Restaurant Uno

Restaurant Uno

I was set to meet a long-lost friend of mine and other friends.  They asked me to decide which restaurant to go to as they are aware that I blog a lot about food.  I wanted to try out a new restaurant because I rarely write about a restaurant twice in HeaRty’s Haven.

I asked from friends in Plurk if they could provide some suggestions of good restaurants in Tomas Morato.  Most, if not all, suggested Restaurant Uno.  It’s actually ironic that I never heard of it.  I asked for directions and found out that Restaurant Uno is tucked inside Scout Fuentabella Street near Tomas Morato Street.

I followed my friends’ recommendation and we met up at Restaurant Uno yesterday.

Parking was a bit of a challenge.  Luckily, there was a space available at the left side of the restaurant.  As I observed, the owner of Restaurant Uno converted the apartment into a restaurant.

I hesitated a bit when I arrived at the entrance.  I wondered if it really was the door in front of me hahaha!  Anyhow, I got it right.  Whew!  It must have been embarrassing if I got it wrong 😛

The design of Restaurant Uno is very traditional.  You can see wooden tables, wooden chairs, clean table cloths and big windows.  Most of the light coming in are from the outside.  It gives a homey feeling.  Somehow, we stayed for 3 hours which explains how cozy Restaurant Uno is.

restaurant uno ambiance

We were first served bread.  While we browse through the menu, we can already taste the freshly-baked bread by Restaurant Uno.  You can also buy if you like to bring some home.  The bread being served in the restaurant when you dine in is free though.  You can get more servings too if you like more.  Butter was provided on the side as well.

bread restaurant uno

I was told that Restaurant Uno changes their menu quite often.  However, all feedback that I got are all positive which means that the food is really good.  I knew then that we would have a good dining experience.  Seeing also so many people dining in the restaurant proves that.

We had the following:

  • Fresh Calamansi Juice (Php 60)

calamansi juice restaurant uno

I was planning to order fresh fruit shakes but I was plain shocked when I was told that Restaurant Uno doesn’t have it.  I ended up with fresh calamansi juice which was great still.  I love anything fresh.  I’ve been drinking too much soda nowadays.

  • Orange, Feta, Olives, and Chickpea Fatoush with Lime Coriander Dressing (Php 290)

salad restaurant uno

There were only 2 choices available in the menu: this orange salad and the tuna sashimi salad.  I’m not a fan of raw food and I refuse to eat raw.  I shared that concern with my friends so we ended up with this yummy salad.  Honestly, just by looking at the dish, you can already see how delicious it is.  When I tried it, I was so satisfied.  The combination of the ingredients was perfect.  The dressing was poured all over the dish that each spoonful of the salad was flavorful.  I still hated the olives and opted to separate it.

  • Baked Salmon Fillet “Jambalaya” (Php 510)

salmon restaurant uno

I’m not fond of Salmon but Restaurant Uno’s salmon was made of awesome!  I actually never thought salmon this thick can have such great flavors.  What was more intriguing is that the salmon wasn’t dry at all.  I wonder how the chef did it but this was admirable.  The vegetables and jambalaya rice complements well with the salmon.  Can I say it again?  This salmon was made of awesome, AWESOME!  Yummy!

  • Roasted Breast of French Duck with Limoncello and Ginger Gastrique (Php 710)

duck restaurant uno

When I got to taste this dish, I was already writing Restaurant Uno in my mind as one of my go-to restaurants in Tomas Morato.  Gee, this duck was heavenly.  I appreciate that they sliced it up thinly.  I’m not sure if this was baked but the temperature of the meat was perfect.  It was perfectly cooked, not raw and not overdone.  How lovely!

  • Shrimp with Lemon, Capers, Garlic and Paprika (Php 290)

pasta restaurant uno

While I loved this shrimp pasta, I was thinking it lacked sauce.  I remember that if I get to eat homemade spaghetti, I always make it a point to put so many sauce in the pasta.  So I guess my comment earlier is mostly personal preference.  My friends loved this dish.  You can see that Restaurant Uno was generous with the shrimps.  Not a bad dish at all!

  • Butter Rhum Cake (Php 55)

rum cake restaurant uno

I’m surprised as to how reasonably priced the cakes are.  Come to think of it, I kinda felt it’s underpriced considering how delicious the desserts are.  Well, not for the butter rhum cake as I didn’t like it.  It wasn’t tasty as I thought.  It wasn’t sweet too as I thought it would be.

  • Creme Brulee (Php 45)

cream pudding restaurant uno

Nothing special but it’s the creme brulee that we all love.

  • Cheesecake (Php 65)

cheesecake restaurant uno

I was expecting something different but I was pleasantly surprised after I tasted it.  It was definitely a genuine cheesecake and shall I say, this should be how a cheesecake is.  Full of cheese and baked to perfection.  This is a must-order!  I bet this menu item stays in Restaurant Uno.  I believe only their main entree selection changes quarterly.

Delicious food, cozy ambiance and great company of friends.  What else can you ask for in a meal?

friends restaurant uno

Restaurant Uno
195-C Tomas Morato corner Scout Fuentabella, Quezon City
(02) 374-0774

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7 observations on “Restaurant Uno
  1. Jclyncyu

    Hearty, you are awesome! you even remembered the prices.  Didn’t recall you taking notes when we were there.

  2. Jclyncyu

    Hearty, you are awesome! you even remembered the prices.  Didn’t recall you taking notes when we were there.

  3. Jclyncyu

    Hearty, you are awesome! you even remembered the prices.  Didn’t recall you taking notes when we were there.

  4. Anonymous

    I saw the last picture in your last post and I was immediately fixed to the wall. don ang atensyun eh no? hahaha–kasi gusto ko ng mga lugar na ganyan ang kulay. iba ang dating sakin. parang klas na pormal-pormalan tas malinis. at mukhang masarap ang food. good food, good resto, with long lost friend(s) —why not. mahanap na nga rin ang mga long lost friends ko.hahaha

  5. cutedoc

    their cheesecake and chocolate cake are simply the best, simple yet you cant forget how good it taste…

  6. Tuch Gonzales

    Hi! I was googling the Uno menu as we are having dinner there tonight and i stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for the tips. Best part of your blog is the picture at the end. I know one of them – Jocelyn! I went to SJCS with her, we were close friends then in HS! 🙂


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