Revisiting Coral Garden

Coral Garden

My friend and I were starving as we haven’t had breakfast that saturday.  We wouldn’t want to spend more time travelling so decided to have lunch nearby.  I immediately remembered one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, Coral Garden.

I asked my friend if it’s okay to eat there but the ambiance wouldn’t be that nice as most restaurants.  She agreed as I swore that the food is good and that she won’t regret it 😛

Coral Garden is located at Banawe avenue where car repair shops are located.  I actually thought that it might close some day.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve renovated.

Whew!  Now I know that Coral Garden will stay for long in Quezon City.  I can go there whenever I want to!


Service is pretty fast in Coral Garden.  We didn’t have to wait long for our food orders.  Like the time that we had lunch, we were already starving.  We were just glad that for only a few minutes wait, the food were served.

  • Salted Fish Fried Rice (Php 210)


From all the restaurants that I’ve been to, there are only 2 restaurants which I consider have the best fried rice.  One of them is Coral Garden.  I can literally eat their fried rice without any other dishes and I can still feel that I’ve eaten something awesome.  Their salted fish fried rice is my favorite!

  • Sizzling Spareribs (Php 325)


Whenever I order spareribs, I always prefer the salt & pepper one.  It was my friend’s preference to order the sizzling spareribs.  I was just pleasantly surprised how good it was!  The red sauce with tons of garlic were delightful!  The pork was fatty, I must say, but it’s that part that’s really delicious!

  • Crispy Bean Curd (Php 240)


Coral Garden is known for their delicious crispy bean curd.  You’ll never fail to see this dish in every table of customers in the restaurant.  Their tofu is the Japanese soft one but the real secret is Coral Garden’s sweet black sauce.  I still cannot figure out what the ingredients in the sauce are.  But the sauce was just too good that I sometimes just pour a whole spoonful of it in my every bite of crispy bean curd.

  • French Beans & Shitake in XO Sauce (Php 260)


The newest item in the Coral Garden menu.  It was highly recommended by the server when we requested for recommendation of a vegetable dish.  It’s basically french beans with shitake mushrooms cooked with XO sauce.  If you’re wondering what XO sauce is, it’s a seafood sauce that’s spicy.  I loved this dish!

  • Black and White Gulaman (Php 70)


A combination of my two favorite drink ingredients: black gulaman and almond gulaman.  The two different ingredients put together, I can say, is a perfect combination!  This drink can also be considered a dessert.  I, however, always use Coral Garden’s black and white gulaman as a drink.

I might just drop by Coral Garden tomorrow to order take out.  I remember that I called the restaurant one time to order for delivery but was too shocked to find out that the minimum amount is Php 800!!!!  I cannot eat that much in a single meal alone!  I wonder if they’ve changed this rule though as it was months ago since I inquired about their delivery.  I hope it changed.  I’ll ask when I go back to Coral Garden.  I’m sure it won’t be long.  The salted fish fried rice is calling me already hahaha!


Coral Garden
96 Banawe Street, between Quezon Avenue & E. Rodriguez across Children’s Memorial Hospital, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 711-0255

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6 observations on “Revisiting Coral Garden
  1. Alex_tan0074

    Oooh french beans can be cooked this way pala. Hmm…. masubukan nga dis weekend. Still have french beans sa ref, got mushrooms and fresh xo sauce too.  Looks really good, will try to add some prawns and chinese ham. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Analyn Bayrante

    This is near our place, but I don’t know exactly where it is. Every dish is good for how many persons? I think I’ll try their salted fried rice one of these days :D.

  3. Roch

    it’s in Banawe area very near the intersection of Banawe & E.Rodriguez 🙂  It’s located in between car repair shops.  

    Their dishes are good for 2-3 people.  You’ll love the food.  Sarap sya! 😀

  4. kayenne

    the food looks good, are those the actual servings for the price listed? the serving size seems small for the price.


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