After I got invited to taste the Lenten offering of Yoshinoya, I couldn’t stop but feel uneasy.  I need to step foot inside a Yoshinoya Restaurant!  I was craving for beef bowl for the longest time.

It was heavenly when we entered the restaurant finally, I was excited to finally have my serving of Yoshinoya’s famous dish!

Yoshinoya must be my favorite Japanese fast food restaurant in Manila.  Come to think of it, are there any other?

I appreciate the beautiful interiors of Yoshinoya.  I find it adorable that fast food places here in the Philippines are investing their resources in making their restaurants look so much better.  They can actually compete already with normal restaurants.  Would you believe in the picture below that it was just a fastfood restaurant serving quick affordable Japanese food?

yoshinoya ambiance

We were starving and I believe we ordered too much!  What the heck!  We still finished all our orders.  We had a complete meal with soup, appetizer, main dish, dessert and drink!

  • Gyoza (Php 90)

yoshinoya gyoza

As much as I enjoy gyoza, I felt that the price wasn’t fast food-ish.  Php90 for a 4-piece gyoza, too expensive 🙁

  • Pork Tonkatsu Bento (Php 145)

yoshinoya katsudon

You have a big appetite?  Then Yoshinoya’s bento is for you.  You can choose between tempura, mixed seafood, pork tonkatsu & Japanese fried chicken bentos.

My friend, however, has chosen Pork Tonkatsu.  Bento has rice, veggies & tofu included too!

  • Beef Bowl (Php 99)

yoshinoya beef bowl

Beef Bowl was the sole reason why I kept going back to Yoshinoya.  Gee, I was so giddy when I was eating my order of beef bowl. hahaha!  I had to order for extra sauce (Php5) as it was the sauce that made the dish taste so magical.

  • Beef Bowl Power Meal

yoshinoya beef meal

Just in case you want a full meal then you can order the power meal.  It has red iced tea, beef bowl, miso soup and coffee jelly!  Yum yum!

I was able to satisfy my craving and it did affect my day.  So funny that if you get something you want, your day seems to be so complete right after.  So that was how my day went when I had my serving of Yoshinoya’s Beef bowl.  So happy… so jolly! 😀

UG-F Unit 160a Building A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
(02) 632-1276

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2 observations on “Yoshinoya
  1. Coolblue17ann

    come to think of it.. I was in Yoshinoya just yesterday.. the fame yakiniku here is almost the same  taste as were in Japan 🙂

  2. Travpm

    I will have to agree with the previous comment. Yoshinoya here tastes just like the ones you find in the streets of Japan. However, Yoshinoya would be the commercialized version serving quick meals comprising of beef bowls or gyudons as a lot of similar restaurants offer the same at a much lesser price to Yoshinoya in Japan. Price though is far different, the smallest bee bowl y can get should be about ¥380 or about P190. Youll love it there!


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