Davao Wild Water Adventure

Davao Wild Water Adventure
Photo by Boom Boncan

I’m not a sporty person.  The only sports that I actually do are billiards and bowling.  Most of the people don’t even consider them as sports 😛  In spite of my weak body and experience with physical activities, my heart is always up for adventure!

I was actually so looking forward to experience white water rafting through the Davao Extreme Adventure Package by AirPhil Express.

White water rafting is famous in Davao.  It’s one of the selling points of the place.  It is considered an extreme sport.  Looking at several marketing materials about it, I was a bit scared.  But what the heck, I was sure it would be an unforgettable adventure!

After we had breakfast at Microtel Davao, we hopped in the van and went to Davao Crocodile Park where Davao Wild Water Adventure is.

We went inside the place and saw the vests and helmets on display.  We were asked to choose the right size of vest for our body type.  We were also asked to try out the helmets.  They were actually pretty strict and were supervising while we wore the needed gears.  It felt like safety was of utmost importance for them.

vest and helmet davao white water rafting

Lockers were also available for us to put our stuff.  I had to leave all my stuff as there are only limited space in the raft.  The only items that can be put in the raft are food, water, slippers and first aid kit.  I had to bid goodbye to my camera as it was too big and I can’t afford for it to be wet.

lockers davao white water rafting

Before we go to the official venue (Davao River), we had to listen to the staff while they explain what white water rafting is.  They also showed some videos just to keep us aligned with expectations 🙂

Apparently, Davao Wildwater Adventure has specific goals.  These goals are:

  • promotion of water sports particularly white water rafting with Davao river as the venue.
  • promotion of eco-tourism which will bring us closer to nature particularly the Davao river.
  • create awareness about Davao river.
  • lead in the practice of safety in water sports.
  • serve people by providing us an opportunity to experience an adventurous ride into the Davao River.

Wow, there’s really more to it than adventure 🙂  I believe they reached all their goals based on my personal experience with Davao’s white water rafting.

bloggers at davao crocodile park

Now, that orientation are completed.  We were all ready to ride the van to go to Davao River.  The rafts were loaded in the van too!

vehicle going to Davao Wild Water Advenure

It was a long ride.  If I remember correctly, it was an hour drive.  We were all sleeping throughout the trip especially on our way back after the wild white water rafting ride!

dwa bloggers before riding the van
Photo by Davao Wildwater Adventure

As soon as we arrived at the venue, they asked us to listen first with the safety guidelines.  We were informed that we will definitely get wet.  We were also familiarized with the paddle and how to hold it the right way.  Oh gosh, it was definitely exciting!

boom before white water rafting davao
Photo by Boom Boncan

We then rode the raft.  Each raft has designated raft guides.  We were actually so lucky to have Ghetto as our guide, he was really so patient with us.

We had some practice first before we went on to the wild ride.  We were asked to jump off the raft.  Ghetto taught us how to get back at it (yes, expect to fall off the raft!) 🙂  As soon as the exercises were completed, we then head on out to the 2-hour amazing ride! 😀

boom davao white water rafting
Photo by Boom Boncan

For someone like me who loves to take pictures, fret not as Davao Wild Water Adventure has its own photographer.  I actually admire him.  He paddled his way all throughout then taking pictures and videos of us.  Wow, he must have mastered the art of multi-tasking!

Davao white water rafting photographer
Photo by Boom Boncan

Introducing Team Merla!! hahahaha!  Our group was the noisiest among the batch.  I guess we just made the most out of our time in the Davao white water rafting activity.

dwa team merla davao white water rafting
Photo by Davao Wildwater Adventure

Whenever I see the big waves in the Davao River, I really get scared.  My heart was beating so fast, really.

dwa team merla big waves davao white water rafting
Photo by Davao Wildwater Adventure

After we pass a difficult area, we celebrate by raising our paddles.  That was us, truimphant! hahaha! 🙂

dwa team merla in action davao white water rafting
Photo by Davao Wildwater Adventure

The ride was 3 hours long.  So we had to stop for a few minutes to have our lunch.  The lunch was pretty simple, packed meal composed of chicken, rice, drink and fruit.  We rested for a few minutes before we go on to the adventure.

dwa lunch break davao white water rafting
Photo by Davao Wildwater Adventure

White Water Rafting in Davao was soooooo much fun!!!  I enjoyed every second of it.  Even if I was so damn scared that I held the rope on the side of the raft whenever we almost fell 😛

dwa team merla almost falling davao white water rafting
Photo by Davao Wildwater Adventure

This is mainly the reason why I recommend the water rafting package by AirPhil Express.  Just in case, you missed the promo of AirPhil Express or if you’re currently in Davao, then you can just go directly to Davao Wildwater Adventure and pay Php 2000 per person.  The fee is inclusive of transportation (round trip- Crocodile Park & Davao river), packed lunch and bottled water, use of gears & equipment, raft guide, souvenir shirt, pictures & short video.

It was one hell of a ride!  Very worth it and definitely one of my most unforgettable experiences ever 🙂

Davao Wildwater Adventure Inc.
Davao Crocodile Park Compound, Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Highway, Ma-a, Davao City, Philippines 8000
(082) 221-7823

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5 observations on “Davao Wild Water Adventure
  1. Prudence

    I did this when I was in CDO last year. It was fun! And someone almost got overthrown! Haha but nobody was hurt. I think this is a great team building activity or a barkada gimmick.

  2. bboncan@skybroadband.com.ph

    hi roch thanks for using my photos. great job. if you need me im just a txt away. hows ur toe? hahahaha take care it does not get fungus infection otherwise it not gonna be perfectly square anymore so keep it dry.

  3. Roch

    we should be the one thanking you 🙂  Thanks for the great pictures!! 😀  I hope to see you soon 🙂


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