Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Things I Want to Do Before I Die

I’m not getting any younger.   I know that I only have a few years to live.  If I think about it, I might be in mid-life already.  This made me think about the things that I want to do but haven’t done so.  There are so many of them.

With this in mind, I decided to write here my list of Things I want to Do Before I Die.  I guess, I can go back to this entry every now and then to check my progress.

Maybe you can relate to some of them.

Roch’s Things to do before dying:

  1. Finish reading the Bible (target: year 2012)
  2. Own a condominium unit (target: year 2012)
  3. Own an SUV car (target: year 2014)
  4. Own a successful business.
  5. Travel all around the World.
  6. Travel all around the Philippines.
  7. Learn to play a guitar.
  8. Learn to play the piano.
  9. Be a successful Blogger (target: 100,000 unique readers per month)
  10. Be a writer/contributor for a newspaper (completed Year 2011: Manila Bulletin TechNews).
  11. Try Car Racing.
  12. Try Gun Shooting & own a Gun.
  13. Learn to Play Badminton.
  14. Learn how to Swim (target: year 2012)
  15. Learn to Scuba Dive.
  16. Run a marathon (42k).
    • Prerequisite: Run 5k, Run 10k, Run 21k
    • Target Date: Year 2015
  17. Learn to ride a Bike.
  18. Ride a Jetski. (completed 2005: Boracay, Philippines)
  19. Ride a Banana Boat (completed 2005; Boracay, Philippines)
  20. Go Kayaking. (completed 2009: Pangasinan, Philippines)
  21. Go Parasailing (completed 2009: Boracay, Philippines)
  22. Go Zorbing (completed 2009: Boracay, Philippines)
  23. Go White Water Rafting (completed 2011: Davao, Philippines)
  24. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon (completed 2010: Clark Pampanga, Philippines)
  25. Watch NBA Live.
  26. Watch WWE Live. (completed Year 1998: Anaheim, California)
  27. Watch Olympics Live.
  28. Work in one of the best companies in the world (completed Year 2006: Procter & Gamble).
  29. Have a career in the IT industry (completed Year 2008: P&G-IT department).
  30. Be ITIL-Certified. (completed year 2009: ITIL version 3.0)
  31. Be PMP-Certified.
  32. Be very active in a charity organization I believe in.
  33. Complete all Toastmaters certifications and participate in a public speaking contest.
  34. Teach in a university (completed Year 1999: Centro Escolar University, Advanced Mandarin)
  35. Experience true love.
  36. Learn to bartend.
  37. Go into space.
  38. Be on radio (completed 2010: DZRH for Blogwatch).
  39. Be seen on TV (completed 2009: QTV).
  40. Be in a movie.
  41. Be a model (completed 2003: m|Ph Magazine).
  42. Have a dog as a pet.
  43. Achieve my ideal body weight and shape (target: 105 pounds)
  44. Played Basketball (completed 2006: Women’s Basketball P&G office tournament).
  45. Learn Ballroom Dancing.
  46. Learn Belly Dancing.
  47. Learn Pole Dancing.
  48. Fly first class.
  49. Fly in a helicopter.
  50. Go on a cruise.
  51. Invest in the Stock Market (completed 2001: Online Trading, Philippines)
  52. Become a millionaire.
  53. Have a WoW character that reaches the highest level possible.
  54. Learn to Drive a car. (completed 2004: drove the same day after 5-hour driving lesson).
  55. Sponsor a child’s education.
  56. Own a Louis Vitton wallet & Bag.
  57. Own a Rolex watch.
  58. Own a Tiffany & Co. Jewelry.
  59. Meet Steve Jobs!!! (not reachable anymore as Steve is now gone, RIP)
  60. Attend an Apple Conference.
  61. Dye my hair. (completed 2012: I’m now a redhead!)
  62. Make a will.
  63. Have a tattoo.
  64. Be a part of a reality show.
  65. Participate in a TV game show.
  66. Learn Cross-Stitch again & complete 5 works.
  67. Learn Paper Tole again & complete 5 works.
  68. Learn how to Cook and Bake.
  69. Solve the Rubik’s Cube.

I know 70 things aren’t enough.  I never thought it’s that hard to come up with a list.  So I’ll just make this a working list.  I’ll update this as I think of more things to do 🙂

How about you?  Do you have a bucket list?

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24 observations on “Things I Want to Do Before I Die
  1. Edelweiss_19

    I have! I’m keeping it in an Excel file inside my office desktop. It’s continuously updating because I can’t stop thinking of so many things I wanna do and accomplish. Time is our toughest enemy here. I might post my list on my blog, too, because you have just given me an idea. Haha. 🙂

  2. Maus

    we can learn ballroom and bartending together 🙂 and take a cruise together! Alaska!!

  3. Roch

    Maus, let’s set a schedule!!! 🙂

    What year do you want to study bartending and which year for ballroom? 😀  I’m excited!!

    Cruise is a bit of a challenge right now due to financial purposes, but 5 years from now? 😀

  4. Kath

    nice! I like 27-30.. hahaha! What language do you want to learn? You know already English, Filipino and Mandarin.. you’re kinda linguistic already. :p

    Here’s some of my suggestions:

    11. Be a successful Blogger. –> you’re already a successful blogger, why put this in the list? :p

    43. Sponsor a child’s education. –> try signing up to World Vision. 😉

    44: Own a Louie Vitton wallet & Bag. –> typo error: Louis Vuitton

    Nice list.. ^_^ I hope you’ll crash out one item every month or every quarter? hehehe.. Goodluck! 

  5. Maus

    We can start with ballroom this year!!! 6 months to the end of the year, it’s pretty achievable 🙂 I have been watching ballroom competitions over tv. Game?

  6. Maus

    Btw, i play badminton every Saturday 🙂 want to join? Benj also knows a badminton trainer (you can also got there/Greenhills)

  7. Melynn

    Hi Roch,
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    I remember, I also did a bucket list but my notes are buried somewhere. Hehehehe.. Need to get back to them and probably replace those that has been crossed out already.
    I want to get a tattoo myself but I’m not sure if I’m ready yet.
    In my bucket list, I wrote, bald my hair as a fashion statement. Hehehe..
    It is actually exciting to write down a bucket list as it gives us something to look forward to in the future. 🙂

  8. Aya Mavka

    Great list. I like it. 🙂
    Some time ago I made my own list but it isn’t so large. I think I’ll make once more and publish it too. But some things from those list i have realized. It passed only few months from I did it.


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