Yoh Froz – Do Your Health a Favor

Yoh Froz Do Your Health a Favor

Yoh-Gurt Froz is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year.  And they are taking it to the next level by upgrading their brand to ……. Yoh Froz!

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the launch at their newest branch located in Banawe, Quezon City.  I’ve actually noticed Yoh Froz in Banawe as it has a nice welcoming ambiance and the place is really, really big!  I was wondering why a yogurt place would open such a big branch if they are only serving yogurts?

Yoh Froz Banawe

Apparently, I was wrong.  Yoh Froz is way more than just serving yogurt.  While I hear the owners explain the history of Yoh Froz, I was totally in awe.  I admire the passion of the Gatchalian family!  Just look at their vision & mission:

  • Vision – To become the country’s no. 1 frozen yogurt brand that will passionately promote health by integrating yogurt into the Filipino lifestyle through our products and services.
  • Mission – with our vision as our driving force, we aspire:
    • to offer the most satisfying frozen yogurt experience to our customers through continuous product innovation, excellent customer service and quality control.
    • to provide our employees a workplace that is grounded on integrity and inspired by the pursuit for excellence.
    • to expand nationwide and allow passionate entrepreneurs to share in our vision by creating profitable franchises and working closely with our franchisees as we grow our business together.

Yoh Froz Ambiance

Do you know that it all started with a simple family discovery in one of their trips abroad back in 2004?

They were successful as yogurt is now part of our lifestyle.  It became one of our favorite dessert!

As for Yoh Froz, from one tiny cart in 2005, they now have 17 branches in the Philippines.  Wow!
The branches are in the following locations: ABS-CBN, Alabang Town Center, Banawe, Bonifacio High Street, Dagupan City, Davao City, Eastwood, Greenbelt 5, Greenhills, Marquee Mall, Rockwell, Robinsons Place Manila, San Juan, Shangri-La, Shangri-La Supermarket, SM Las Pinas, SM Mall of Asia, Tomas Morato and Trinoma.

Health is definitely their philosophy (Do Your Health a Favor).  You can see all sorts of reasons why yogurt is healthy at the walls of their stores.  It makes you wanna eat more without feeling guilty since we’ll be getting so much benefit from eating yogurt.

Why Yogurt is Good for your Health

Yoh Froz’ main product is the Froz.  The Froz, formerly known as Classic Fro-yo, is a 98% fat-free creamy indulgence that is loaded with prebiotics, probiotics and all the health benefits found in yogurt.  It’s low-calorie, has zero cholesterol and is safe for lactose-intolerant consumers.  Apart from all those descriptions, the Froz is actually delicious based on the products I’ve tasted yesterday during the launch.

In connection to their rebranding, Yoh Froz has expanded their menu offerings in order to provide us new ways to enjoy the Froz.

  • We can have our Froz in Plain flavor or in the flavor of the season.  We can also create our own Froz by choosing the toppings from their big selection of fresh fruits, cereals, nuts, pastries and candies.

The Froz Toppings

The favorites: Chocolate Jungle Froz (chocolate dip, rice krispies & banana) & Fruit Mania Froz (Strawberry, kiwi & mango).

The Froz

  • Yoh-Gurt Pasta & Sandwiches

Yoh-Gurt Pasta and Sandwich

  • Belgian Waffles (Php 135)

Yoh Froz Belgian Waffles

  • Yoh-Gurt Parfait (Php 175) – you can choose from Mango Parfait or Strawberry Parfait.  The Yoh-Gurt Parfait includes Plain Froz, almond nuts, banana, granola clusters and mango or strawberry (according to your order).  This looked so appetizing!

yoh-gurt parfait

  • Yoh-Gurt Smoothies – you can choose from Mango Banana (Php 125), Peach Mango (Php 125), Merry Berry (Php 135) or Strawberry Banana (Php 135)

Yoh Froz Smoothie

Two more products will be offered very soon.  We were all so lucky to be the first ones to try it.  Actually, they were trying to get our feedback so they can improve the recipe before rolling it out in Yoh Froz.  Honestly, both items were sooooooo good!

  • Yoh-Froz Mochi

Yoh Froz Mochi

I’ve eaten ice-cream mochi before and the combination really worked!  I’m glad that Yoh-Froz is trying that out as well with their Froz.  They are offering it in 7 flavors.  I was able to try out their coffee and strawberry flavors.  Both were delicious.  Loved it!

  • Yoh Pops

Yoh Froz Pinipig

This was definitely my favorite!  See the smile on my face there.  The pinipig pops was just too good!  Shall I say, PERFECT!  It was jampacked with Froz and the coating was yummy!  I will definitely wait for Yoh Froz to finally offer this in their stores as I will be getting it for sure.  This was the best item I’ve tried during the Yoh Froz launch.

I had a great time during the launch.  I enjoyed the different Yoh Froz products I tasted too!  Since Yoh Froz Banawe is near my place, I’m sure that I’ll be back soon.

Bloggers at Yoh Froz

Yoh Froz
Banawe Avenue, between Sta Catalina and Scout Alcaraz streets, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 373-9651

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