplado Tips (Php 95).  In case you cannot wait any longer, you can go to www.psicompublishing.com and purchase online (they are currently on sale!).

For my non-pinoy friends, I’m truly sorry but the book was written in Filipino.  I guess the book was made with the Pinoy in mind.  Maybe, we can pitch this idea to Stanley to make an English version of it.  Stanley, if you’re reading this, you might wanna consider 😉

I’ll leave you with my top 3 favorite Suplado Tips from Stanley Chi:

  • Suplado Tip # 6: Kung panay ang tanong sayo ng kakilala mo, hiritan mo ng “Don’t ask me, ask Mr Webster!”
  • Suplado Tip # 30: Kung ayaw mong mabasted ng babae, huwag kang manligaw!
  • Suplado Tip # 93: Kung may nagtanong sayo kung sino ka at ano ang trabaho mo, hiritan mo ng “GOOGLE ME!”

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    suplado is old school cool its the grand father of bad boy with an attitude. (“,)!


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