KFC So Good

KFC So Good

It’s not a secret that I’m a huge fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken or shall we call KFC.  The yummiest chicken in the world is my ultimate comfort food!  Whenever I feel sad or stressed, just one box of KFC hot & crispy chicken can already make my day brighter! 🙂

The past few days, I noticed the newest commercial by KFC.  It seems like they changed their tagline.  I remember KFC as having finger-lickin’ good chicken.  Right now though, they came up with this new ‘so good’ tagline.  Upon watching the TV commercial and thinking about it, KFC So Good does make a lot of sense.

The tagline KFC So Good is simple.  It captures whatever we are feeling. As for me, whenever I get to eat KFC food, I just immediately feel so good! It’s a great feeling and I guess that’s what KFC is all about.

Why is KFC So Good anyways?

  • 11 Secret Herbs & Spices

It is definitely the recipe that makes us wanna go back to KFC over and over.  Those eleven secret herbs & spices are just perfect!  I wish we can find out what they are.  I guess it’s going to be KFC’s secret forever hehehe 😛

  • Gravy

KFC Gravy

While I love KFC chicken, I know that even the sauce is addicting!  KFC’s gravy sauce has the right consistency, thickness and taste!  Perfect for Filipino taste buds!  Extremely yummy!  Admittedly, I can’t get enough of it as I use the gravy not just in the chicken but also over rice!

  • Fresh Chicken Delivered Daily

I didn’t care much where KFC chicken came from but it was so nice to know that the company does ensure that we get good quality food.  Do you know that KFC doesn’t use frozen chicken?  KFC actually gets daily delivery of chicken.  Now we know that whatever we order is fresh and newly cooked 🙂

  • Cooked with Passion with Real Chefs

KFC Fried Chicken

I always thought that the people cooking the chicken in the KFC kitchen are just normal employees.  I had the shock of my life when we were informed that the ones preparing them are actually chefs (real ones)!!!

KFC chicken are actually breaded with the 11 secret spices by hand and then pressure-fried.  Wow! 😀

Those 4 reasons I mentioned above are definitely the main reasons why KFC is so good.  In connection to the So Good tagline of KFC, the KFC So Good Moments website is now up.

KFC So Good Website

We can share our own So Good moment in the website.  It can be about love, career, family, friends or travel.  Entries can be a photo, a video or a written story.

There’s even an ongoing contest that will run for 3 months.  Every month, KFC will award 15 best stories!

  • 3 winners (one from each category) will win GCs for 11 KFC buckets!
  • 12 consolation prizes will be given as well in the form of GC worth of Php500.

KFC Gift Certificate

While we’re at the topic, let me share my personal top 11 so good list.  This can be a good practice for me before I finally submit my official entry in the KFC So Good Moments website 😛

  1. KFC is so good.  Their chicken is just unbelievably delicious!  No other chicken comes close.
  2. Whenever I reach my goals, whether small or big, is an achievement in itself.  The feeling is definitely so good when we succeed!
  3. Letters or notes of appreciation are so good!
  4. Being productive is so good 🙂
  5. Getting my favorite gadget is so good.
  6. Being able to give back is so good!
  7. Seeing other people genuinely happy is so good too!  Sometimes, seeing other people very happy makes our heart melt 🙂
  8. Writing this blog entry for my favorite fast food restaurant is so good! 😀
  9. Being healthy is so good.
  10. To be successful is so good.
  11. Thinking positive things is so good!

It’s funny that as I write this post, I was eating hot & crispy chicken.  Hahaha!  Talk about coincidence.  I guess KFC is just so good! 😀

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