Chocolate Fire

Chocolate Fire

Chocolates are happy food.  You see it being a popular food item given as a bring-home gift/pasalubong or as a romantic gift.  Everyone just loves it!  People just light up whenever they see chocolates.  It’s amazing how a certain food can change moods in a very, very positive way.

So when Chocolate Fire opened its doors in Makati City, it became an instant success.  I’ve been hearing people rave about it.  I was about to join some of my colleagues last year for dinner at Chocolate Fire but something came up and I wasn’t able to join.

Good thing that we had our desserts last night at Chocolate Fire.  Finally, I can share my experience with you.

Ironically, I’m not fond of chocolates.  I know it’s weird but chocolates just aren’t my favorite.  If I get a chance to eat chocolates, my only choice would be white chocolates (ONLY white chocolates).

We parked our cars outside the restaurant located at the G/F of a building in Makati.  You won’t have any problems finding a parking space as there are tons of available space outside.

As we entered the place, I was in awe.  I loved the design of the place!  It was sooooo romantic!  I guess the ambiance won’t be the same if we dined during lunch time.  The romantic scenery at night was totally so cool!

chocolate fire menu

We saw chocolates displayed all over the place.  I mean if you’re a lover of chocolate, it’s impossible not to put up any smile on your face.

chocolate fire selections

There were cakes, dried fruits, glazed fruits, barks, lollipops and a lot more delicious food displayed.  I wonder how you can resist all of those yummy looking chocolates.  You better forget about your diet when dining in Chocolate Fire.

chocolate fire cakes

We were about to order the chocolate fondue but we felt that we might be drowning ourselves with too much chocolate that we won’t be able to finish it.  So we decided to use try out two cakes from Chocolate Fire’s selections.  I hope to try their fondue next time though.

  • Chocolate Ganache Cake (Php 189)

chocolate fire chocolate cake

A Chocolate sponge cake with a top layer of Chocolate Ganache.  I tried it and I think it was okay.  I’m not really fond of chocolates so I’m not the right person to judge this wonderful looking cake.  My friends said that it was just a normal chocolate cake.  I take their word for it.

chocolate fire chocolate cake closeup

Ganache which is one of the main ingredients in this cake is a mixture of chocolate and cream.  It’s basically used here as a filling but it’s also used to make candies and truffles.

Chocolate Garnache Cake is considered as one of the bestsellers in Chocolate Fire.

  • Tiramisu (Php 147)

chocolate fire tiramisu

A popular dessert in Italy, this sponge cake has liquor in it.    That’s tiramisu, beautifully baked by Chocolate Fire.  It was nothing extraordinary but it was a pretty decent Tiramisu cake 🙂

The cakes didn’t impress us much but the iced chocolate drinks were heavenly!  I thoroughly enjoyed my order of white chocolate and it truly made my night complete.

You see, the chocolate used in the drinks were pure Belgian ones!

There are 4 steps to take when we order Chocolate Fire’s Iced Chocolate:

  1. Choose your Chocolate
  2. Choose your Ice Cream
  3. If you desire, select a Syrup
  4. you may also select a Topping
  • Dark Iced Chocolate (Php 165)

chocolate fire milk choco

My friend has chosen the dark chocolate with Vanilla ice cream.  He didn’t look as impressed as I was.  They were mentioning another chocolate shop had better drinks.

  • White Iced Chocolate (Php 195)

Chocolate Fire Roch white choco fav

I, on the other hand, ordered the white chocolate with vanilla ice cream.  I didn’t ask for any more toppings or syrup as I was perfectly fine with the main ingredients.

chocolate fire white choco drink

I truly loved my order!  I enjoyed every sip of those overly delicious chocolate goodness!  Oh my, that was the best white chocolate drink I have tasted so far!  I’ll surely have the same order when I get back to Chocolate fire.  The texture, taste, combination of ingredients, flavors were just spot on!  Outstanding!  Loved it (a lot!).

I’m glad we had desserts as I was able to try out Chocolate Fire finally.  We also had some good conversations going at that time.  It’s always good to catch up with friends 🙂

chocolate fire happy diners

The ambiance in Chocolate Fire is great especially at night.  PERFECT for dates!  So if you want your date to be happy, then bring her to Chocolate Fire.  As they all say, chocolates is the way to a woman’s heart 😉

chocolate fire romantic ambiance

Chocolate Fire
G/F PDCP Building corner of Leviste Street & Rufino Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
(02) 840-3473

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10 observations on “Chocolate Fire
  1. Koby Jeannie Parcell Young-Cru

    Awww thanks for loving CF’s vibe 😉 You gotta try the chocolates though, that’s what we’re about! Especially our Fondue for Two ;D Thanks for the feedback on the cakes, we’re still developing that range & re-introducing new varieties, such as our Irish Cream Dark Chocolate Slice… mmmmm ;D

  2. Roch

    will be back for sure to try out the fondue… but hope you can serve a white chocolate fondue… I only saw milk and dark in the menu 🙁


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