Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village

Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village

After we settled in at Microtel Davao, we went straight to Davao Crocodile Park Complex.  Inside the Davao Crocodile Park Complex lies the Tribu K’ Mindanawan-Cultural Village.

As we enter the place, I saw the tag line “Empowering the Filipino culture Enriching the Heritage“.  Then I heard some music inside and we quickly went in.  We were just in time for the weekend show which includes cultural presentation and fireshow.  Entrance fee is pretty cheap (I believe underpriced!) at Php 150 for each adult and Php 75 for each child.

The weekend shows run every fridays, saturdays and sundays at 5:45PM to 6:30PM.  First up was the cultural presentation where the performers play some tribal music and dance with the tune.

cultural dance davao

I loved their costumes and their look, very truly Filipino.  I also liked that they performed a lot of numbers.  I really feel that the price was just too low for such a grand show.  It was definitely one of the best shows I’ve watched 🙂  That time, I already felt that my visit to Davao was worth it!

davao cultural dance

It was getting dark and I knew that we won’t have any more time to go back to Tribu K’ Mindanawan-Cultural Village.  So while the show was still going on, I looked around.

There were traditional houses all over the place.  Name and descriptions were there too for reference.  Plus, there was a human statue for each house.  I was in awe while I walked around.  I realized that this was how people lived ages ago.

view of davao cultural house

I took several pictures while touring around too!

Roch cultural house

It was getting dark and it wasn’t safe to walk around with limited lighting.  We quickly wrapped up the tour and walked back to the show venue.

togan house davao cultural

This was us before we walked back to watch the 2nd show, fireshow 🙂

bloggers at davao cultural village

We saw that there was a store selling some truly Filipino stuff.

davao cultural show

We also saw pictures of our fellow Filipinos 🙂  Those happy faces were truly nice to see.

pictures davao cultural villate

The firedance was definitely the highlight of the day.  Everyone who brought their cameras didn’t miss the opportunity and took as much pictures as they can.

davao fire show

I even took a quick video just to give you an idea how the show went.

Friends, when you visit Davao, please ensure to include Tribu K’ Mindanawan-Cultural Village in your itinerary.  Make sure that you go during weekends and when there are cultural shows.  You’ll love it for sure and you can take my word for it.

fireworks show davao

After the awesome show, we can actually mingle with the performers.  They were so accommodating and were so patient posing with us one by one.  I had sooooooo much fun!

picture with performer davao

They also let us experience holding fire! hahaha!  I loved it!  This was the best souvenir I got from our visit in Tribu K’ Mindanawan-Cultural Village.

Roch holding fire

What a great way to start my tour in Davao.  Thank you so much for bringing us to Davao, AirPhil Express 🙂

Tribu K’ Mindanawan Cultural Village
Davao Crocodile Park Complex, Diversion Road, Ma-A, Davao City, Philippines
(082) 302-9923

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One observation on “Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village
  1. Dennis Z. Santander

    MASS-SPECC (www.mass-specc.coop) will be holding its 43rd Coop Leaders’ Forum & 38th General Assembly on May 5 & May 6, respectively, in the Grand Men Seng Hotel.  Five-hundred (500) cooperative leaders from all over Mindanao will be converging in Davao.  
    Can you help us get in touch with cultural groups in Davao that will provide the shows that depicts Davao during the Solidarity Night.

    We will very much appreciate your assistance.  

    Thank you.


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