Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles

Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles

I’ve always wanted to try out Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles.  However, whenever I pass by Powerplant Mall, the restaurant is always jampacked.  Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles must be that good that they never ran out of customers.

Good thing I discovered that they have a branch in Glorietta 5.  In this branch, they don’t have much customers and they were offering promos left and right to attract customers to go to Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles.  Promos like eat all you can for Php 239.  I don’t want to limit myself to the dishes in the buffet so we decided to go ala carte.

I was with my GameOPS friends who dined there and I was so glad that most of us were available.  It was a great night of chit-chatting and eating.


Contrary to Mongkok’s Rockwell branch, this branch has bigger space.  They even have an area just for smokers.  There were only 4-5 servers when we were there (a tuesday night) but I commend the good service that they give to us even though they’re understaffed.


Mongkok is popular for their dimsum but I was more excited with their rice dishes.  So we ordered both dimsum and rice.  The ff. were our orders:

  • Fresh Shrimp Dumpling (Php 75)


We ordered for hakaw but apparently, it’s the same as fresh shrimp dumpling.  If I remember correctly, Mongkok Dimsum currently has a promo via Ensogo with regards to their dimsum.  Today is the deadline if I remember correctly.

  • 4 Treasure Roll (Php 65)


A very unique dimsum.  I guess they called it four treasure because the dimsum includes 4 treasured ingredients.  Using the noodles to enclose all the ingredients into one was a nice touch!  Very cute!

  • Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 230)


Bea told me that Mongkok’s Yang Chow is the best!  I followed her advice and the server even mentioned that their Yang Chow is the best seller too!  It didn’t disappoint.  The rice was actually good with all the ingredients in there.  I heard though that Mongkok puts a lot of MSG in their dishes.  Hope it’s not true.

  • Salt & Pepper Tofu (Php 170)


Mongkok’s fried tofu was the winner dish that night.  It actually just took a few minutes before we finished the dish.  My gosh!  The reason for it is because the tofu in spite of being crispy on the outside was actually soft  inside.  The vinegar was perfect for the tofu to dip in too!  Loved it!

  • Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style (Php 250)


I hope this picture of Beef Tenderloin makes you hungry coz in reality, it really will.  This dish was wonderfully cooked.  I loved the tenderness of the beef plus the sweetness of the sauce.  I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much but I find the dish very unique and it was actually good!  A must order! 🙂

  • Seafood with Taosi (Php 260)


I was asked what the taosi is when we were eating this dish.  It’s basically black bean sauce that the seafood was cooked with.  The black bean sauce gave the dish this yummy salty flavor.  It’s usually diluted in water so the dish won’t be as salty.

Overall, I now understand why a lot of people eat at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles.  Their food is definitely delicious plus the service is nice too!  I just hope that more people will discover their branch at Gloretta 5 and it will be as successful as their Rockwell branch.

Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
3rd Level, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
(02) 501-3065

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  1. Edelweiss_19

    hi roch, they offer buffet pala at their glorietta 5 branch! I love their dimsum! 🙂


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