Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles

Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles

There was a time in 2008 when I always go to Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles to get my fix of beef noodles.  However, when the restaurant decided to move to a new location, I didn’t get the chance to visit it until last week.  Their new location is a bit far compared to before but the place is bigger and has better parking space.

I admit I missed it.  I’ve always known that Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles serve very good noodle soups considering how generous they put the toppings in the dish.  Not to forget the cheap price!  A great value for money, indeed.

I wondered after 3 years, is the food still the same?  After dining at Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles last week, I can answer a definite yes!  My favorite beef noodle was as good as before!

I still ordered the same menu item but this time around, we also tried out an appetizer.

Here’s the list of our orders:

  • Wong Lo Kat (Php 40)

Wong Lo Kat Shanghai Hand Pulled Noodles

If Coke is the Filipino’s favorite soft drink then Wong Lo Kat is China’s version of it.  It’s basically a herbal drink.  I tried this once in a restaurant.  After that, I never fail to order it whenever I discover that a restaurant serves it.

  • Jellyfish with Century Egg (Php 85)

jelly fish century egg shanghai handpulled noodles

Unfortunately, this dish was a big disappointment.  I guess they dipped the jellyfish too much on the sauce 🙁

  • Dry Shanghai Beef Noodle (Php 90)

beef dry noodle shanghai hand pulled noodles

Some people don’t appreciate noodle soup, just like my friend, so she ordered Dry Shanghai Beef Noodle.  It’s basically the same Shanghai Beef Noodle but this time around, the soup was separated from the dish.  I tasted it and I actually liked it too!  I might just order this next time.  All types of noodle soups being served in Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles have this option at no additional cost.  So you can take your pick.

  • Shanghai Beef Noodle (Php 90)

beef noodle soup shanghai handpulled noodles

Same as the above menu item but I ordered the traditional noodle soup.  I really like Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles’ dishes.  Their noodles are created in-house.  What I really appreciate the most is their generous serving of the beef.  Even the small-sized beef noodle is more than enough to satisfy my hunger 🙂

chef shanghai hand pulled noodles

I feel sad that there weren’t too much people dining in the restaurant when we ate there.  I really hope it wasn’t the case during other days as I want to go back to Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles really soon.

shanghai hand pulled noodles ambiance

Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles
411 N.S. Amoranto Street corner D. Tuazon Street, Sta Mesa Heights, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 743-0286

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